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Welcome to Hands-On Teaching Ideas. As a teacher, and a mom, I enjoy helping children explore their world through engaging, exciting activities.  On this blog I share with you lessons and activities that I do at home, and in the classroom – so they are tried, tested and kid-approved!  

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Bring STEM learning to your classroom or home, with this huge collection of 50 Simple STEM Activities using 15 Materials.

Celebrate spring indoors with a Free Spring Scavenger Hunt. Print the spring themed riddles and set up around the house in minutes with no extra materials required.

How do plants grow? Why do eggs not crack when a hen sits on them? How do caterpillars turn into butterflies and how do birds make their nests? These are some of the great questions that I frequently got from my students every time spring rolled around. Instead of just telling them, they learned the answers with hands-on Spring STEM Activities and experiments.

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Below is a collection of hands-on activities that are most popular on the blog.

Hands-On Teaching Activity Ideas

View a variety of activity ideas. Some of the ideas are physical and active, others are subject specific and give educators ideas on how to make learning hands-on and engaging. Other activities can easily be done in a classroom, or at home, such as the collection of escape room ideas and simple crafts.

Seasonal Activities

Each season brings with it lots of beautiful things and nature and unique opportunities to spend outside. Visit your current season or prepare ahead of time with these collections of seasonal hands-on teaching ideas.


Let Hands-On Teaching Ideas be part of your child’s adventure in learning. Choose a category and browse a huge collection of unique ideas to bring to your classroom or home.

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