37 Best Free Printable Scavenger Hunt Ideas


Every time I do a scavenger hunt at school with my students, they are always excited and engaged during the activity. I love scavenger hunts that are quick and easy to set up, and it’s even better when they’re free! I’ve complied this collection of 37 Best Free Printable Scavenger Hunt Ideas so you can easily find a hunt for the theme, season or activity you want.

Scavenger hunts don’t all follow the same structure. Sometimes they are a simple checklist of items for kids to find, and record. Other times, they may be riddles for children to solve and go on an adventure to find the next clue. Scavenger hunts can even accompany hands-on activities where children have to search for certain things, like a game of I spy.

As a teacher, I love all of the learning opportunities scavenger hunts provide. For some hunts, children work together and develop teamwork skills. While solving the riddles or searching for things, children are working on their observation and problem solving skills.

If you’re looking for even more scavenger hunts, and ideas beyond just printables, check out my collection of 35 Scavenger Hunts for Kids.

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School Scavenger Hunt Ideas

If you’re a teacher, or educator, you’re going to love this collection. One of my favorite things to do at school is to take my students on an adventure. These scavenger hunt ideas get kids up and moving and exploring around the classroom, or even around the school.

These are great activities to print and have on hand for a rainy day.

The first hunt is a Free School Scavenger Hunt can be printed and set up in minutes. The clues are each placed in common places around the school. It is a great activity especially at the beginning of the year for children to explore the school and the different locations.

Another printable scavenger hunt that can be done throughout the school is a free dinosaur themed hunt. Print the clues and explore as children learn a little bit about dinosaurs and their history.

Around Thanksgiving, try out this scavenger hunt in the classroom. Print the themed clues and have children explore!

If you have class parties for celebrations, like Halloween, add this free classroom Halloween scavenger hunt to your activity list. Try as a class, or in small groups and add a small treat or prize at the end.

Celebrate the end of the school year with a scavenger hunt throughout the school. It’s a great way to fill the last few days before summer break with learning and fun.

Scavenger Hunt Ideas – Celebrations

I love celebrating! Kids do too! Add to the fun of these common celebrations with a scavenger hunt. Many of the featured hunts below can be hidden around your home. They’re a great, and easy way to extend the excitement of the holiday.

On Valentine’s Day hide these rhyming riddles around your home and send children on an adventure as they solve the riddles and find their way to the end!

St. Patrick’s Day is fun for kids to think about leprechauns and gold coins! Let kids celebrate with a printable St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt. You can add some treats, or coins at the end for kids to find.

If you’re celebrating with family or only one child, they’ll love this Easter scavenger hunt. There is even a free certificate for players at the end.

Earth Day everyday! Celebrate Earth Day outside with this scavenger hunt game. Read the riddles, and learn a little bit about our planet earth, and go on an adventure around your home, or school, and find and solve all of the riddles.

Take Dad on a scavenger hunt around the house to celebrate Father’s Day. Check out this Free Fathers Day Scavenger Hunt.

Halloween Scavenger Hunts

Kids are always excited when Halloween is around the corner. Add a scavenger hunt to the fun with this free printable game. Hide the clues around the house and challenge children to solve each riddle.

Grab some fun printable Halloween Scavenger Hunt clues for your kids this fall! It’s a great activity for all ages.

I love this scavenger hunt idea for Thanksgiving, especially if you have several children that can work on it as a game together. Print the clues and hide them around the house. It’s an easy way to keep kids entertained as dinner is being prepared.

There are so many special events around the holidays. Create a new tradition by adding a scavenger hunt to your celebration. You can even make the prize at the end a special treat or special movie together.

Free Printable Seasonal Scavenger Hunts

Watching the changing seasons is always fun for kids. They notice things around them as they change and each season brings something new. Celebrate the seasons with the collection below of themed scavenger hunt ideas.

Snowflakes, cozy days and winter boots, this scavenger hunt has it all. Go on a hunt around your house with this winter scavenger hunt.

Spring brings flowers and warmer days. It also brings rain! Print this free scavenger hunt and have it ready to play inside on a rainy day. The clues are all themed for spring!

There are so many types of pumpkins in fall! Go on a scavenger hunt for a variety of adorable pumpkins this fall. This is a great activity for young children wanting to join the scavenger hunt fun!

Get outdoors with this Spring Nature Scavenger Hunt for kids! Kids will love looking for the signs of spring!

Outdoor Scavenger Hunts

Spending time outside is always a great idea. Nature offers so much to look at and find. Scavenger hunts are a great way to encourage children to really focus on what they see in nature. Nature is beautiful and when you slow down and look closely we see even more.

I love doing this ‘Animals in Winter’ scavenger hunt every year at school. Place a picture or stuffed toy for each of the animals in a habitat that resembles where you would find the animal in winter. Take children on a hunt to find each animal and learn a little bit about their winter behavior.

Find different facts and tips for caring for the earth with this Earth Day scavenger hunt.

Have fun at the beach with this free beach scavenger hunt printable for kids

Have you tried a night scavenger hunt? Get your kids excited about science with this free printable activity and explore all that the night has to offer.

Head out to your backyard to explore what all may be living or found there. This is a great scavenger hunt idea for young children.

Nature Scavenger Hunts

This outdoor scavenger hunt not only encourages children to search for things in nature, it also includes some math and numbers. Each of the items that children look for also include a number that they need to find that many of the item, such as five pebbles.

Practice creative photography skills with this fun nature-themed photo scavenger hunt.

Get into nature and have fun with this Leaf shape scavenger hunt!

The colorful photos and variety of items in this garden scavenger hunt is sure to get lots of attention. Print and head outside for this activity.

Kids will love hunting for items on a scavenger hunt list and this super mega huge free printable scavenger hunt will keep them busy outside for ages!

Free Escape Room Scavenger Hunt Games

Escape rooms are really popular right now and although they are not typical scavenger hunts, I’ve included them because these free printable games follow the same structure as many of the scavenger hunts above. I think if your kids love scavenger hunts then they will love these scavenger hunt escape room games.

If you’ve wanted to try an escape room, this free printable is a great, and easy place to start. Print, prepare and hide the clues. Children work to solve each riddle and then race to the next location!

If you have young children wanting to try some puzzles and a scavenger hunt escape room type game, the puzzles in this free escape room game for young kids is a great option. The clues are simpler and created with young people in mind.

Early Years Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Learning through hands-on play and exploration is one of the best ways to learn. Scavenger hunts are a great way to get kids excited about learning. The scavenger hunt ideas below will take children beyond the walls of the classroom as they do their hunts and make learning meaningful.

Identifying shapes is an essential skill. Go on a hunt to find these shapes in the real world. As children find them, they can create a tally for all the shapes they see!

Similar to the shape hunt, try an alphabet hunt. There are signs and words all over our world, so you can simply print the alphabet hunt sheet and start looking for each letter. Or you can place letter stickers around the school, home, or virtually any location, for children to find.

This frozen treasure hunt is a little bit different than other hunts listed above, but it is always a fun activity for kids and the same skills are being developed. Freeze a bag with a collection of random items inside. Children use water and eye droppers to find and remove a checklist of objects.

Learn about the human body with this fun 5 senses scavenger hunt printable and find things around your home that delight all of your senses.

Go on a walk through your neighborhood and see how sharp your sense of hearing is with this free listening scavenger hunt.

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

This Gratitude Scavenger Hunt is perfect for kids and adults to enjoy finding and being thankful for the little things.

This back-to-school scavenger hunt is a fun addition to the activities at the beginning of the school year. It can be used as an icebreaker activity to help students get to know other students and familiarize them with their new classroom.

This color scavenger hunt is so much fun! It comes with a color viewer, too! You can use this outside in nature or inside on a rainy day.

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