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Back to School 1st Grade Math Review Pack

  • First Weeks of Grade 1 Math Review
  • Variety of Kid Friendly, Engaging Worksheets
  • Can be Used for Summer Review for Children Going into Grade 1



The first week of school is busy and can be overwhelming. Allow children, and yourself, time to settle in and focus on routines, expectations and getting to know each other. This back to school math booklet allows for a calm, positive start by reviewing key concepts covered in kindergarten with simple yet meaningful worksheets.

Booklet reviews core concepts from kindergarten and touches on skills taught in 1st grade math in a simple and kid friendly format.

Pages are created with young children in mind. Pages are engaging and allow children to feel successful as they work through the pages.

The variety of topics covered also gives educators a basic idea of areas of strengths and needs within the classroom based on how easily children are able to complete the different pages. It also gives parents an idea of concepts being covered throughout the year when the booklet is sent home.

Booklet can also be used as a summer packet for children entering 1st grade. Booklet is not overwhelming for parents and allows for 1-2 pages a week over the summer. Answers are also included to support parents at home.

Concepts/Pages Included:

Feelings Towards Math – Social Emotional Learning

Name Math – Numeration

Family Members + Height – Measurement

Counting – Identify Amount – Numeration

Find the Missing Number – Algebra

Ten Frames – Numeration

Find the Shape – Geometry

Coloring – Find the Number – Numeration

Sorting – Find the One that Doesn’t Belong – Patterning

Creating with 2D Shapes – Geometry

Subtraction (Basic Introduction) – How Many are left? – Numeration

Graphing – Data

Money – Identifying Coins – Financial Literacy

Create a Path – Coding

“Math Star” Booklet Completion Certificate


+All Pages in black and white with American Spelling and Coins

+All Pages with Canadian Spelling and Coins

+All Pages with Canadian Spelling and Coins in Black and White


+There are 2 Booklet Cover Pages Included – One if the booklet is being used as a summer package to review key concepts, the other cover can be used if the booklet is being used for the first week (or two) of school. All of the worksheets are the same because they focus on key concepts from kindergarten and touch on skills as children move into 1st grade.


+Answer Pages for All Pages


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