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Bucket Drumming for Kids

Bucket Drumming for Kids


What kid doesn’t love drumming? I haven’t taught a lot of music over the years, but I really enjoyed teaching it this year.  Young children love learning songs and having the opportunity to play with instruments.  I remember my own children banging on pots and pans and loving every minute of it.

At school, I always enjoyed watching older students bucket drumming and I figured that the kindergarten students would love the opportunity to try!  I was right!

bucket drumming

We experimented with these large 5 gallon buckets.  Some of the older grades use them as part of their music class, and graciously let me borrow them to use with our kindergarten classes.  I had students start by just exploring the sounds and getting used to holding the sticks.  We then did some repeat after me beats. 

I like bringing out my portable speaker and playing some music for students to follow along to.  Even simple songs, like ‘B-I-N-G-O” gave students a signal as to when to bang their drum.  It was noisy, but a lot of fun.  As usual, I was so proud, but not surprised by what they were able to do and how great our songs sounded!

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