Free Printable Earth Day Scavenger Hunt Riddles (Outdoor)


Every day is Earth Day! Whether you’re looking for an activity to do with kids on Earth Day, or something to celebrate the earth, any day, this free printable Earth Day scavenger hunt is a great way to learn about the earth in a fun, and memorable way.

This printable scavenger hunt can be printed and set up in minutes around your house, school or virtually any location. There are specific items and locations that the clues need to be placed, but you don’t need any special materials for this activity

I tried this activity at home with my own kids, and look forward to using it again at school with my class to celebrate Earth Day. The riddles are a great way to get thinking about the earth and ways that we can help protect and celebrate it.

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Free Printable Earth Day Activity

There are eight printable riddles and a completion certificate for your Earth Day scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunts are a great way to get kids outside and moving around as they problem solve and work as a team. For more scavenger hunt ideas, check out 35 Scavenger Hunts for Kids and another collection of 37 Free Printable Scavenger Hunts.

Start by printing the riddles and cutting each page in half. (Each page includes two riddles.)

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Keep in mind, with all scavenger hunts, players may interpret the riddles differently than you expect. That’s okay and it’s part of the fun. Players may read the riddle and race to the spot they think the clue is leading them, only to find the next clue is not there. Encourage players to reread the riddle and think about other options for where their next clue may be.

Scavenger Hunt Locations

The riddle cards are all placed outside in different locations. If some of the items listed below are located in your house, that’s okay too. Wherever you think players will check in your home/school is where you should place the next clue. The locations are:

  • Flowers
  • Tallest Tree
  • Something Red
  • Recycling
  • Gate
  • Fountain/Hose
  • Somewhere to Play
  • Bicycle

Each riddle has a location printed (upside down) on the page. This is where the card needs to be hidden. It’s not the cards solution. This is to help make set up easier and faster. Simply place each riddle in the location it says.

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Place each riddle in each location and you’re ready to start your Earth Day scavenger hunt!

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt Clue #1

Each riddle provides a little fun fact or tip for taking care of the earth. Read each clue aloud to players and then have them discuss where they think the riddle is leading them next, and then move to that location together.

Place the first riddle somewhere visible in the room, or simply give it to players to read. It says:

Happy Earth Day!

Everyone can care for our beautiful planet. You don’t have to have superpowers.

Think about what you can do to help as you check around the flowers.

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Earth Day Riddle #2

Players will race to where flowers grow. Once they find the flowers, they will find the second clue:

Plant something and watch it grow. It’s good for animals and creates fresh air and breeze!

With roots deep and branches high, search the tallest trees.

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Scavenger Hunt for Young Kids #3

Outside, children look around for the tallest tree within the boundaries of your game. Once they find the tallest, they search around for their next clue. The third clue reads:

Spend time outside, conserve energy and think green!

Look around for something red. This is where your next clue can be seen.

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Riddle #4

This clue can be a bit tricky. Depending where you do your hunt, there may be several things that are red in the area. You can either let players search different red things until they find their clue, or place something, like a blanket, that stands out, for players to find the next riddle quickly.

Recycle what you can, and a garbage is the place for litter!

 Check where you recycle. It keeps the planet clean and helps all the critters!

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Earth Day Clue #5

Whether your recycling is inside or out, players race to the recycling bin that they use. Once there they will find the fifth clue.

Covered in land, water and home to so many, it’s our planet, let’s celebrate.

You will find your next clue as you walk along the fence, or gate.

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Scavenger Hunt Clue #6

Players walk along a fence or gate, where they will come across the sixth clue:

Fresh air and clean water are things the earth can provide.

Check around a fountain or hose, and remember we need these things to survive.

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Riddle #7

The seventh clue can be placed around a hose, or even a water fountain if you do this Earth Day scavenger hunt at school. With this clue, like the fourth clue, there may be several possible solutions to this riddle.

It’s up to you what water source you put the clue with. As with all of the clues, make sure to place them in a safe and secure location and supervise at all times. Once players find the correct hose or fountain, they’ll find the seventh clue, which reads:

Every day is Earth Day!

Enjoy the fresh air and check for your next riddle somewhere you would play.

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Free Printable Scavenger Hunt

A playground, a basketball net, or simply a box of toys. Place your final riddle somewhere the players play. Players may have to search play equipment for this clue. The final riddle reads:

Try other options beyond driving a car.

Remember, reduce, reuse, recycle!

Your next clue can be found where you would store a bicycle.

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Completion Certificate

The final riddle guides players to the place bikes are stored. It may be a bike rack or their own bike in the garage. Wherever bikes are found, place the completion certificate. With the certificate, you can print as many copies as you need. You can also place a small treat or prize for players to find and celebrate completing the Earth Day scavenger hunt.

outdoor activity for kids shows a riddle on a bike.

Once the hunt is completed, it’s a great opportunity to talk about the different riddles and all of the information included about Earth Day. What can the children do to help the earth? What do they already do?

completion certificate shows a printable earth day certificate.

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