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Team Building Games


This activity requires little to no prep as long as there are mats in your school’s gym.  This is a really easy team building game that I remember doing as a kid.  It is simple, but requires students to really think and strategize together.  I divided the class into 2 groups and gave each group 2 mats. Starting at the same line, each team needs to figure out a way to get across the gym using only the mats.  Oh, and pretend that the floor is lava so you cannot touch it at all!

Groups have to come up with a plan where they are always only touching the mat, but somehow get to other side of the gym.  Those were the only instructions that they were given.  Usually students start by trying to push one mat across, which, slowly but surely may work.  Ultimately, students want to all huddle together on one mat, but then lift the other mat around in front of the one they are standing on and set it down – and then jump over and repeat.  It is a great activity to create team building and thinking like a scientist using trial and error to be successful.  There have been many requests to do this again… and again… and again.


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