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You have one hour to escape. Can you do it? Escape rooms are exciting for all ages, but can sometimes be too challenging for children. If you’re looking for an escape room created specifically for children, this Free Printable Escape Room for Kids is a great challenge, made with kids in mind.

Sometimes I like to create unique and complicated hands-on puzzles. Other times I like simple games with quick and easy set up, like this free printable escape room game below!

The puzzles vary in difficulty, but children will feel successful as they complete the clues. If you have never done an escape room at home before check out another Free Printable Escape Room which follows the same structure as the one below.

Escape room games are great for developing problem solving skills, critical thinking, team work and perseverance in kids. In the game below, children will also work on math questions and will need to follow directions carefully.

free printable escape room for kids shows a Pinterest image.

If you have young children looking to try an escape room, check out the Free Printable Escape Room for Young Children. The puzzles in this game were created for kindergarten and primary school aged children. Try all of these free games for the ultimate experience.

If you’re looking to create another escape room adventure, with hands-on puzzles, check out the popular collection of 40+ Escape Room Ideas.

As with all activities with children, make sure to place the puzzles in safe locations and supervise players while they work on the escape room.

Escape Room Materials

This is a great escape room to use if you’ve never done an escape room for your kids before. It is easy to set up and you don’t need any additional materials. Simply print, cut to prepare a few puzzles, set the clues around the house and you’re ready to play!

You will need scissors to cut and prepare a few of the puzzles and two small baggies to put the small puzzle pieces in. If you don’t have baggies, you can attach the small pieces with a paper clip. You can also include pencil and paper for players to work out solutions on.

I provided players with a calculator and you may need to provide access to a cell phone or computer for players to search for a few trivia type answers. Kids love being able to access these devices during the game and it adds a fun element to the puzzles.

free printable escape room for kids shows a a page with screenshots of each of the free puzzles.

To start, print each of the pages. You can print as many copies of the completion certificate as you need. Prepare the puzzles and then follow the instructions below to set up your room.

The puzzles are available for free and all of the instructions and solutions are included below. However, if you like to have a printable copy that includes the instructions and solutions, there is a resource that you can purchase that includes everything. Click the link at the bottom of this page.

Adding music and decorations around the house can add a lot of engagement and excitement for players!

Puzzle Hiding Locations

The game is created to be played around the house. You can turn any home into an escape room!

free printable escape room for kids shows a Pinterest image.

The locations of each of the puzzles are places common in most homes or locations. You can choose where exactly to place the printed puzzles. If you want to make the game more challenging, you can hide the clues in each spot versus leaving it in a visible location. The locations for the puzzles are:

  • Laundry (Room or Basket)
  • Ice (Freezer)
  • Door (To Outside)
  • Sofa
  • Bed
  • Bath

Free Printable Escape Room for Kids – Welcome

To start the room, players begin with a welcome letter.

The welcome letter is printed and either given directly to players, or it can be set somewhere for players to find. You can get creative with this as well. For other escape room games, I have put this welcome letter in an envelop and put in our mailbox for kids to open and start their game. It’s up to you how you want to start the adventure!

Players will find the puzzle and begin solving!

escape room game shows a door image with keys set all around the page.

After reading the words on the page, the puzzle tells players to “Start at the star” so everyone looks around for a star.

At the bottom of the page, there is a small purple star. From here players notice letters in the stones creating the frame of the door. Cross out every other letter in the arch.

free printable escape room for kids shows a child with a pencil solving a puzzle.

The letters that are not crossed out, leave the following clue: “Check the laundry”.

free printable escape room for kids shows a escape room puzzle solution.

Players race to where laundry is found in your home.

Free Printable Escape Room – Shape Clue

The second clue includes two pages. The first page has six shapes that you need to cut out to prepare. Place these shapes into a baggie and include it with the puzzle page. Place this puzzle in or around the laundry.

If you have a group playing, you can hide the puzzle somewhere harder, such as the bottom of the laundry basket. If your players are young, or you have a small group, set the puzzle on top of the laundry so players find it right away.

free printable escape room for kids shows a laundry bin with an escape room puzzle in it.

Once players find the clue and remove the shapes, they match each piece to the grid on the page.

free printable escape room for kids shows a shows a bag with cut out escape room pieces and a printed page.

Once all shapes have been properly matched, you are left with some letters uncovered. Together these letters spell out the location of the next puzzle.

printable game for kids shows a child solving a puzzle with shapes and it looks like a word search.

The uncovered letters tell players to, “Check where ice is kept”. Players race to the ice in their home. This can be a freezer on the fridge, or maybe a cooler filled with ice for a celebration.

Don’t worry if players have to check a few locations before finding the correct spot. That’s part of the game. Trial and error are part of the learning and problem solving.

Players may also notice a small image of a rectangle and three circles at the bottom of the page. This is for a later clue, and it is great if children are observant and notice this already in the game.

escape game shows the solution to a puzzle game.

Escape Room for Kids – Matching Strips

The next puzzle requires you cut the pieces into strips. The clue is written in cursive writing which may be difficult for some children to read; however, if you have older children playing as well, they should be able to help.

escape room game shows eight strips of paper fanned out.

Stack the strips and connect them with a paper clip, or something else to keep the pieces together. Place strips where ice is stored.

mystery game for kids shows a bunch of strips of paper in a freezer with ice.

Match the eight strips until the words are lined up and the clue is reveled. Use the picture of the lock and key to help match the strips up and then read each of the words.

free printable escape room for kids shows a puzzle with strips of paper set together that reads "you can stand on either side and be inside or out. check around the handle to discover what your next clue is all about."

The puzzle reads, “You can stand on either side and be inside or out. Check around the handle to discover what your next clue is all about.” Race to check all doors that lead outside!

Printable Escape Room Ideas – Math Code

The next clue has two pages. One page includes eight squares that need to be cut out and put in a baggie to include along with the main page. This clue is put on or near a door that leads outside. Ideally, this clue is placed near the handle. I used a magnet to attach it to the outside of the door.

free printable escape room for kids shows a math escape room puzzle with numbers on squares in a baggie.

Players find the puzzle and remove the pieces and start solving!

You can choose to give players access to a calculator for this puzzle, but if you are wanting the game to take longer, or be more challenging, simply provide a pencil and paper.

free printable escape room for kids shows a shows a math puzzle on a door.

The clue tells players that they needs to, “Match the pictures and place the numbers to make the equation correct.Quickly put the images of the doors on the matching pictures on the page. Next, rearrange the numbers to form a math equation to equal 7. You will have to try different numbers and combinations to make it true!

math puzzle shows a child solving a clue.

Once the numbers are placed on the board in an order that makes the equation correct, the little letters in the corner of each square reads, “Check sofa”.

free printable escape room for kids shows a math puzzle solution.

Players race to check around the sofa to find the next clue!

Free Printable Escape Room for Kids – Questions

Somewhere hidden in the sofa is the next clue. For this clue, you may need to provide players with access to a computer/cell phone. Most of the questions are general knowledge, but if players don’t know the answer, searching online adds a fun element to the game.

puzzle game for kids shows a puzzle printed and hidden behind pillows on a sofa.

Once players find the questions page, they will also notice another letter/number code page. Provide a pencil and paper to help players work out the calculations for the problem as well.

Once you find the puzzle pages, there is a collection of twelve questions. Start answering each of the questions and record the number answer below the question. Check online for any answers no one in your group knows the solution to.

free printable escape room for kids shows two printed escape room puzzles and a sheet of paper and pencil to solve.

Once each question is answered, players read the instructions at the bottom of the page. Once each instruction is followed, and specific answers are crossed out, then players are left with three numbers, 150, 26, 88. These numbers are then added together to get the final number, 264.

breakout room game shows a question page for kids to solve and numbers and answers crossed out for the solution.

With this number, 264, players match each digit to the number/letter code on the other page. The 2=b, 6=e and 4=d. This gives players the location of the next puzzle- BED. Players race to find the next clue in or around a bed.

free printable escape room shows a number/letter code where each number is matched with a letter.

Printable Escape Game – Morse Code

Under a pillow, or under the bed, players find their final puzzle. It is a Morse Code clue.

free printable escape room for kids shows a puzzle under a pillow.

There is a message around the outside of the clue to look back on the previous puzzles. The small image at the bottom of the previous clues are now brought back to solve this final puzzle. Grab the pages that have already been solved and match the image to a letter in Morse Code.

free printable escape room for kids shows a shows a bunch of morse code pages and a medieval looking door with morse code patterns.

The four codes on the old puzzles are matched to get the letters, BATH. If players match the code in the order they solved the puzzles then the word will be spelled out for them. However, players may have to unscramble the letters to solve the puzzle.

puzzle for kids shows a puzzle solution that says BATH.

Free Printable Escape Room for Kids – Prize

Players race to a bath tub, or shower for their final prize! You can choose what to include with this prize. Completion certificates are included in the free printable escape room for kids, but you can include a small treat or gift. If you are using the game for a party, you can even include treat bags in this final location.

free printable escape room for kids shows a treasure box in a bathtub.

Print as many copies of the completion certificate you need for each player. I placed these certificates in a treasure box along with a small prize and set it all in the bathtub.

I hope your kids loved this free printable escape room for kids. It’s an easy way to get kids thinking, working together and spending time screen free!

Completion Certificate

The completion certificate is a great memory for kids. I include a certificate with each escape room which has lead to a wonderful collection for my kids. They love to see how quickly they were able to solve each room.

If you enjoyed this escape room, make sure to check out my other escape room printables and DIY escape room ideas.

escape room certificate shows a child holding the paper.

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