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We recorded a real music song!  This activity was really easy, but a lot of fun!  I like to introduce students to various instruments in our children’s music program.  We choose a favourite song that we enjoy listening to as a class, but any song will work.  I brought the song up on YouTube and students watched the video and we sang the song together.

childrens music

I then handed out instruments so that there was a small group of children with the same instruments.  We then sang the song together while it played in the background and one by one the groups played the instrument when it was their turn.  (We used a song, with various animals, such as a bee, so the sand blocks played during the bee part etc.)  Any song will work!  While student’s sang and played, I recorded the sound as a video on my phone.  When the song was done, I played it back over a portable speaker for them to listen to the song they created!

It was almost magical to students when they heard themselves over the speaker.  There was a lot of “That’s me!”  and “I can hear my instrument”.  They were so excited that they had created a song and were immediately able to hear it.  The use of technology for this lesson also helped students understand how songs and videos that they watch and listen to are created.  It was a very rewarding lesson.

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