Fun Snowman Story and Winter Activity for Kids


I am very excited to share this Snowman Story and Winter Activity for kids. It is a cute story, which is available for free, a fun interactive art picture that you create as you read the story, and a special surprise for everyone at the end. The best part is all you need is a piece of paper and scissors!

One of my favorite things to do with kids is read. I love finding a new story that I know children will love or reading a classic that we have read countless times before. There are endless benefits to a love of reading, especially in children.

One of the most popular read aloud activities that my own children, and my students, have always been drawn to, are those that are interactive in some way.

I wrote this story and created the snowman to go with it as a fun introduction to our winter unit. The story works well if you gather children around as a whole class read aloud, or it can be used as a small group center. My own children simply loved hearing it at home before bed.

I have done stories like this in the classroom before and they are always very memorable. Children will even have fun retelling the story to their friends, and even to their families at home because it is something different and creative. Plus I always love the look on children’s faces when the snowman is revealed.

Whether you are a teacher, homeschooler or parent of young children, this is a wonderful winter activity that will engage children and simply make reading fun!

winter activity for kids

Kids will be excited to create and draw their own winter scene after this winter storytelling activity. Print these free Winter Drawing Prompts for the classroom or home.


As a elementary school teacher, I know that some of the best activities and lessons are those that only require really simple, inexpensive materials. That’s one of the great things about this snowman story and winter activity – all you need is a large sheet of white paper and scissors! Best of all there is no prep required!

  • Large White Paper (At least 11×17)
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch (Optional)
  • “A Wonderful Winter Day” (Print the story. Link below)

I suggest using large paper if you are telling this story and presenting it to a group of children. The bigger you can make it the better they will be able to see it. Construction paper or even cardstock will work well. However, if all you have on hand is a small piece of paper, the activity will still work!

Snowman Story and Winter Activity

As you read the story you will be cutting parts of your paper. In the end, when you open your paper, a snowman will be revealed. A copy of the story with step by step instructions is available and a link is provided below.

A worksheet with follow-up questions are also available in order to make the activity into a full lesson.

Fun Snowman Story

Winter Storytelling Activity Steps

To start, fold your page in half length wise. I added a few sparkles with glue to the inside of my paper so that my snowman is glittery when it is revealed. I ended up with a lot of sparkles all around, so you can avoid this step if you would rather avoid the mess.

Once you have a copy of the story, paper and scissors you are ready to start.

The title of the story may give away the ending of the story to older children. You can avoid telling children the title if you want to keep it a surprise.

For each part, read the part of the story (in pink background) aloud. Then follow the steps below the story text for steps on how to cut the snowman.

Snowman Story + Winter Activity for Kids Part 1

Once upon a time there were two children, a sister and brother named Liam and Brooke.  One morning the children woke up to a chill in the air and ran to look out their window.  To the children’s surprise there was snow!  Lots of snow!  The houses, grass and trees were all covered in deep, sparkling snow.

Fold your paper and hold it at the bottom along the fold. Make sure you cut into the correct part of the paper each time. Show the paper as you read about the snow.

Snowman Story and Winter Activity Part 2

The children piled on all of their winter clothes and ran outside to play!  The children were excited to sled down the hill, have a snowball fight, build a snow fort and of course, make a snowman. They had big plans for the day! First, the children grabbed their sleds and climbed up a snow covered hill near their house.  Each step they took crunched in the snow and snowflakes gently fell on their faces.

You can trace three circles for each of the snowballs that make up the snowman ahead of time. I drew the circles inside my paper before folding it and pressed hard along the lines so that I could see them through the back to know where to cut.

Tracing it ahead of time can help so that your snowman’s proportions look right.

Once they were at the top of the hill, they climbed onto their sleds and zipped down the hills!  They went fast down the first hill, and over a bump. 

Cut the first, biggest half circle. This will become the snowman’s bottom snowball.

Winter Activity for Kids

Snowman Story + Winter Activity for Kids Part 3

They steered around the single leafless tree on top of the middle hill. 

Next, cut a ‘tree’ into the middle half circle. This will become the snowman’s arms.

winter story for kids

Snowman Story and Winter Activity Part 4

They sped along the next hill, and smiled happily over each bump until they reached the bottom – covered in snow from head to toe and laughing until their bellies hurt.

Finish cutting the last, and smallest hill. This last hill will be the snowman’s head when it is opened.

Winter Activity for Kids

Snowman Story + Winter Activity for Kids Part 5

When Brooke wasn’t looking, Liam quickly ran behind the hill and rolled a snowball.  Brooke search for her brother, but as she turned to look towards the hill, the huge snowball came flying through the air and smacked into her. 

Cut out a circle on the smallest hill to make the snowman’s eyes.

Fun Snowman Story and Winter Activity for Kids

Snowman Story + Winter Activity Part 6

The snowball fight had begun!  Brooke rolled some snowballs of her own and waited until she spotted Liam again.  Suddenly another snowball came towards Brooke, but she ducked just in time and sent one of her own perfectly round snowballs right at Liam!  Snowballs were flying all through the air!

To create the snowman’s smile, cut out several small holes along the bottom of the smallest hill. I used a hole punch and it easily created the parts of the smile. However, depending on the size of your paper, you may need to actually cut the circles out.

winter story and activity for kids

Snowman Story + Winter Activity Part 7

Suddenly, Brooke called to Liam to look at a tunnel that she had found.  Liam ran over and the children crawled in and out and in and out again. 

To create the tunnels from the story, cut a few half circles along the folded edge. These will become the snowman’s buttons when opened.

snowman story

Snowman Story + Winter Activity Part 8

They even made a special door at the end of one of the tunnels so that they could walk right into the snow fort.

This is the trickiest cut, but is easy once you try. Cut a small half circle into the folded edge of the paper. This small cut needs to be roughly between the large circle cut for the eye and the small circles for the smile. This will allow you to get your scissors in between the pages to make the next cut.

snowman craft

Once you have the small cut, put your scissors in and make another cut, only through the top sheet of paper. Do not cut the paper underneath. Cut a triangle shaped piece. This will be the snowman’s carrot nose.

Fun Snowman Story and Winter Activity for Kids

Snowman Story + Winter Activity Part 9

The children were having so much fun and were about to start their snowman, but as they looked around, they realized that the sun had started to go down and the day was almost over.  At this moment, their mother called for the children to come inside.  Liam and Brooke looked at each other with tears in their eyes, disappointed that they had not made their snowman. 

The children sadly started walking home, but suddenly they heard a noise and both children froze in their tracks.  They slowly looked behind and there standing where they had been playing was the most beautiful snowman they had ever seen! It had been a magical winter day.

Slowly open and turn the paper so that the snowman is reveled and the story is complete!

winter craft for kids

This is such a cute snowman story and winter activity for kids at home or in the classroom. It is a great activity to simply have on hand for the first snowfall. I always thought that the children would know that what I was cutting was a snowman, but typically young children are surprised and excited when you open the paper.

The story and activity are even simply a fun addition to any Christmas celebration or study of winter.

Winter Activity for Kids Tips and Ideas

The paper can be a bit tricky to hold up as you present, but if your paper is fairly thick then it should stand fairly well and allow children to watch as you present.

Fun Snowman Story and Winter Activity for Kids

I have used the names Liam and Brooke in the story. To make it more personal and exciting for the children listening when you present, choose names of your own children, or a few children in your class.

When you are done the story and have reveled the snowman to the children, it is a great opportunity to have a discussion with the children about the story. Some possible questions for discussion include:

  • How do you think the snowman got there?
  • How would you feel if you were Brooke and Liam?
  • What was your favorite part of the story?
  • What is your favorite winter activity?
  • Can you retell the story to someone and create your own snowman?

A worksheet with questions, such as the ones above, is included with the story. See link below to subscribe and download for free.

If you have a group that is working on find motor skills and are learning to use scissors, this winter story and activity are a great way to practice. Give each child a piece of paper and scissors that are safe for them, and read through the story. Stop at each part that a cut needs to be made and model how to make each cut and where to cut in order to make the snowman. Have children then try to make the same cut on their snowman.

Challenge children to add another detail to the snowman. Can they think of a way to add a hat to their snowman? What would happen in the story? How would you have to cut the paper to make your extra detail?

Download A Surprise Snowman Story

I am happy to share the story told above for FREE. Click the image below to subscribe to Hands-On Teaching Ideas. Subscribers get instant access to my Free Resource Library full of lots of learning activities for kids of all ages. You will find “The Surprise Snowman” story and can instantly download it along with any of the other files that you see.

The printable includes a step by step instruction page, with pictures, that you can follow along with as you read the story and create your snowman.

A printable of just the text and a worksheet is also included. The worksheet can be used as a follow up activity for children to reflect on the story and practice their writing skills.

The page of just text and the worksheet pages are included in color and black and white.

Click Image to Download

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