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As a teacher, and mom, I enjoy helping children explore their world through hands-on activities.  On this blog I share with you lessons and activities that I do at home, and in the classroom – so they are tried, tested and kid-approved!  

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Celebrate fall with this fizzing apple science experiment. Using a few simple materials, create this exciting hands-on activity and spark a love for science, and learning.  View the Fizzing Apple Science Experiment.

Take learning outside with this outdoor learning activities booklet. Explore nature with this collection of hands-on activities.

Outdoor Learning Activities Booklet.  (Save on booklet purchase for the month of August.  Code in post.)

Grab some pipe cleaners, beads and straws for this STEM activity. STEM for kids creates a love of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  Simple STEM Activity

Everyone feels a range of emotions. Give children strategies to understand and regulate them with this collection of 53 Mindfulness Activities kids will love. 

You have 1 hour to escape! Set up an escape room in minutes with this Free Printable Escape Room for Kids and families.  Click here for the full activity and Free Printable Escape Room.

40 DIY Escape Room Puzzles

Take a look through this collection of 40 escape room puzzles that are challenging, but fun and easy to incorporate into your own escape room! Read More.

35+ Back to School Activities and Ideas

Start the school year off right with this collection of First Day of School activities and ideas including writing, math, art, team building, All About Me and name tags. Number 1 and 29 I do every year in my classroom! Back to school activities and ideas.

STEM Challenge that Kids will Love

How high can you build? Your kids will love this STEM challenge and it requires little to no prep from parents/teachers. Start building today! Read More.

63 Outdoor Learning Activities Kids will Love

Take learning outside with these 63 outdoor learning activities and teaching ideas for kids. Read More.

Make Your Own Escape Room
How to Make an Escape Room
DIY Escape Room Puzzles
Make Your Own Escape Room
Classroom Escape Room
15+ Escape Room Ideas

More Activities from Hands-On Teaching Ideas - Click Title for Activity

How to Make an Escape Room

Ever wondered how to make an escape room? It's easier then you think with these step by step instruction and FREE printable planning template.

Summer Escape Room for Kids

This summer escape room for kids is an exciting and unique outdoor activity where players work through a series of puzzles using materials such as water balloons and water blasters!

DIY Escape Room for Kids at Home

Creating an escape room for kids is easy! This step by step escape room makes it simple to create an escape room in your own home that kids will love.

Simple Paper Mache Ideas for Kids

There are endless options of what you can make with paper mache! Learn the steps for some creative crafts that you can make with paper mache!

9 Fun Escape Room Puzzles

Who doesn't love Escape Rooms? This escape room includes 9 clues to get to the final treasure. Try it out at home. Who will get there fastest?

Balloon Rocket Science for Kids

Ever wonder how rockets work? Kids do. Try out this science for kids and show them in an exciting, hands-on experiment. What will happen?

Melted Crayon Art Ideas for Kids

Do you have crayons at home? Create art with kids with this melted crayon art. This creative art activity is perfect for kids of all ages.

Print and Play Escape Rooms