37 Easy Kindergarten and Preschool Christmas Crafts


Every Christmas I try to prepare a special craft, or two, for my kids to create. They don’t tend to be expensive or particularly fancy, but crafts that I know my kids will love and enjoy creating together. In the classroom, I love creating something special with my students for them to proudly take home and give their parents. Below is a collection of 37 Easy Kindergarten and Preschool Christmas Crafts and Ideas to add to your holiday bucket list.

Look through the ideas and hopefully a few of the ideas jump out at you as being an idea you know will be a hit with your kids. If they love painting, there are lots of painting crafts. If you’re looking for ornament ideas to decorate your tree with, there are lots of special ideas below.

Most of the crafts are simple and can be done in a classroom setting with young children. Some of the ideas would require a parent or teacher to help as the child creates.

Many of the ideas use materials that you likely already have on hand or access to. So peek through the ideas below and start creating!

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If you’re looking for more Christmas ideas to do with kids around the holidays try a Free Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt or create a DIY Christmas Escape Room. Both of these popular Christmas activities will keep kids learning and engaged over the holidays!

Preschool Christmas Crafts

Snowmen Crafts

This is one of my favorite kindergarten and preschool Christmas crafts! I created these adorable critters with over a hundred children under 5 years old. In each of the classes, children chose between a snowman, reindeer, Santa or Christmas tree. You can pick one or choose all four!

All you need is wooden blocks, paint and a few small craft materials for accents on each critter. The crafts are easy for children to paint and put together. The wooden cubes can be small enough to create an ornament or larger for a decorative piece.

If you are looking for a personalized Christmas craft that young children can make, this snowman fingerprint ornament is a great choice.

Made with polymer clay these ornaments will last for a long time. Children push to create each part of the snowman marking their fingerprint and finger size into each snowball. A free printable poem is also available to print and attach to the ornaments.

Clay is a great material to make amazing crafts. For more ideas for clay animals and clay crafts, visit my collection of 33 Easy Clay Animals and Ideas.

Kids will love making these melted snowman ornaments. Not only are the inexpensive and fun to make but they also make a fun handmade gift for kids to give.

Cute and easy ornament craft for kids of all ages to make. Add it to a clear bag with candy for a simple gift idea.

Snowmen Math

Have kids practice their math skills by having them estimate the amount of cotton balls it will take to cover this free snowman printable. Then they can count how many they used and see how close they were!

These mugs make an adorable gift that kids can create and then fill with treats or small gifts. It makes a great present for grandparents or parents that they can use all season!

Preschool Crafts

Wood Slices

Make these gorgeous watercolor Christmas ornaments for a thoughtful handmade gift idea! A great idea for older kids and tweens.

Star Wood Slice Ornaments look so pretty! They’re easy to make and will add bling to your Christmas tree! A lovely nature Christmas craft for kids.

Mindful Craft

The holidays are a busy time of year and even children feel some of the stress of the season. Create a mindfulness ornament that children can hang on the tree and remove to hold and do different mindful activities with throughout the holidays.

Christmas Crafts Preschool

Ornament Collection

Use paper straws and beads to make these easy wreath ornaments! A great handmade gift idea for younger kids to make. This is also a great fine motor activity for children to create their own wreath.

Work on those fine motor skills while having fun and creating a gift that will be cherished for years!

In the classroom, kids can create festive wooden Christmas bells with ease! Combining simple supplies like buttons and unfinished wood cutouts, their imaginations take flight while crafting a unique and thoughtful gift for those they love.

Alphabet Ornament

These pom pom letter ornaments make a cute gift for children’s first letter of their name. These are also great in a classroom to reinforce letter recognition.

Duct tape has so many uses! Grab some tape this Christmas with this duct tape plaid ornament.

Melted crayons and a hair dryer can help make these beautiful holiday ornaments that are out of this world. 

Who doesn’t love the smell of cinnamon around the holidays? Create these lasting ornaments in any shape you like and decorate your tree with these hand made ornaments.

If you’ve got some popsicle sticks laying around, this is a simple and inexpensive Christmas craft to make with your young children. Provide paint, pipe cleaners and little pom poms for children to make each tree unique.

An easy holiday craft for young kids to make to give as a gift. Adding a small photo of the child to the inside makes it more personalized as a gift to parents.

These pom pom Christmas tree ornaments are cute, easy, and fun. With supplies you probably already have in your classroom.

Recycled Ornaments

Christmas is a time for lots of sparkle and shine! These sparkly snowflakes are extremely inexpensive for older kids to make as a gift, because they reuse toilet paper rolls! With a little help, kids of all ages will enjoy creating their own shapes and customizing the colors of glitter.

Use materials you already have on hand to create these paper roll Christmas Tree ornaments. They’re simple to make and fun to decorate.

Recycle packaging into Cardboard Ornaments. A fun and easy Christmas craft for kids to share with others. 

Grab a map or two to create a unique DIY map ornament.

Handprint Ornaments

These salt dough handprints make the cutest keepsake! Kids will love pulling this ornament out year after year and touching to see how much their hand has grown.

We created one of these handprint ornaments years ago and it still hangs on our tree every year. My kids love holding it and seeing how much their hand has grown. Create one with your children that will hold lots of memories.

Christmas Cards

Washi tape makes DIY Christmas cards easy, cute, and festive for kids of all ages!

Christmas Treats

Creating with kids doesn’t have to be with pom poms and paint. The next few ideas are less crafts, and more creations. Children will love the variety of working with food to create beautiful treats.

Mix and decorate by creating something special with this magical reindeer food, perfect to scatter on your lawn the night Santa comes.

This easy mason jar hot chocolate recipe makes the best DIY hot cocoa Christmas gift. Completely customizable homemade hot chocolate mix that can be made in small, single serve mason jars or in a large jar for a bunch of people.

These hot chocolate sticks are fun to make and so easy too. It’s the perfect Christmas gift that’s tasty and incredibly customizable.

Preschool Christmas Crafts – Trees

Children create their own waterless snow globe with adorable critters and trees. This is a great project for children to make that will last for years.

With just a square of paper each all the children can make a Christmas tree! Learn some basic Origami this Christmas. For more ideas of crafts you can create with just paper check out this collection of 71 Easy Paper Crafts and Activities.

This easy handprint Christmas tree craft will be one that will be treasured for years to come! This preschool Christmas craft is perfect for the classroom because you only need a few simple materials you probably already have on hand.

Kindergarten Christmas Crafts

Unique Gifts

Christmas crackers are fun to pop, but they can be expensive to buy. Create your own crackers with this DIY Christmas cracker ideas.

If you’ve got a few small gifts to give, consider creating a mini Christmas gift box. Kids can draw and decorate their box anyway they want to make a really special.

Make this fun and cute DIY Gingerbread Man Soap Bars using a gingerbread soap recipe and craft the perfect easy Christmas gift to give to your friends or family.

This easy craft only takes 10 minutes to make and will fill your whole home with gingerbread smells and holiday cheer!

It can be a paper weight or a simple decoration. Children can create these painted rock snowflakes to set out all season long.

Kids can practice their fine motor skills to cut out the reindeer facial features for this fun craft! It comes with a free printable and is a great activity for students!

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