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Art Project for Kids – Friendship Wheel


I love teaching art! I have been using this art project for kids for many years, with many grade levels.  I continue to use it because it creates a beautiful piece of art and children always enjoy doing it. 

I typically use this for an art project in the classroom, however, it also creates a beautiful piece of art for families to create together.

I usually use this art project at the beginning of the year in one of our first art classes.  I use a large roll of drawing paper and tape two pieces together to give me a large sheet.  I then cut it into a circle and fold it so that I have 8 sections.  Depending on grade level, you could make the sections bigger for older grades and smaller for younger children.

art project for kids

I then give students crayons, markers and pencil crayons to being to draw.  I encourage them to fill their section with pictures that tell their group about them.  Children draw their favorite foods, sports equipment, hobbies and even animals.  They also need to include their name. 

The twist on this art project for kids is the added challenge of connecting their drawings to the person beside them.  Therefore, if their elbow partner has drawn a soccer ball and the other half went onto their section, they had to keep the shape of the drawing, but turn it into something that told about them – such as a watermelon.

If children are spread out and not seated together, each child creating their slice of the circle and then it being put together once all slices are completed also looks beautiful.

art project for kids

My favouite thing about this project is the conversations that happen when children are drawing.  They talk about what they are drawing and tell stories to their group members about their pictures. 

This is why I love to do this project at the beginning of the year.  Children not only have to work together to make their final project, but they learn about each other when doing it.  

I also love the fact that this art project for kids requires materials that are usually available at school or home or at least inexpensive to buy.

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