9 Fun Escape Room Puzzles


Can you solve all of the puzzles to escape the room in under an hour? My kids were so excited about this new escape room! The puzzles are creative, and kid friendly. The materials are all things that you probably have on hand at home and the room is easy to set up.

My kids love escape rooms because they are exciting, challenging and fun! I love escape rooms because they require problem solving and perseverance to complete the escape room puzzles.

If you are thinking about creating an escape room, pick clues that are interesting to you, and you think the children doing the escape room would enjoy, and work with the materials that you have.

Escape rooms are great for birthday parties, classrooms and even just for fun to keep kids busy, and learning, at home.

I used a bedroom for this escape room, but the puzzles/clues could be used in any room of your home. If you don’t have a few of the materials, you could always use something different that you have on hand, or you can skip a clue or two.

This room is recommended for kids ages 4-12 and will take anywhere between 20-60 minutes to complete.

Make sure to always supervise children when doing escape rooms.  Use puzzles that are age appropriate, safe and placed in a location that is safe for the children doing the escape room. 

Escape Room Puzzles

As soon as you enter the room, the first puzzle you notice is a color clue on the desk. Red, yellow and then blue. You glance around the room looking for this color combination and notice the balloons.

Although there are many colors, the red, yellow and blue are significant.

Upon entering, you would have noticed a bunch of colourful balloons on the closet door. (I gave my children a push pin as they entered the room. It makes it easier to pop the balloons, but use caution with young children.)

Now that you have the clue, you know what you need to do!

escape room

You pop them in the correct order and discover a number in each of them.

Keeping the numbers in the correct order you look around the room to find where the numbers could be used.

escape room
If you wanted to make the room more difficult or involve more learning, you could put a math question in each balloon and the answer would give a number for the lock. This also makes the room more challenging for older kids.

Escape Room Puzzle Lock Clue

You notice a number lock on a bag hanging from the door. Your next escape room puzzle! You quickly put the number combination into the lock and it opens!

escape room
To make it more challenging for older children, you could put a second item inside the bag. It would not actually be a clue, but it would make children wonder and have to figure out if there is any significance to the other item.

The bag is empty except for a picture. The picture is in black and white, but shows the words “Pull Here”. You recognize the picture from a piece of art hanging in the room.

By matching the photograph to the picture and feeling along the top of the art you find the “Pull Here” tab. You pull until a small magnet comes up from behind the art. Your next puzzle!

escape room

Now that you have a magnet, you look around to find somewhere to use the magnet. You remember the jar with the water on the table.

Upon further inspection, you notice that there is a key in the water!

Water Clue – Tips

I colored the water with a bit of blue food coloring so that the key would not be immediately apparent. This clue was sitting on a table in the room and was visible as soon as you entered.

I labeled it “No Shaking” to avoid a mess. The water was added to help avoid attempts at shaking the container to get the key out.

I cut a small rectangular hole in the top of the container that would allow the key to be removed, but only with the magnet.

escape room

Using the magnet, you easily drag the key up to the rectangular hole and slide it out.

escape room
This was my kids favourite part of the escape room! If you don’t have a jar that you can cut, a glass filled with water would also work. As long as there are instructions to not tip the cup or drip any of the water, the only way to get the key out of the bottom would be with the magnet.

You now have a key, so you look around the room for where you need to use it.

escape room

A lock! Scissors! You quickly use your key to successfully open the scissors and look for something you need to cut.

After searching the room fully, you find a box under the bed with tape covering it and the words “Cut here” across the top.

Finally you have found your prize! Carefully, with the scissors, you begin cutting the tape that has secured your prize inside the box!

Prize Box Ideas

Your options are endless for what you can put into the box. For parties, it could be goodie bags, in a classroom it could be a class prize such as an extra recess or a small treat. For us, it was a special movie night and treat.

Escape rooms are a great way to beat boredom at home and offer your kids a new learning experience. If you are looking for more puzzles, visit my other escape rooms below for more ideas or clues you could incorporate.

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Looking for more printables for your escape room? I made up some printable pages to make it easier and faster for you to set up an escape room in your home or classroom. They include a welcome note, initial clue(s), certificate and more!

For more escape room ideas, or to add a few extra puzzles to an escape room that you have created, below are over 40 escape room ideas to try out!

Escape Room printables make it easier and faster for you to set up an escape room at your home or classroom and include a welcome note, initial clue(s) and certificate.

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