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The timer is set!  You have to solve all of the clues to be able to claim your prize!  I was excited after I did an escape room at a building in my area that I guess I talked about it a lot at home; so much so that my kids really wanted to try one out.  I decided to make up a DIY escape room for kids! 

I planned this escape room for just before my kids summer break as kind of a kick off!  However, escape rooms, like this, can be used for birthday parties, team building or just for fun on a quiet Saturday afternoon!

Every time I plan an escape room I try to use materials that I already have. Especially if you are doing the room at home, you can keep it simple.

The clues from this escape room for kids, are fairly inexpensive and easy to get your hands on. However, if there is a clue that doesn’t work for you, don’t worry about leaving it out. Just make sure that each clue leads to the next and your kids will have a blast.

Although I did this at home, it could easily be done in a classroom with a small group of students. 

I have plans in the future to try this escape room for kids in my own classroom because there is also a lot of learning that happens as kids solve the room.

Escape Room for Kids – Welcome

To introduce the room, I printed a “Welcome to Your Escape Room” poster. (Printables available through Hands-On Teaching Ideas – Link at bottom.)

escape room for kids
Make setting up your room easier with printables available through Hands-On Teaching Ideas (My Shop). Link at bottom.

I like using the poster on the door because I could close the door as I set up, and my kids were excited to read what the room was all about. The printables also include a certificate for when kids complete the room.

Make sure to always supervise children when doing escape rooms.  Use puzzles that are age appropriate, safe and placed in a location that is safe for the children doing the escape room. 

escape room for kids
A simple laptop or electronic device is a great way to give a clue.

The Escape Room for Kids

When you first enter the room there is a bin on the bed, but it’s locked with a bike lock and none of the contents are visible.  I played spooky music in the background and one of the first things that you notice is a laptop turned on with a note typed on it.

escape room for kids
“The Clue” and other variations of wording are available. Link at bottom.

Looking around the room you see a balloon, some tape and dots on the floor, but no suggestion as to what they are for.  So, using the clue on the laptop, suggesting to “burst your bubble”, you pop the balloon. 

escape room for kids
You can use a helium balloon, or simply tape the balloon to the wall (like I did).

The balloon contains both a key and what appears to be a blank piece of paper. 

escape room for kids

You search the room for something with a lock – you find a locked treasure chest under the bed. Using the key, inside you find a pen.  An invisible ink pen.

(It had a lid that shines, like a small flashlight, and the light reveals anything written with the pen.)

escape room for kids
Investing in a few locks and keys is a great idea in order to create many different escape rooms.
Mine were inexpensive and I have been able to use them many times for many escape rooms.
escape room for kids

Escape Room for Kids Glow Clue

Shining the light, the words on the note from the balloon refer to a favorite book and it leads you to the book shelf where you search for a book about forests. 

(I used an old book that we had 2 copies of and cut a piece from it to hold a key).

escape room for kids

The key is perfectly concealed until you find the correct book. Upon opening the book you find a key which leads to another search for another lock! 

You look around the room again and check the window – a small locked box – inside there are 3 numbers. 

Quickly try the bin on the bed that you saw when you first walked in, thinking you’ve solved all of the clues, but it doesn’t work. 

escape room for kids

You notice the lock on the closet doors – it works!  Inside, a Code-A-Pillar is looking out at you. 

You wonder if the “Start” in blue tape on the floor is connected to this clue and suddenly the dots make a bit of sense.

escape room for kids

Escape Room Ideas – Coding Puzzle

The Code-A-Pillar is programmed to move in a set path, so you set it on ‘start’ and let it go!  You’ll notice that it’s running over certain letters, and not others.

If you don’t have a Code-A-Pillar you can simply skip this clue or add a different clue in it’s place. Or you could purchase one. My kids got endless hours of play out of them and I used them frequently in my classroom to teach coding. Do what works for you.

escape room for kids

The letters that it runs over spell out “M U S I C”.  You search the room – the guitar!  It doesn’t seem to have a clue immediately, but then you notice the string dropped down into the hole.

escape room for kids

Pulling it up, you discover another set of numbers.  You try the lock on the bin that’s on the bed again… it opens! 

escape room for kids

Water balloons!  Chocolate! Chalk! Tie dye!  It’s going to be an awesome summer!

Escape Room Ideas

This escape room for kids was really interesting to watch my own kids work to solve. I had them do it independently and they each solved it in different ways using different strategies, but both of my kids solved it without much help.

It was so easy to set it up using things around our house. I did buy the locks, but I will definitely be using them again – I’ve already planned our next escape room for kids!

Free Escape Room Completion Certificates

A fun addition to our escape rooms have been certificates after completing the room. Kids love recognition and it is a fun keepsake of their adventure. Free certificates are available – link below.

Materials to Create Your DIY Escape Game

For your convenience, below is everything you need to create the above escape room. (Except the laptop, book clue and final prize.)

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Escape room printables make it easier and faster for you to set up an escape room at your home or classroom and include a welcome note, initial clue(s) and certificate and more!

Print and Go Escape Rooms for Kids

If you are looking for a low prep escape room that you can do today, I have created print and go escape rooms. Print the pages, hide in specific locations around your house and your game is ready! No need to purchase any special materials.

Escape Room for Kids Whole House

More DIY Escape Rooms and Activities for Kids

If you are looking to add or substitute a clue or two from an escape room, I’ve got you covered! Below is a list of over 40 escape room puzzle ideas. Pick and choose what works for you and use puzzles created with materials you have on hand.

I have also added some of my most popular activities for kids.

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