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Fun Math Games for Kids Junior Number BINGO


I love teaching math! I am always trying to find fun math games for the children that I teach and my own kids at home. The other day I brought out an old BINGO game, and my kids were excited to try it out.

However, it ended up being too challenging for the kids because the numbers go higher than the numbers they are familiar with. It ended up being pretty frustrating for them. So, I created a really simple Junior Number BINGO intended for young kids.

The numbers on the cards are only from 1-20 and there are only nine numbers on each card. The cards are also a very simple design. We tried out this junior Number BINGO game and it was a success!

Number BINGO is a great way for children to have fun as they work on recognizing their numbers in preschool and kindergarten.

It also works well in primary classes as a fun number review.

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Materials for Number Bingo

The great thing about this junior BINGO game is that you can use materials that you already have. All you need are:

  • Number Bingo Cards (Link to FREE cards at bottom of this post.)
  • Number Bingo Calling Cards (Included in FREE cards at bottom of this post)
  • Counters (Mini erasers, stampers, or coins etc.)

You can simply print and quickly cut out the number cards. Since I was planning on using the cards many times and hopefully in future years, I added colored paper to the back of each of the cards and then laminated them.

The bonus to laminating the cards is also that children can use write and wipe markers to cross out the numbers when they are called.

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I often use the colored backgrounds as a way to quickly get children into groups if needed.  For example, you can have the red group work together or have the blue group work with an adult for extra support as needed.

There are 26 number cards in the set that are each different and 20 calling cards with the numbers 1-20 on them to use to call the numbers.

Fun Math Games – How to Play

Start by handing out a card to each child as well as come counters. I gave each child a container of mini erasers.

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For games like this, I often bring out my mini erasers. Children are always really excited to use the mini erasers that I have started collecting.  My kids love these erasers!  They love playing with them and it makes any game more fun when they are used.

Lay the smaller calling cards with the numbers 1-20 face down. Once children have their card and counters ready, choose one of the calling cards and flip it over.

Say the number aloud to the children. Children then look at their number card. If they have the number that was called, they place one of their counters over the number.

Depending on the age of the children playing, you can simply call the number and children have to then know what that number looks like on their card.

If you are working with younger children, you can also show the card so that they can recognize the number and look for a match on their card.

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How to Win

The first child to have all of the numbers on their card called they call “Number Bingo” and win the round!  You can add to the challenge by having children read their numbers on their winning card aloud.

Check that the numbers they call are all numbers on your calling cards that are face up.

Sometimes I will let winners select a mini eraser to take home.  You don’t have to do a prize for the winner, but it can add to the excitement.

If you don’t want to have a specific winner, you can keep calling the number until everyone has a full card.

This game is very simple, but it is age appropriate for younger children. They can have some fun and be engaged as they practice their numbers.

Since there are only 20 numbers used on the cards, it is possible that more than one person fills their card at a time. It’s great if two children win at once! You can check cards in the same way.

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Extension Ideas for More Fun Math Games

You can use the number cards in many ways. If you are working on a patterning unit, you could challenge children to create a pattern with their counters/mini erasers as their numbers are called.

You can also add to the challenge, depending how many children are playing, by giving them two cards at once to check.

I like the fact that this game could also be played independently.  A child can simply pick a number card, or two, and match lay the calling cards face down. They can then choose a calling card by flipping it over and looking for the number on their number card(s).

The game could also be used as a quick and easy math center in a classroom.

Fun math games

The game is great practice for number recognition.  But you could also use it by having children recognize numbers in different ways.

You could draw a calling card, but instead of saying the number on it, you could draw the number on the board, or a sheet of paper in a different way. Try showing the number in tally marks. Can children recognize the number from the tally marks and then find the number on their card?

You could draw the number in a ten frame, or simply as dots. Can children recognize the number in this way? You can show the number in various ways based on whatever you are teaching at the time.

The game can also be used with older groups. Instead of calling a number between 1 and 20, you could say an addition or subtraction question and children have to solve the problem and then look for the answer on their number card. For example, call 5+8, and children must look for 13 on their card.

FREE Number Cards and Calling Cards

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