Free Fathers Day Scavenger Hunt


Father’s Day is a great day to celebrate Dad. Make the day memorable with this Free Fathers Day Scavenger Hunt. The riddles can be printed and quickly set up around the house for a fun adventure for kids and Dad.

Print the puzzles and set them in specific locations around the house. When doing the hunt, children can help Dad solve the puzzles and move from riddle to riddle.

The scavenger hunt is a fun and easy way to add something special for everyone to do together on Father’s Day. The scavenger hunt is filled with lots of fun Father’s Day themes and ideas.

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As with all activities with children, make sure to place all of the riddles in a safe location and supervise while doing the hunt.

Free Fathers Day Scavenger Hunt Materials

All you need for this scavenger hunt are the printable riddles and specific (common) locations throughout your house.

Free Fathers Day Scavenger Hunt shows all of the printable pages.

There are two riddles on each page that can be cut in half.

You can either hide the clues and let kids and Dad work together, or let kids in on the fun of setting up and have Dad solve the riddles for the scavenger hunt. It’s up to you how you want your hunt to run.

On the bottom of each riddle, upside down, the location for that riddle to be placed is printed. This is also the solution to the previous riddle. This is to help make set up easier. Place the page where the word says on the page.

The final riddle takes players around to the kitchen table. Here you can set a prize, treats or World’s Best Dad printable.

Free Fathers Day Scavenger Hunt Clue #1

The first riddle can be given to Dad or set somewhere for him to find. The riddle says:

Happy Father’s Day

Solve riddles together and go on an adventure around your home with Dad.

Take him first where he stores his clothes, from pants and ties to shirts covered in plaid.

Free Fathers Day Scavenger Hunt shows a riddle sitting on a hardwood floor.

Players will quickly run to Dad’s closet and search for a clue. If you have several children, or older children doing the hunt, or you simply want to make it more challenging for Dad, you can hide the clue in each location. For example in a pocket in a plaid shirt, versus setting it somewhere visible as soon as you enter the closet.

Fathers Day Game

Free Fathers Day Scavenger Hunt shows a clue inside a plaid shirt pocket.

Once players find the second clue in the closet, they will read it to continue their adventure. The second clue says:

Fathers Day Scavenger Hunt Clue #3

The third clue can be placed in a toolbox or simply near where tools are stored. It’s up to you the exact location. For many of the clues there may be several possible places for kids to look. It’s okay if they don’t find the riddle on their first try.

The third clue says:

Football, soccer and hockey to name just three!

Dads love sports, so check where he watches them on T.V.

free scavenger hunt shows a riddle for Dads and a screwdriver sitting on top.

Family Scavenger Hunt Clue #4

Somewhere near the television or couch the next clue will be found.

This riddle says:

fathers day game for families shows a riddle about Dad being good at BBQs and to look in the fridge for the next clue.

Free Fathers Day Scavenger Hunt Clue #5

Dad’s are often the best at barbequing! The next clue can be found with some of the food for a BBQ! Check the fridge for the next clue.

free fathers day scavenger hunt clue set in the fridge.

You can hide the clue anywhere in the fridge. It can be obvious as soon as the fridge is opened, or you can hide it behind something to make it harder to find. Once the next clue is found, it says:

Free Printable Riddles

Head to the bath, or shower for the next riddle.

free fathers day scavenger hunt shows a riddle on a bath tap.

The clue tells players to check where lots of toys are stored in your house.

Printable Scavenger Hunt

The scavenger hunt is getting close to the end.

free treasure hunt shows a large slinky in front of a printable riddle.

Once players find this clue among all of the toys, the next clue reads:

Free Fathers Day Scavenger Hunt Clue #8

The final riddle is found where you lay down to rest. Somewhere around where Dad sleeps you will find the last clue.

fathers day activity printable shows a riddle on a bed comforter.

This final riddle tells plays to check for their prize around where they eat. To the kitchen!

Completion Certificate + Award for Dad

family game shows a rolled up piece of paper set on a chair by a kitchen table.

You can place a treat or gift along with the completion certificate and award for Dad around where you eat. This may be a kitchen table, or somewhere else in your house that you typically eat.

completion certificate for Dad.

Once Dad finds the certificate you have completed the Free Fathers Day Scavenger Hunt!

Free Scavenger Hunt Riddles

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