25 Christmas STEM Activities Kids Will Love


Fizzing Christmas trees, melting candy canes, flying reindeer and so much more! Christmas is the perfect time to try a creative, hands-on activity. This collection of 25 Christmas STEM activities will keep you busy and creating all December!

STEM activities are games, challenges or projects that include a mix of science, technology, engineering and/or math. These subjects are becoming increasingly important and the skills learned from these subjects are meaningful and valuable.

These Christmas STEM activities, and STEM activities in general, increase children’s problem solving, collaborations, growth mindset, and creative thinking skills!

The STEM activities are all creative and fun ideas that you can try any time of year, but they are all special because they all follow a Christmas theme.

Challenge yourself to try out one of the Christmas STEM activities each day this month. A few of the activities require a bit of planning and prep, but many of them can be done quickly and easily with simple materials.

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Christmas STEM Activities – Science

Create a love of learning and science with this collection of Christmas STEM activities with a focus on science. Create slime, try a science experiment or get a feel for what being a scientist feels like with these activities.


How amazing does this slime look? This would even make a wonderful gift for kids. The reindeer is only one of these adorable slime ideas. Click the link to check out the Grinch and snowman.


These borax crystal ornaments will add extra sparkle to your tree. So simple to make too! Kids will love watching and checking on their ornaments as they form. Get ideas for different designs.


The classic baking soda and vinegar science experiment takes a holiday twist! Encourage children to watch, and listen, as they create a chemical reaction.


Which will melt the fastest? This edible hot chocolate STEM activity is absolutely delicious! This experiment is also a fun way to integrate STEM into your daily life during the holiday. Take time and really enjoy a cup of hot chocolate together as you experiment.


Do you have a real tree this Christmas? Try this Christmas tree science experiment! This is a fun Christmas STEM activity to do quickly over several days, or weeks during December.


A fizzing Christmas tree couldn’t be more exciting, or easy to prepare. Even for young scientists this experiment uses kitchen materials.

#7 Christmas STEM Activities – Jello Surgery

This experiment is really unique, inexpensive and easy to create. I did this STEM project with over 100 kindergarten children and they all loved it. All you need is some Jello, Christmas gems and tweezers. It’s a great way to get kids to experience a little bit of what being a surgeon would be like.


Our Christmas tree Skittles experiment for kids is a twist on the classic Skittles experiment for a fun Christmas STEM activity. Kids will love to watch the colors release.

Christmas STEM Activities – Candy Cane Science

Candy canes are a staple Christmas treat. If your house is anything like mine, we tend to end up with a lot of candy canes over the holidays. Instead of eating them all, use them for some Christmas STEM activities.


Grab a few candy canes and test how fast they dissolve. Try different water temperatures to see if it makes a difference. Kids will love to watch as their candy cane changes and seems to disappear before their eyes.


Arrange the colorful Skittles in a candy cane shape and watch as the color travel through water in this Christmas Candy Cane Skittles Science Experiment.

#11 Christmas STEM Activities – Dissolving Candy Canes

If you have several candy canes left, try testing the effects of different liquids on the candy canes. Which one dissolves fastest? Why?


This Christmas Science Experiment: Borax Crystal Ornaments article is one of our most popular holiday articles, and we understand why! It’s a way to add some hands-on fun to your holiday homeschool and, at the same time, to create holiday memories and do a science experiment!

Christmas STEM Activities – Technology

Most kids use technology every day at school and at home. Use this interest for a learning experience with these technology focused Christmas STEM activities.


Brighten your holiday STEM lessons with a Glow-in-the-Dark Salt Circuit Tree! This simple circuit project is fantastic for young STEMists.

#14 Christmas STEM Activity – Light Up Card

These DIY Light-up Christmas cards are easy and fun to make. A wonderful STEM themed Christmas activity for kids!

Christmas STEM Activities – Engineering

Encourage children to create with their hands with these engineering STEM activities. Challenge children to create a chimney for Santa and a flying reindeer.


Build a Christmas Thaumatrope with a stand this year to create a modern version of this classic optical illusion toy.


Can you engineer a chimney for Santa? Classic structure building challenges combined with a fun Christmas theme and gumdrops of course!


Build a snowman out of these fun stocking stuffers! Do they stack on their own, or do they need some support? Kids will have lots of laughs as they create!

#18 Christmas STEM Activity – Balloon Rocket

Explore physics and help Santa fly through the sky with a Santa’s sleigh balloon rocket challenge!


Build and balance the baubles on this pool noodle Christmas tree. This is a fun Stem activity for toddlers and preschoolers to try this holiday season.


Using green and red gumdrops and toothpicks, challenge your kids to take the gumdrop Christmas tree challenge and build the tallest tree they can. This is the perfect STEM activity for the holidays!


Check out Santa’s reindeer! What can you do to make him fly fast and far? Engage children with this Christmas STEM activity.

Christmas STEM Activities – Math

Math is an essential skills that all children need. If kids are engaged and excited about learning, I find that they are more likely to retain what they have learned. Make math meaningful, hands-on and Christmas themed this month with these math activities.


Make a unique Christmas tree using math and engineering skills.

#23 Christmas STEM Activities – Number Line

Kids love playing and creating with plastic blocks. Use this interest during their math lesson with this Christmas themed STEM number line.


Explore 3D shapes with this paper craft tutorial. The post includes a free printable template.


Mix a bit of art into your Christmas STEM activities with this star tessellation activity. Create shapes and patterns.

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