Free Spring Scavenger Hunt for Kids


Spring has sprung! There are so many beautiful things about spring. It’s a great time to get outside and enjoy all that the season has to offer. Spring, however, also brings lots of rainy days. Plan a fun spring activity inside with this Free Spring Scavenger Hunt for Kids.

Print the riddles and hide them around virtually any home for the ultimate spring themed hunt!

Scavenger hunts are a great way to encourage team work and critical thinking. When players read the riddles, they have to figure out a location the riddle is directing them to. This spring scavenger hunt is great for small groups or to play as a family.

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Setting Up Your Spring Scavenger Hunt


Setting up your free spring scavenger hunt is fast and easy! Simply print the clues, cut each page in half and place them in the locations indicated around the house.

The only materials you need are the riddles, and any small treat or prize that you want to give players when they complete the scavenger hunt. There are completion certificates included if you want to use the certificate as the prize.

spring scavenger hunt shows a page with all of the printable riddles for a scavenger hunt.


The locations you need to hide the clues include:

  • A Comb or Brush
  • Vacuum
  • Corner of Largest Room
  • Salt + Pepper Shaker
  • Shampoo
  • Television
  • Clock
spring scavenger hunt shows a riddle with a word on the bottom circled telling where to put the clue.

On the bottom corner, upside down, on each card, there is a location listed. It is not the answer to the riddle. Instead, this is the place you need to set the specific clue. It is there to make setting up the game easier so you know where each riddle needs to be placed.

If you have a large group of children doing the scavenger hunt, or older children, you can make the game more challenging by hiding the clues at each location. For young children simply place the page in the location so that it is visible when they look. You can choose to make it harder for older kids by not placing the clue to be visible when players first check each spot.

Spring Scavenger Hunt Clue #1

The scavenger hunt starts by you giving players their first clue. You can also place the clue on a table for players to find and start their hunt. Another idea if you want to make your hunt extra special, is to put the first clue in a mailbox. Have children find, and open the riddle inside an envelope and let your hunt begin in this extra memorable way.

The first clue reads:

Spring has sprung, and your Spring Scavenger Hunt has just begun.

Follow the clues through your home, first check where you would leave a comb.

spring activity for kids shows a printed riddle and two flowers and a few gems.

Spring Scavenger Hunt Clue #2

Players rush to where a comb, or brush is stored in your home. There they find the second clue:

The snow has melted and the grass is green,

You move this over carpets to get them clean.

spring scavenger hunt shows a riddle page and a comb laid on top.

Free Scavenger Hunt Clue #3

The vacuum! Off to the closet to check the vacuum. Here you find the third clue:

The weather outside is getting warmer,

Go to the biggest room and check each corner.

spring scavenger hunt shows a riddle rolled up and placed on a vacuum.

Spring Activity for Kids

Hopefully in your home there is one room, or space that is obviously the largest. This is where the scavenger hunt becomes a lot of fun because players may have different ideas what they think the answer is.

One player may run to a bedroom that they believe is the biggest, and then other players may want to check the basement because it’s a large open area. It’s okay if their first guess is not the right answer. When they do find the clue, they’ll be excited. Place the clue in any corner of the largest room. The clue reads:

Spring is a wonderful time for a picnic,

Check the salt and  pepper shakers really quick.

spring scavenger hunt shows a printed riddle in a corner with a clay rabbit on top.

Spring Scavenger Hunt Clue #5

Wherever you store your salt and pepper shakers, place the fifth clue:

Daisies, roses and morning dew,

Go to the place you’ll find shampoo.

spring scavenger hunt shows a printed clue and a salt and pepper shaker.

Indoor Spring Activity

You can place this clue with any bottle of shampoo. It can be a bottle stored under a counter or a bottle in the shower. It’s up to you and depends how hard you want to make it for players. When players find the bottle of shampoo you intended, they will find clue #6.

Hop like a bunny, fly like a bee,

Find your next clue where you watch t.v.

game for kids shows a shampoo bottle and a riddle on a page beside it.

Spring Scavenger Hunt #7

Place the seventh clue in a safe place near the television. The seventh clue reads:

April showers bring May flowers,

Look for your next clue where hands move to show the minutes and hours.

scavenger hunt for kids shows a printed clue beside a television.

This clue is another clue that may lead players to search around the house. The riddle directs players to check around a clock. Since you likely have several clocks in your home, players may have to search before finding the clock you hid the next riddle with.

Scavenger Hunt #8

Once players find the clock with the clue, this final clue reads:

Lambs, bunnies and butterflies all around,

Check inside an umbrella or beside it on the ground.

treasure hunt for kids shows a printed riddle taped below a clock.

Completion Certificate

The final part of the free spring scavenger hunt is placed with an umbrella. Inside, or beside the umbrella you can place the completion certificate, or you can include a small prize or treat.

Once players successfully find the umbrella, they have completed their scavenger hunt!

spring scavenger hunt shows a riddle inside a clear umbrella.

Spring Scavenger Hunt Certificate

You can print as many copies of the completion certificate you need. You can print one for each child, or put several names onto one card. Place the certificates in the final location – the umbrella.

Happy Spring!

spring scavenger hunt shows two completion certificates.

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