Spring Sensory Bath for Kids


This is a great, and easy way to make a bath fun for kids.  This bath could be used for spring time, a special holiday, just for fun on the weekend.  I often add a few drops of food colouring to a bath for my kids. 

When I do it seems to immediately become a special bath.  It makes for a special time for little ones and creates wonderful memories. All you need is baking soda, food colouring, and plastic egg shells – and anything else that would fit a spring theme. 


My little ones helped me mix baking soda and food colouring together. A little food colouring will go a long way! Once the mix is a bit crunchy it is ready.

Next, squish the mix into one of the plastic eggs.  My kids loved to watch the egg fizz as they put it into the water. 

Since each of the eggs had different coloured baking soda inside, it ended up being a great experiment on mixing colours in the water as well!


With one egg filled with yellow baking soda and another egg with blue, it was exciting to watch them come together in the water and mix to make green. 

I added the window stickers on the bath walls and some eggs floating in the bath to add to the theme. It was exciting for my kids to see the bath and they couldn’t wait to get in.

The final, and favourite, part of the bath was the ‘paint’. I only used what I had on hand, so the paint is made with baking soda and mixed with food colouring.

I added some water to the mix as well to make it closer to the consistency of paint. Little ones can paint and create as they are in their spring bath. (Test on your bath surfaces first to make sure that the colouring does not stain).


This spring bath was really easy to create and my little ones had so much fun. It added to a special day and was a great activity at home. For more hands-on activities for kids check out below.

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