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Finding just the right math worksheet for kindergarten is always good, and when it’s free it’s even better! To save you time, I have gathered a collection of 39 math worksheets for kindergarten, as well as printable activity pages, for teachers, or parents to use with young children and enhance their math program.

I love to make my learning activities hands-on and engaging. I firmly believe that children learn best this way. If children are interested in an activity they are more likely to learn and want to participate.

For me worksheets, don’t always have to be something that is completed at a desk with a pencil. Sometimes a printable sheet can add to a hands-on activity and make it even better.

Many of the posts below are more than just math worksheets for kindergarten. There are a variety of math concepts covered and lots of different printables you can use for great hands-on math activities.

I have included not only worksheets, but also activities that have a printable included for the activity. I hope that you find several printables to use to enhance your math program today!

math worksheets for kindergarten

Click the images below to read about each activity. Instructions on how you can download the math worksheet(s) are included on each page. If you subscribe to Hands-On Teaching Ideas you can easily download many of the math worksheets featured in this post through my Free Resource Library. A link can be found at the bottom of this post.

Math Worksheets for Kindergarten 1-39

Math Worksheets for Kindergarten – #1 Dice Game

Try a fun, hands-on math activity this winter with this Roll and Build a Snowman worksheet and activity. Children build their snowman piece by piece as they roll the die.

***Click on the image to view the full activity and to get the worksheets / printables.***

math worksheets for kindergarten

Tangram Printable

Tangrams are a great way to teach children about spatial awareness. The activity is a hands-on way for children to manipulate the shapes that make up a tangram and create different designs. You can also print the tangram template to use with your students.

Click on the image to read more about tangrams.

Number 1-10

Learning numbers 1-10 is an essential skill for young children. Have fun learning about them with these 5 hands-on games you can play using the printable worksheets/playmats.

math worksheets for kindergarten
Click the image for more.

Shape Hunt

Make learning about shapes meaningful by going on a shape hunt. Print the Shape Hunt sheet and search the school or your neighborhood for all the shapes you are surrounded by everyday!

math worksheets for kindergarten
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Working with 100

The 100 chart is so important within mathematical learning – we’ve got one for you for free.

math worksheets for kindergarten
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Number 1-20 BINGO

Bingo is a great game to help children learn their numbers. But some children are not ready for numbers to 75. This simple Number Bingo game can be printed and played with a group of children working on numbers up to and including 20.

math worksheets for kindergarten

Space Sums

Work on addition with this fun Space Sums printable! This worksheet can easily be laminated and used over and over in a hands-on math center.

math worksheets for kindergarten

Pizza Dice

Everyone loves pizza, and these fabulous worksheets help teach addition with all the fun of making your own pizza too.

Addition Coloring Sheets

If you have children who are learning basic addition, make it fun with these STEM coloring worksheets. They are adorable and keep kids engaged while learning.

math worksheets for kindergarten

Math Worksheets for Kindergarten – #10 Skip Counting

If you are looking for fun, hands-on ways to teach skip counting, this post includes 13 skip counting activities that kids will love. A free number board and guide is available.

Robot Math Coloring Sheets

Kids love robots! Use this number coloring math game for kids to help young children recognize their numbers as they color in their robot.

math worksheets for kindergarten

Dot Marker Math

Do-A-Dot markers are a fun, hands-on item to use to make math more engaging. Kids will love using these worksheets and a marker as they learn about different math concepts.

math worksheets for kindergarten

Coding Math Worksheets for Kindergarten

Coding is becoming an important math concept in many classrooms. These Lucky Sequences coding math worksheets for kindergarten can be used any time of year, and can be done by using hands-on cereal pieces.

math worksheets for kindergarten

Shape Art

Geometry is an important math concept. Mix some art and math together with this shape art project. Print the sheet to challenge children to only use the shapes on the sheet to create a work of art. The worksheet includes a variety of shapes.

math worksheets for kindergarten

Ten Frame Counting

Grab some pumpkin seeds or other small collection of items and have fun using a ten frame to make 10.

math worksheets for kindergarten

Hands-On Math Problems Worksheets

There is a collection of free math worksheets for kindergarten included on the site below. Use candy, or another manipulative to have children work through various math problems.

Rolling Addition

This dice game and printable works well in a classroom, or as a family game at home. You can play by either adding or subtracting and the game can add some competition as players race to finish their worksheet.

math worksheets for kindergarten

Number Sense Sheets

Boost number sense with these easy, and fun, games for young kids.

Logic Puzzles

My kids would love this activity! Encourage creative problem solving with these Sudoku inspired logic puzzles using snowmen.

Math Worksheets for Kindergarten – #20 Place Value Mat

Place value is usually introduced in kindergarten and is the basis for understanding greater computations in later years. Make it fun, and hands-on with building block manipulatives that kids will love using and learning with. These math worksheets for kindergarten are engaging and free!

math worksheets for kindergarten

Reindeer Counting Mat

Use playdough and these Reindeer Noses Counting Mats to teach children 1-to-1 correspondence.

Christmas Lights Counting

Integrate some themed math with these Christmas lights worksheet and activities. There are several activity ideas included in the site below – and free worksheets/printables.

math worksheets for kindergarten

Unicorn Ten Frames

If your kids like unicorns, they will love these Unicorn Ten Frames. Keep children engaged as they learn math with these adorable ten frame printables.

Monster Bingo

Monster Bingo! This would be a great activity around Halloween, or any time of year for kids who love monsters. Each number is an adorable monster for children to find and identify.

math worksheets for kindergarten

Snack Math Worksheet for Kindergarten

Even snack time can be math time! Let kids play with their food for this hands-on math activity and simple Math Bites activity mat.

math worksheets for kindergarten

Winter Math

You can use these Winter Math worksheets over and over again. This is a very simple idea, but perfect for hands-on learning and young children just starting to learn their number and representing them.

Math Worksheets for Kindergarten

Several worksheets are included on the page below to help with numeration; from graphing and money to patterning and skip counting, there are lots of free printables available.

Dice Math Game

Roll a die and follow the steps. Challenge each other to build the tallest tower out of building blocks. This would be so much fun that kids will even forget that they are learning and doing math.

Shape Art

If you are working with kids who love shapes, or trains, this is the perfect activity for them! Learn math as you move shapes to create a train.

Math Worksheets for Kindergarten – #30 Math Cards

I can’t wait to use these in my classroom! The vibrant photos are ideal for young learners and the worksheets cover math concepts from creating shapes, greater than, less than, tally charts and more.

math worksheets for kindergarten

Numbers to Ten

Practice counting, printing and representing number to 10 with this hands-on activity and printable math worksheets for kindergarten. The sheets can easily be laminated and would make a great math center in a kindergarten classroom.

math worksheets for kindergarten

Create a Bear Math Activity

Print, count and then show the number of buttons for the bear to wear. This math activity would be great for a theme day in a kindergarten classroom. As children do math they also create an adorable bear to take home and continue their learning with.

Hands-On Math Worksheets for Kindergarten

This Counting Bumblebees sheet and activity is a fun way to add a little bit of art into your math class. Little fingers mark how much each bee hive shows; plus many other activities that you can use this math worksheet for kindergarten are included.

math worksheets for kindergarten

Representing Numbers

Use these printable dinosaurs and clothes pins to represent the different numbers. This is a great activity for young children and is a great way to encourage hands-on play in your math program.

Math Scavenger Hunt

Move around in math class with this indoor scavenger hunt. Children search for different shapes and items around the house or classroom. A scavenger hunt is a great way to make math meaningful.

Essential Math Worksheets for Kindergarten

Print the worksheets and try a variety of math activities for counting, matching and sorting. The worksheets are simple and basic, which is great for kindergarten children to help them stay focused on the numbers.

Language and Math Book

This snowman counting book is a great way to mix language and math together. Children can work on identifying familiar words, or be read the book aloud, while learning about different numbers. Children can even draw in the book to show their understanding of the numbers.

math worksheets for kindergarten

Math Worksheets for Symmetry

I love teaching symmetry and patterning. Children always create such beautiful pictures. These symmetry circles are a creative way to teach about symmetry.

math worksheets for kindergarten

Math Worksheets for Kindergarten – #39 Addition Worksheets

This four page printable can be used at home, or in the classroom. Children work to solve the calculations on the gingerbread men.

FREE Math Worksheets for Kindergarten from Hands-On Teaching Ideas

The math worksheets and printables featured in this post are from a variety of wonderful creators. A collection of the sheets I created and are from Hands-On Teaching Ideas.

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math worksheets for kindergarten

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If you like the math worksheets and activities featured in this post, and are looking for more great ideas, below is a collection of my most popular and favorite activities.

From math escape rooms and printable math products to daily math questions and hands-on math centers, there is lots to keep kids busy and learning.

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