Free Printable Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt for Kids


As the leaves turn brilliant shades of red and gold and a crisp autumn breeze fills the air, it can only mean one thing – Thanksgiving is just around the corner. This beloved holiday is filled with delicious feasts, family and lots of traditions. But this year, why not add a delightful twist to your Thanksgiving celebration with a free printable Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt?

The Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt, is an exciting and interactive way to infuse some adventure and fun into your holiday festivities.

Whether you’re a seasoned scavenger hunt enthusiast or a first-time participant, this Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt will leave your loved ones full of smiles, laughter, and memories to last a lifetime.

Add a small prize or treat at the end of the hunt for children, and adults to enjoy as part of your celebration. After the hunt, try another family favorite with a special Thanksgiving activity for everyone in the family: Last Minute Thanksgiving Activity for Families.

The scavenger hunt is a great option for kids to play while preparing for Thanksgiving dinner. It can also be used to keep kids and families busy and entertained during the celebrations.

If you’re looking for a similar Thanksgiving scavenger hunt to use with children at school and in a classroom, make sure to visit the Free Thanksgiving Classroom Scavenger Hunt printable.

free printable thanksgiving scavenger hunt shows a pinterest pin.

As with all activities and games with children, make sure to place the clues in a safe and appropriate place for the children doing the hunt. An adult should be supervising at all times.

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Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Materials

If you have children, or guests coming over for Thanksgiving this hunt is a fun and easy way to keep children and families entertained. It’s also a fun way to celebrate and spend time together.

Some of the great things about this free printable Thanksgiving scavenger hunt is that it is totally free, you don’t need any special materials and it can be set up in minutes.

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free printable thanksgiving scavenger hunt shows a stack of printable riddles and a thanksgiving decoration.

Print the ten riddles and cut each in half (each page has two riddles). Each page includes a Thanksgiving themed riddle that when solved, will lead players to a different location or object.

The bottom right hand corner of each riddle page tells where to place/hide the riddle. This is simply to help the person setting the game up.

Once each of the riddles are placed in the location, you’re ready to start your game!

thanksgiving scavenger hunt game shows a printable riddle.
Example Riddle

Free Printable Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Riddle #1

The first riddle can be given to players or set out for players to find. The riddle is:

To find the first clue, search where we dine,

Where turkey and stuffing both do shine,

In the room where you feast, with family and cheer,

Search for plates and glasses, it’s quite clear.

free printable thanksgiving scavenger hunt shows a pumpkin mat, decoration and clue.

This leads players to check around a dining table under a plate, or cup. It’s up to you where you place it.

If you want to make it more challenging, or if there is a large group doing the scavenger hunt, you can hide the clue to make it harder to find. For example, you can tape it to the bottom of a plate instead of placing it in plain sight.

Please note that the final riddle leads players back to wherever you chose to start the game and give this initial clue. Make sure to choose a spot that you can easily hide a final treasure for players to find later.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Riddle #2

Players will search the table, and find the next clue. The riddle reads:

As Thanksgiving feasts delight our taste,

Find the place where leftovers are placed.

When you’re hungry, where do you look?

Find the clue somewhere cool in the kitchen, don’t overlook.

free printable thanksgiving scavenger hunt shows a table set for a special meal and printable.

Players will head to the kitchen and into the fridge. Again, you can hide the clue to make the scavenger hunt longer, or you can leave the clue visible so when players open the fridge they see the clue right away.

Printable Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Riddle #3

In the fridge, the next clue will be found. Clue #3 reads:

I’m orange and round, a symbol of fall,

In pies and dishes, you see me in them all.

What am I, on this day of thanks and cheer,

That’s baked with spices and fills hearts with cheer?

free printable thanksgiving scavenger hunt shows a riddle in a fridge.

This riddle is a bit more open ended and can lead players to many pumpkin type things. If you have real pumpkins in your location, you can hide the next riddle there. If you have pumpkin decorations the clue can go with the decorations.

The clue can even go with pumpkin pie or anything pumpkin in the house. Players may have to search a few things before finding the correct pumpkin, and that’s okay and part of the hunt.

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Riddle #4

Once players find the correct pumpkin, they will have the next riddle:

I’m known for my feathers, so colorful and bright,

With a wattle and snood, quite a peculiar sight.

I’m the centerpiece of this grand feast,

Find me as either a picture or meat.

scavenger hunt shows a pumpkin and printable page.

Off to search for a turkey to solve this riddle!

For another scavenger hunt for young children, check out this printable pumpkin hunt!

Free Scavenger Hunt Riddle #5

There tends to be lots of turkeys around at Thanksgiving. Whether you have napkins with turkeys or it’s just part of your dinner, a turkey is where you’ll place your next clue.

For the next clue, in the holiday fun,

Look where hands are washed before the feast’s begun.

Where water flows, and cleanliness is a must,

Search here next, but don’t rush.

thanksgiving activity shows a cooked turkey.

If you don’t have any turkeys at your Thanksgiving, you can always print a picture of a turkey and place it somewhere around your location.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Riddle #6

The previous clue will lead players to the sink. This riddle is also a great way to get kids to wash their hands before dinner! You can place the clue at any sink in the house for players to find.

As you follow this Thanksgiving track,

Look for a place to sit and relax,

Where cushions are soft, and pillows abound,

Search where your body can rest, safe and sound.

thanksgiving activity shows three pumpkin decorations and printable scavenger hunt sheet.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Riddle #7

The previous riddle leads players to the couch to search for their next clue. You can hide the riddle under the couch or tucked behind a pillow. It’s up to you. Around the couch, they’ll find riddle #7.

To find the next clue, where colors abound,

Look for me scattered all around.

Autumn’s art, on the ground I lay,

In a wreath, decoration, or where you may jump and play.

thanksgiving for kids shows a printable riddle on a couch.

Thanksgiving Activity for Kids #8

The riddle leads players to search some leaves for their next clue. This can mean leaves outside, if you want players to travel outside, or it can be a wreath or collection of leaves inside.

To unwind and relax, your next puzzle to find,

 With a full belly you may head here to unwind.

For parades, football, or shows, you can’t hide,

Carefully check where screens flicker inside.

holiday scavenger hunt shows a printed clue on a pile of leaves.

If you really wanted to get creative, you could hang the riddle from a tree with beautiful fall leaves for players to find. Once they’ve found this riddle, they’re off to the television for their next clue.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Riddle #9

Football, parades and special shows are often part of many families Thanksgiving traditions. Players head to the television where these are watched to find their next clue. Riddle #9 is:

Where family and friends come through with grace,

To find your next clue, head to the right place.

A place of greetings, a knock fill with cheer,

Your next clue awaits where guests often first appear.

scavenger hunt for kids shows a printable scavenger hunt clue.

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Riddle #10

The previous clue leads players to the main door, or entrance where guests arrive or enter through. The final clue reads:

Where your journey began, go there with glee,

The final clue’s hiding, where could it be?

Check under the table, chairs, and every toy,

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with joy!

free printable thanksgiving scavenger hunt  shows a printed clue on a door.

The final clue takes players back to wherever you initially placed your first riddle. Somewhere in the room you have placed a treasure or treat for players to find. If you don’t want players to initially see the treasure, have someone else put the treasure in the room while players are searching for another clue.

The final treasure can be anything from Thanksgiving dessert to a certificate for a family movie later in the day. It’s up to you. The fun is working through each of the riddles and searching around for next one.

I hope that you enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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