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This experiment will amaze kids – and even adults! It is so easy and almost magical to watch. I love doing science for kids and watching kids become fascinated and inspired by science experiments. This is one their favourites – and mine!

science for kids

All you need is cabbage and a few materials from your cupboard to create this magic water. If you are working with older kids, you can call this a pH indicator, but magic water just sounds like more fun.

Started by chopping up some purple cabbage. Once cut, put it into warm water. Roughly one cup of cut cabbage will work. You can either let it sit for 10-15 minutes, or you can put it into a blender.

science for kids

Next, use a strainer to separate the cabbage from the water. You will be left with purple cabbage water. It is a really beautiful colour!

Once your magic water is ready, add a bit of vinegar to the cabbage water. Make sure to watch closely because it changes quickly! Once you add the vinegar it changes the water from neutral to acidic.

science for kids

We can see this change by the colour change. It will change to a beautiful reddish colour. The acidic water is red and you will know the water is neutral when it is purple.

Next, we added some baking soda, which will fizz a bit, but then turns from red back to blue or a bit purple depending on how much baking soda you add.

You can add vinegar to the blue water and turn it back to red. By doing this you are turning it from a base to an acid again – which we can see by the colour.

Children will have fun changing their colours back and forth between red and blue and testing what happens if they only add a small amount of vinegar or baking soda versus a lot.

You can try adding different other liquids from the kitchen, such as lemon juice and baking powder. Always make sure to supervise children when doing any science for kids and have fun!

science for kids

For another science activity for kids for the summer click here. All you need are ice cubes and a few materials from home!

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