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Fall is the perfect time to spend outside and watch the changing season. Whether you’re looking for back to school ideas, or activities for kids that focus on the fall theme, the activities below offer a variety to choose from or try all fall long.

From pumpkin pie and a family feast to acorns and crunchy leaves, students will love this free Thanksgiving Classroom Scavenger Hunt! Print and easily set up the hunt in minutes with no prep!

Add something new to your Thanksgiving celebrations with a free printable thanksgiving scavenger hunt game for kids and families.

pumpkin hunt shows silly pumpkins and a child holding a pumpkin.

This printable fall activity is perfect for little ones in school or at home. Adorable pumpkins are hidden around for a unique scavenger hunt game.

fall science experiment shows an exploding fizzing pumpkin.

It explodes! If you’re looking for a science experiment for fall, or Halloween, this exploding pumpkin is fun, easy and memorable! Check out this fun fall STEM activity here.

fall sensory activity shows bins with fall stuff in them.

Take a walk through fall, in your bare feet! This sensory activity is perfect for fall and for young children.

pumpkin investigation shows math stuff with pumpkins.

It’s just a simple pumpkin, but there is so much learning that can come from it. View these pumpkin investigation STEM activities.

fall activities shows a collage of fall activities.

Fall is the perfect time for a unique game. Set up a fall escape room activity to try at home, or in the classroom

fall for kids shows outdoor fall games.

Check out this collection of 23 Fall Outdoor Learning Activities. From sensory and scavenger hunts to arts and crafts and math.

fall learning centres shows table top centres for kindergarten.

Whether you are looking for ideas for the classroom, or home, these fall kindergarten learning centers are perfect for little hands on a table.

fall stem show lots of science and stem activities.

STEM is great any time of year, but check out this collection of 39 fall STEM activities specific for fall!

fall craft shows a scarecrow made from wooden blocks.

Create an adorable scarecrow craft using just a few materials. Even young children can made one! Add this to your list of easy fall craft for kids.

fall recycled craft shows a pumpkin made from recycled paper.

Use recycled paper for this quick and easy fall or Halloween craft.

apple stem challenge shows apple boats made from apples and toothpicks.

If you have lots of apples during the fall, try using a few for some hands-on fun! Create an apple boat for this science experiment STEM challenge using only a few materials.

fall stem challenge shows a pumpkin boat floating on water.

Provide a few simple materials to create a boat for a pumpkin. This easy science experiment is perfect for fall and kids of all ages.

thanksgiving activity for families shows a child holding a pumpkin thats been printed on.

When you’re planning your Thanksgiving celebrations, add this last minute thanksgiving activity for families to your party. It’s easy to set up and involves the whole family.

fall science experiment shows fizzing apples.

Have you ever seen apples fizz? Kids will love watching and listening to this fizzing apples science experiment.

simple science experiment shows a petri dish with molding pumpkin seeds.

Use a few pumpkin seeds for a fun learning experience for kids. This fall science experiment for kids will have kids feeling like real scientists.

halloween craft for kids shows a pumpkin made from paper mache.

Pumpkins are great for Halloween or fall. Create your own paper mache pumpkin with this fall or Halloween craft for kids.

fall outdoor learning activities shows pumpkin and fall themed outdoor centres for kids.

Create an outdoor classroom, filled with lots of fall themed learning activities.

math worksheets for kindergarten shows printable worksheets and math activities to do on the sheets with pumpkin seeds.

Grab some pumpkin seeds or small manipulatives for these free hands-on kindergarten worksheets and activity ideas.

halloween and fall escape room shows printable escape room pages.

Print and play a fall and Halloween escape room game. Click for more details.

fall coding sheets shows printable math sheets with a coding theme.

Mix some fall coding worksheets into your math program with these fun activities.

recycled apple craft shows apples made from paper.

Create a recycled apple using old paper. Add paint and details for a long lasting apple craft. Click here to view this fall craft idea for kids.