71 Easy Paper Crafts and Activities for Kids


My kids love doing crafts. They love hands-on activities and creating using things around the house. I always want to encourage this creativity and learning, and sometimes it is even better when I don’t have to prepare or purchase anything in order for them to create with. That’s why I created this collection of over 71 Easy Paper Crafts and Activities for Kids to try!

Arts and crafts are great, but sometimes finding the materials you need ends up being difficult or expensive. However, one thing we always have around the house is paper. Whether construction paper or even computer paper, my kids can always find paper somewhere.

So the next time you are looking for something to keep your kids busy and creating, search through the list below, or let your kids take a look at the paper crafts and activities and have them choose ideas that look interesting to them.

Whether it is a quick and easy free printable escape room, a paper STEM challenge or an adorable animal paper crafts for kids, simply get some paper and you’re ready to go.

I have tried to include paper crafts and activities that don’t require a lot of prep and also include a variety for kids of all ages to be able to choose from. All of the ideas require paper, but some also need a few simple household materials such as glue, tape or scissors.

paper crafts and activities shows a collage of paper crafts.

Paper Crafts and Activities

This collection is also ideal for teachers and educators. Creating crafts and doing activities with large groups of children can get really expensive. However, I know from experience that paper crafts and activities are always a great addition to any classroom.

Scroll through the activities or search through with your kids to find something fun and exciting to try today! If you want to keep it really simple, check out these free coloring pages that kids are sure to love: Free Coloring Pages.

paper crafts and activities shows a pinterest pin collage.

Paper Crafts for Kids + Activities

This is one of my favorite activities! Escape rooms are very popular right now, but they can also get expensive and complicated to create. However, this free printable escape room can be printed, prepared and set up very quickly so that you can play today!

Other then the paper print outs, you don’t need any other materials!

Whether your kid is just a preschooler or a teenager, this cute caterpillar racing activity will entertain your whole family, guaranteed.

We’ve all made paper airplanes before, but did you know there is a trick to make a fast paper airplane?

This would have been my dream activity when I was little. Color, create and play with these paper doll coloring pages. The free pages make a perfect paper craft and activity for kids.

As a teacher I love finding paper crafts and activities that require simple materials, are hands-on and educational. This Pangaea puzzle is a fun engaging paper activity for kids of all ages.

These colorful paper spinners are super easy to make and a lot of fun to play with.

I always love using this paper craft and activity in my classroom and with small groups of children, especially at the beginning of the year. It is a great opportunity for children to work and create together as they make something beautiful.

Outdoor Paper Crafts and Activities

This would be a great summer activity! Using just construction paper children can see the effects of the sun as it fades the paper. You also end up with a neat piece of art.

This symmetry trick is a very simple idea, but it takes a lot of understanding and spatial perception in order to solve. Sometimes the simplest tricks lead to the biggest learning.

Take the learning outside with a simple scavenger hunt. It’s an easy paper activity. Print the “Let’s Listen to the Sounds of Nature” scavenger hunt sheet and head outside.

Keep kids busy and happy with a collection of activity sheets. The sheets are free and offer a variety of activities.

Spend some time outside with a free printable backyard scavenger hunt. Create a paper dice and start searching.

Are you in search of activities to increase physical activity at home but short on supplies? There are plenty of ways to get active indoors only using a piece of paper!

Printable pages can be an easy activity for kids. I’m not sure printables and paper activities totally count in this collection, however, any chance I can add reading, books and fun educational pages to an activity collection, I like to.

I Spy books are great for kids, or try Space I Spy printables for little ones, like the one below.

How cool is this? Using just a sheet of paper you can create a really interesting puzzle. The steps to creating the paper puzzle are really clear and it’s a great hands-on activity.

Printable Scavenger Hunts

Print and play an indoor scavenger hunt. This is a great option for even young children because of the simple, kid friendly pictures.

I love games and activities that I can quickly print and my kids can play. Try a Wild Animal matching game. Print the free pages filled with adorable, colorful pictures and kids can practice their memory skills.

Paper Puppets – Paper Crafts and Activities

Quirky paper finger puppets – make these bird puppets using scraps of paper and felt tip pens. So cute and easy. This is a great paper craft and activity.

There are a lot of educational benefits to puppets. This paper craft and activity is a simple idea using old magazines or pictures to create puppets for children to then play with.

Paper STEM Activities

STEM activities are activities that include Science Technology Engineering and/or Math skills. The more of these skills that are used together, the better.

Follow the steps to create a proper paper airplane and test it out with this STEM challenge activity. All you need is a sheet of paper!

Kids love to create and they love to make things fly. Combine both of these interests with this paper helicopter STEM activity for kids.

STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) activities are great to build problem solving and critical thinking skills. Try this STEM challenge using just a sheet of paper.

All you need is paper, and a bit of tape for this Simple Paper STEM Activity. Challenge children to create a structure that can hold a weight.

paper STEM activity shows a tower with wooden blocks on top of a paper tower.

Try a similar challenge to the one above, but with only an index card. This is an activity that I am adding to my list of lessons to try with my class!

If you could create a roller coaster, what would it look like? Design the roller coaster of your dreams using only construction paper, and a little glue.

Have some fun creating a simple origami frog and then challenging children to see how far and where their frog can hop.

Have you ever created a mobius strip? If you haven’t, you may have seen one before. It is an interesting twisting of paper that is mind stimulating and puzzling, but also looks really cool. All you need is a sheet of paper.

Printable STEM Paper Crafts and Activities

Take your activities outside with a straw rocket STEM challenge. Although you can use a straw for this paper activity challenge as the rocket launcher, you can also simply roll a piece of paper to create a straw. It works either way!

Tangram puzzles are a fun way for children to learn about shapes and math. A free printable page is available for you to print and cut and have your own set of tangram pieces.

It’s really amazing all of the different pictures you can make from only 7 different shapes.

Keep working on STEM skills with this paper chain STEM challenge. Free printable available.

Use construction paper to create a bridge. What shape and structure works best? You can even extend the idea by testing the strength of the bridge with pennies or other small weights.

Handprint Paper Crafts for Kids

How cute is this? This would make an adorable card or gift because it includes your child’s handprint.

Easy Kid Paper Crafts

If you have a dinosaur fan, they’ll love this paper craft. Turn your little ones handprints into a dino with this stegosaurus handprint craft.

Grab your hand and a sheet of paper for this collection of handprint crafts for kids!

Paper Crafts for Kids

This is a great sensory activity to do with kids. Use old used paper, and instead of throwing it out, rip it apart and add some water to create sheets of paper.

It is a really simple idea and a great opportunity for children to see, and learn a bit about how paper is made.

Making paper stars is an easy activity that you can use in a variety of crafts or decorations. This step by step tutorial shows exactly how to fold paper stars. You and your kids will have fun making dozens of stars.

Help your children build their imagination with this cute paper house craft project for kids. Here’s how to make it!

Once you know how to make a paper straw wreath you’ll be making them for every season and holiday! They’re easy and inexpensive to make using many items you have around your home already. You can even roll each straw out of paper to create your wreath.

Learn and build 3D shapes and sculptures using only paper, and a little glue or tape, to create beautiful creations. Let children create and build furniture and structures.

Math + Art Paper Crafts for Kids

Provide some structure to your paper crafts and art by providing children with cut out shapes. Using only the shapes, kids create images by thinking outside the box what each shape can be.

Don’t throw out your old scrap paper. Create beautiful collages. You will be surprised with how amazing these works of art can turn out using only paper!

Create a folded paper bracelet with these step by step, easy to follow instructions.

This paper craft is almost magical when you open it up. Kids create their own design and then start cutting one picture. As they open it the rest of the pictures appear.

This is such a simple idea, but the end result is beautiful. This paper craft is an easy way for children to create simple, colorful art by playing around with different pieces of a rainbow to create art. There is even an adorable video to help visualize the steps.

This book of printables is just so good for parents who need some fun ideas, teachers, and teens who could follow directions. Free printables available.

Space Paper Craft

With a few circular cuts, children can create a whole solar system using just construction paper. This simple craft creates a beautiful picture to post on the wall.

Children can create flowers of any combination and color with this easy spring flowers collage art project.

This easy paper craft is great for summer, fall, or when learning about the letter c! Especially teachers or educators with limited craft supplies, all you need is paper!

This preschool rain craft sneaks in some fine motor work and hand strengthening with a hole punch, plus it looks super cute when you add photos of your kids holding an umbrella. You can make paper clouds instead of using the cotton balls.

Blow a small fan on these monsters to keep them moving and twirling. These are a great idea for Halloween or even a child’s birthday party.

Use any type of paper to make your own paper bows. They are a great way to decorate gifts with. You can even recycle magazines and comics.

Kids will have fun creating pictures with paper shapes. This is a simple process art activity for preschoolers that engages fine motor skills and creativity.

Pop Up Sun Paper Craft for Kids

What could be better to create in the summer then a bright summer sun! This is such an easy paper craft for kids to make and it looks great when it is done.

Fold, trim and open – make this clever little strawberry box quickly and easily.

Although this paper craft is ideal for Valentine’s Day, hearts are an easy shape for kids to play around with and create beautiful art with.

Fun little baskets that you can decorate for different seasons. All you need is some paper, scissors and a stapler. Adorable.

An easy-to-make plumeria flower paper craft with a free template. These flowers are perfect for decorations, card making and just plain fun for kids and adults.

This 3D ocean paper craft is a colorful and creative way to explore art using only colored pieces of paper to create an under the sea scene that really comes alive!

I remember making these pattern place mats when I was a kid! The example is for Christmas, but you can use any assortment of paper and colors for any time of year. A rainbow would be great for spring!

Paper Bracelet Craft

A paper towel roll, or toilet paper roll for this easy bracelet craft. It’s amazing what you can create from the simplest materials.

Who knew how much you could make with just circular dots! Challenge children to create a picture using only circles or different colors and sizes.

This enchanting paper doll is based on the beloved fairy tale Cinderella. This paper doll craft is the perfect activity for your young princess fan.

Teachers, or homeschooling educators, this is a great paper craft to add to your program. Whether your kids are learning about Ancient Civilizations or Ancient Egypt they’ll have fun making this Ancient Egyptian collar craft.

Use old paper instead of throwing it out for these recycled paper crafts. They are very solid when dry and the sensory process of creating them are as fun as the final product.

Adorable Animal Paper Crafts for Kids

Make your favorite color cat using just paper! This easy Cat Origami tutorial will show you how.

This is a super paper chick that kids will just love! Construction paper is all you need (googly eyes not necessary)! You can just draw them in!

This is more then just a paper bird craft. Once designed and put together it is not only 3D, it also rocks and moves back and forth!

These whale puppets are lots of fun! They’re easy to make with the printable template which comes in 9 fun colors and a black and white version that can be colored in too. 

Whether children are learning about the letter E, love elephants or just want to make an adorable 3D craft, this 3D paper elephant craft is an easy choice.

These owl hats are a real hoot! They’re so easy to make and are lots of fun. The printable template comes in a range of colors and black and white which you can decorate yourself too.

Printable Animal Paper Crafts and Activities

This simple rabbit puppet craft is perfect for spring, Easter, or when learning about the letters R (rabbit) or B (bunny).

Try an adorable koala craft that’s more then just a cute bear. This paper craft is also a bookmark.

Create a shark that looks 3D and swimming through water! I know several kids who would find the end result of this craft really fun.

Paper Crafts and Activities – Paper Mache

If you love the idea of using paper to create something beautiful, try creating with paper mache. All you need are strips of paper, flour and water. Paper mache is a classic art activity that creates beautiful, strong and unique pieces of art.

Check out the collection of 17 paper mache ideas or the original paper mache project with easy, step by step instructions to create your own paper mache.

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