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Science Experiments for Kids


I need a volunteer!  I always find that science is a favourite subject in kindergarten. It is exciting and leads to deeper thinking and understanding.   I have taught a lot of science during prep coverage over the years and I love it!  First of all, it is fun!  Second, I think that it is a really important subject for students to have, and keep, an interest in.  This experiment is always a favourite and really easy to do.  I often use it at the beginning of the year as a introduction to all of the fun science experiments that we are going to do!

science experiments

I fill a plastic baggie with water and ask for a student volunteer.  With the volunteer at the front I then hold the bag over their head and tell them that I will be piercing the bag with pencils.  Their peers reactions are always the best part.  We then come up with our predictions/hypothesis as to what is going to happen.  I then put the first pencil through the bag.  When no water leaks, students guess what has happened.  As I put more pencils through the bag the excitement, and curiosity builds.  Usually there are a few drops of water that fall on my volunteer, but it just shows that there is in fact water in the bag.

I don’t typically get too complicated in my science explanation – beyond that the pencil seals the hole that it creates, but if I take it out we will have a puddle.  I like using the experiment because it shows how interesting science is and how “it’s not magic – it’s science!”

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