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Science Experiments for Kids – Apple Boats


There is so much you can do with apples!  During an apple inquiry in one of my classes, I decided to try a STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Math) activity. I find that science experiments for kids tend to create a lot of excitement and provoke higher level thinking.  I feel honored that I get to teach children a bit about the world around them and hopefully spark a love of science! In this experiment, I started with a simple apple and asked students to predict if they thought that it would float or sink.  We then tested the apple.  It floats!

science experiments for kids

We then headed outside with half an apple each.  I had cut up some other pieces for students to use if needed.  We used plastic knives and tooth picks and I asked them to create a boat that would float.  The real challenge came when I asked them to try and create a boat that a small wooden person could stand on.  It was a bonus if their boats looked nice.

They all did an amazing job of creating their boats, and then testing them in the water.  After testing, they went back and improved on anything they felt didn’t work well and continued to change and improve for the whole period.  I was very proud of how well they were thinking like scientists!

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