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At the beginning of every year in kindergarten we always talk about being bucket fillers and doing great things to make others feel good – and in turn feeling great themselves.  Since I like to make lesson hands-on, I decided to use a large bucket and some ball pit balls.  I decorated the bucket with paint, just to make it more fun.  I like to use this activity to encourage students to be leaders and make good decisions in class.  This activity is great for the first day of school because it serves as a good reminder of the behaviour expectations throughout the year.

how full is your bucket

Sitting in a circle each child is given 1-2 balls.  Children are encouraged to think of a few ideas of how they can be bucket fillers.  What can they do to make someones first day of school better or easier?  What can they do to make someone smile?  How can they fill someones bucket?  I love to hear the ideas that children come up with.  I only ask for volunteers for this activity, since it is the first day of school and I try not to put anyone on the spot.  However, if they volunteer they stand and get the chance to throw their ball into the bucket.  It makes the activity more interactive and I have found that children are more likely to volunteer because they want to be able to throw a ball in class!

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