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Gym Games for Kindergarten

Gym Games for Kindergarten


I had the opportunity to teach gym to one of my kindergarten classes this year.  I am a firm believer in introducing kids to a variety of games and sports even at a young age.  We played basketball, floor hockey, soccer, to name a few.  The difference that I always saw from the first class, where equipment and basic skills were introduced, to the final class, the amount of growth is always amazing. 

I never underestimate what a child can do – given the opportunity.  Beyond these sports, it is kindergarten gym and there are some games that will remain favourites – like Octopus and What Time is it Mr. Wolf? and there is always time for these!  This is one of the gym games for kindergarten that I used with a class that was exploring an inquiry on sharks.

The game was very simple, but the kids loved it.  The hula hoops were all islands and the gym floor was water, but in the water there are sharks!  Two students were ”it” (sharks) and they had to catch anyone not on an island. 

Students could only be on an island for 5 seconds before they had to move.  If they got caught, they became a shark!  Kids love tag games and this one worked well because it tied into their inquiry.  Playing suspenseful music over my speaker helped too!

If you try this gym game with kindergarten, remind students to jump into the hoops vs. stepping on the hula hoop.  They really slide on gym floors!

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