60 Best STEM Activities for Kids


In a world that is increasingly reliant on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), fostering a love for these subjects in our children has never been more important. STEM education not only equips kids with essential skills for the future but also encourages them to think critically, solve problems, and innovate. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of fun and engaging STEM activities that can captivate young minds and turn learning into an exciting adventure with this collection of 60 Best STEM Activities for Kids.

Welcome to my ultimate collection of 60 STEM Activities for Kids. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or caregiver, this comprehensive resource is here to inspire, educate, and entertain.

From thrilling experiments that reveal the wonders of science to hands-on engineering challenges that encourage creativity, this collection of activities covers a wide range of STEM projects.

Get ready to embark on an educational journey filled with excitement, curiosity, and discovery. These STEM activities are not only a fantastic way to keep children entertained but also a powerful tool to shape the thinkers and problem solvers of tomorrow.

So, let’s dive into the world of STEM and inspire the young minds in your life!

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This collection of 60 STEM Activities for Kids is a companion to my popular 45+ STEM building challenges.

Science STEM Activities

The first collection of activities include various hands-on science experiments. Science holds the key to unraveling the mysteries of the natural world, and it all begins with curiosity and exploration. These hands-on activities are designed to inspire a sense of wonder while simultaneously fostering an understanding of scientific principles.

Check out the collection of experiment below and then visit another collection of 81+ Science Experiments for Kids focused on science.

Foaming Science STEM Activity for Kids

One of the best ways to get kids engaged in science experiments is to make them exciting. What’s more exciting than a science experiment that explodes? This foaming experiment is great to try any time of year and is always a favorite with kids.

Can you blow a balloon up without blowing into it? You can with science! With a few simple materials you can amaze kids as they watch the balloon inflate.

What child wouldn’t love to explore and play with this collection of materials. It’s a simple experiment with baking soda and vinegar, but it’s sure to get kids excited about science.

Take your science experiment outside with a balloon rocket experiment. Not all science will explode or take place at a table. Kids will love watching and testing how far their balloon can go on just a few breaths of air.

How do we hear? Kids are curious about the world around them. Show them a little bit about how we hear and how sound travels with this hands-on experiment that will make sense to even the youngest scientists.

This classic experiment creates a beautiful rainbow of colors. Grab a few candies and some water for this engaging experiment.

Create the most beautiful flowers with this simple science experiment. Teach children a little bit about how plants ‘drink’ with this experiment.

Volcano Experiment for Kids

Create an explosion that kids will love with a volcano science experiment. Challenge children to create their own mini volcano to then use for their experiment. If your kids love volcanoes, make sure to also check out this collection of 15+ Volcano Ideas and Projects

Create an edible candy spine and learn the different parts of the spine. Kids will love snacking on their experiment as they learn about their spinal cord.

Who knew Jello could be so much fun? Pretend to be a surgeon with this hands-on experiment. It’s easy to create and kids will love feeling like a special scientist.

Learn how to make a realistic yet easy DIY 3D solar system model with simple craft materials. Your kids will love using a unique painting technique to make each planet.

Nothing is cooler than rocks, lava, and chemical reactions. Combine all three of these things in this super-simple, super-cool simple volcano experiment where kids can learn just exactly why lava rocks are bumpy.

This Earth Day Science activity creates a chemical reaction that is not only visually stimulating but also provides an opportunity for kids to learn about the properties of gases.

Frozen slime is one of those “cool” sensory activities your kids will absolutely love… because we’re actually freezing slime!

While exploring a new planet your brave explorers have found an Oobleck Ocean, now they must work together to create a bridge across the ocean.

Chemistry Experiment for Kids

Chemistry offers lots of science experiments for kids. If you have some test tubes, grab them for this activity. Children will create a layered rainbow as they learn about how not all liquids are the same.

Use something, like a superhero figure, to engage children who may not be as excited to do an experiment. They’ll love watching their favorite character in action with this simple gravity activity.

Apples are a sure sign of fall. Keep with an apple theme with these fizzing apples.

Children can recreate the mummification process by following the directions in this 2-part blog series to mummify an apple!

Winter is coming… get ready to make some snow jello!

Make crystal balls with this fun borax crystal experiment.

Grow a rainbow with this magical art-meets-science activity for kids.

This is a simple activity, but beautiful to watch. Little scientists will love watching and learning about these self blooming paper flowers.

Easily make a model of your lungs with this lung model.

The possibilities are endless with these DIY cardboard shadow projectors. Kids can write or draw anything on the plastic to create an image on the wall.

Build sun shelters for creatures made from UV beads.

Classic Egg Drop Ideas – Best STEM Activities

Egg drops are classic science experiments. Check out these egg drop project ideas.

Science Experiments with Water

Water, the source of life, holds endless secrets waiting to be unlocked through the magic of science. In the activities below you’ll explore the fascinating world of water science experiments. For more activities that focus on water, visit 33+ Best STEM Water Activities for Kids

How do animal stay warm all winter? Kids love learning about animals. Have them explore how animals stay warm in cold weather with this hands-on experiment.

The magic of science can be seen in something as simple and everyday as a cabbage. Create a pH scale and test how acids and bases react to the water. Amazing color changing water will keep kids interested.

A glass of hot and a glass of cold water look the same, but do they behave the same? Find out with this experiment teaching about the properties of water.

Fireworks in a jar is always a popular experiment for kids of all ages. Even adults will love watching the mesmerizing colors and swirls of color in the cup.

Best STEM Activities – Clean Water Filtration

Water is an essential natural resource and we are lucky to have access to clean water. Have children explore a little bit about the process of water filtration and how important this resource is.

Kids will love this STEM activity! Watch the beads float and sink in the jar over and over again. It almost looks like they’re dancing. When you look closer you see the bubbles attached to the beads. Help children understand what’s happening to cause the beads to dance.

Did you know you can make a miniature blizzard right in your own kitchen? Check out this cool science experiment that lets kids create a snowstorm in a jar!

Technology STEM Activities

In our ever-evolving world, technology has become the driving force behind innovation, transformation, and progress. The intersection of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, better known as STEM, wouldn’t be complete without the ‘T’—Technology.

Many children are now getting to explore and experiment with technology at school and in the classroom. 3D printers are becoming more and more advanced and the things they can create, and learning opportunities they provide are endless.

Create cookie cutters using a 3D printer for a special theme, season or activity. Create exactly what you want for your little ones.

Creating and putting together a chess set will engage children of all ages. This chess set is not only well made, it’s functional and customizable.

Challenge children to create a pinball machine, but not just any pinball machine. Add a few special 3D characters or elements to the machine to incorporate technology into the STEM activity. The results are amazing!

Engineering STEM Activities

Engineering is the driving force behind innovation, responsible for crafting the marvels that shape our world, from towering skyscrapers to cutting-edge technology. With the activities below you can ignite the spark of curiosity about the ‘E’ in STEM – Engineering. It’s the art of turning imagination into reality, a path filled with creativity, innovation, and the magic of problem-solving.

Many of the ideas below are building STEM challenges that are child focused and hands-on.

For more STEM engineering activities check out a collection of 10 Exciting STEM Activities with Just 10 Materials. It makes planning your STEM program simple and low prep.

This pipe cleaner STEM challenge mixes a bit of art because the final result creates a beautiful art project that you’ll love to display.

Can you create a small shelter using these snowballs (Styrofoam balls and toothpicks).

Using just a few simple materials, create a boat that will float and also hold a weight.

It’s incredible what you can create using just paper and tape. Challenge children to make a house that they can sit in that stands upright and is only created using the two materials. This is a great STEM activity for older children and can lead to hours of building.

Can you create a structure using paper and tape that can hold a weight? There is lots of problem solving and an understanding of shapes with this STEM activity.

STEM Challenge – Ramp

Kids love playing with playdough, but there are lots of projects you can use it for. This STEM activity challenges children to create a ramp that a ping pong ball will roll down and into a cup at the bottom. Too much playdough causes it to be too heavy and fall, not enough makes the popsicle stick fall off. It’s a challenge of trial and error and lots of learning!

In this open-ended engineering design challenge, children are challenged to build a raft using cranberries and test to see how much weight the raft can hold without sinking.

Create a marble maze with a paper plate. Kids will love moving the marble around through the maze.

With one sheet of paper what can you create? STEM activities don’t have to use expensive or fancy materials. This STEM challenge will keep kids engaged and problem solving!

Bridge Building STEM Activity

Bridge building is a common STEM activity. Use plastic building blocks to challenge children to create a bridge over water (construction paper). This is a great, and easy, activity to try with a classroom full of students.

For more bridge building ideas, visit 10+ Bridge Building STEM Challenge Ideas

Learn about the sun’s heat by creating solar ovens. Add in reflective and colored surfaces to explore the properties of light and heat.

Circle Loop Planes – experiment with different sized loops and shapes – will a triangle fly as well as square? A fun interactive STEM activity.

Reinforce design and structural engineering skills with this Three Little Pigs themed activity.

Rubber band helicopters are easy and fun to make. Learn how you can make one at home, and learn tips to really make them fly! Explore more STEM themed fun for kids.

Build a catapult cannon and take the traditional catapult project to new levels!

Grab the free rocket printable and start building! Create a rocket and test how far it can go with this straw rocket STEM challenge. Children will have their rocket fly through the air and then make any improvements they can to make it go even further next time.

The model robot hand demonstrates just how important it is for all the different parts of our hands to work together for movement. It will highlight how the bones, muscles, and tendons allow us to move each individual finger separately or together at the same time.

Math STEM Activities

Whether you’re a seasoned mathematician, a curious student, or a parent eager to instill a love for math in your child, you’re in for a treat. Below is a collection of math-based explorations and activities that go beyond just problem-solving.

Incorporate math into exciting projects, like an escape room. Kids will do math, counting, coding and calculations without even realizing they’re learning. This STEM escape room incorporates all of the STEM subjects, from a science experiment to a math challenge.

Mix some math and nature into your STEM activity. Kids tend to collect rocks, so hang onto their collection for this outdoor nature art + math activity.

Worksheets can help with math programming, and when they’re free it’s even better. Check out this collection of math worksheets that you can print and use today!

Number Talks – Math Talks for Kids

Number talks are a great way to encourage children to explain their thinking and understanding. Use simple materials and visuals to make it even more engaging for kids of all ages.

When the weather gets chilly, use the snow for an exciting math game for kids. These FREE printable cards are perfect for small groups and for reinforcing math and coding concepts.

Escape room games incorporate a lot of math and often coding. Check out this collection of 25 free escape room printables and create your ideal escape room game using all of the math based sheets.

Tessellations are connected patterns made of repeating shapes that cover a plane (a 2-D flat surface that is infinite) completely without leaving any holes. A checkerboard is a basic tessellation. Come explore with your kids and see all the tessellations they can find or create.

Seasonal STEM Activities

STEM activities are great for any time of year! I’ve created a collection of challenges, activities and projects that are all STEM. Many of the activities below could be done any time of year and any season, so search through for the perfect activity for you.

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