Free End of the Year Scavenger Hunt


The last few days of school are filled with excitement every year. Kids, and educators are looking forward to summer and all the fun that summer break brings. Make the most of these final days with this Free End of the Year Scavenger Hunt.

Take the fun of learning beyond your classroom walls and head on an adventure throughout your school. Kids will love getting up and moving as they problem solve riddles together that take them to different locations throughout the school.

Simply print and set up this scavenger hunt in minutes around your school in common locations. You don’t need any extra materials!

I’m offering this scavenger hunt for free as a thank you to all educators who work hard to fill each day with learning, fun and memories. Add this game to your list as you prepare your final days of school.

I will be using this Free End of School Scavenger Hunt with my kindergarten class next month, but you can use it for virtually any grade. The riddles are simple, but kids of all ages will love the adventure it brings.

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Free End of the Year Scavenger Hunt

By the last weeks or month of school, things are winding down and adding fun, interactive games and activities are a great way to help keep kids engaged. My students have enjoyed scavenger hunts throughout the year so creating one to celebrate the summer break was a fun way to finish the year.

My favorite type of scavenger hunt is one that can be set up quickly, during a recess period ideally, and no extra materials are needed. This free end of the year scavenger hunt is a perfect fit.

Once you print the riddles, there are locations around the school that each riddle needs to be placed. The locations are:

  • Classroom
  • Main School Entrance
  • Cafeteria (Or wherever students eat lunch)
  • Music Room
  • Hallway Outside Classroom
  • Custodian
  • Outdoor Field
  • Bus Pick Up Spot

If there is a location above that you don’t have at your school, you can suggest possible alternate locations for students, such as where students exit at the end of the day to be driven home versus the bus pick up spot. You can also skip one of the riddles if needed, and simply use the clue following instead.

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Last Days of School Scavenger Hunt Set Up

Once you have printed all of the riddles, set them in each location. The location for each clue is printed (upside down) on the bottom of the riddle. The location on the bottom is where the clue goes, not the solution to the riddle printed on it. This helps make set up easier.

free end of school scavenger hunt shows a riddle and an arrow pointing to where the riddle needs to be placed.

The final clue leads back to your classroom and you can place a prize or treat for your class. Alternatively, you can print copies of the completion certificate for each student.

Ideally you can do the hunt as a whole class and move through your school solving clues. You can add to the challenge of each scavenger hunt by hiding the clues. However, if your group is young or your group is small, you can set the clues in a visible spot in each location.

Last Day of School Scavenger Hunt Clue #1

The first clue can be given to children to read and begin their scavenger hunt. It can be posted on a board for children to read and get excited about the hunt! The first clue says:

As the school year comes to an end,

Travel throughout your school with friends.

Solve each riddle for this scavenger hunt,

Start by checking the school’s main entrance at the front.

last day of school shows a riddle with a pencil and calculator beside it.

Free End of the Year Scavenger Hunt Clue #2

As a group head to the front entrance of your school. On the main doors, the next riddle is posted:

The tests are over and it’s time to put away your pencils and notebooks,

The cafeteria, or where you eat lunch is where you next need to look.

end of school scavenger hunt shows a riddle printable on a door.

Free End of the Year Scavenger Hunt Clue #3

The third clue you can place anywhere in your school cafeteria. However, if you don’t have a cafeteria, you can place it wherever your students eat their lunch. The clue reads:

Say goodbye, for now, to friends and your teachers,

Check the music room where songs and performances have been featured.

free scavenger hunt shows a riddle and a red and green apple.

Last Day of School Clue #4

As you head to the music room, you will then find the next riddle. To make it easy, you can place it on the door, however, to make it more challenging, you can place it somewhere in the room that children have to search for.

One thing to consider is if other classes may be learning as you come by during your scavenger hunt. If you have the option and work closely with your school’s music teacher, plan ahead and aim to get to this part of the free end of school scavenger hunt when the room is available for your class to explore and look for the riddle. The riddle says:

Clean out your desks and take it all,

Take home shoes and jackets as you check your classroom hall.

end of school scavenger hunt shows musical bells and printable riddle.

End of The School Year Game #5

After the music room, children race back to the hallway outside their classroom. Somewhere in the hallway, they will find their next riddle.

As you finish the year and get your report card,

Find, and thank, your custodian because you’ve both worked so hard!

end of school scavenger hunt shows a printed riddle on a wall.

Free End of the Year Scavenger Hunt #6

Students can make someone’s day with this next riddle! Take a minute and thank your custodian for all of their work throughout the year. If this isn’t an option the next riddle can be taped to the custodian’s door.

Otherwise, give your custodian a heads up and give them the next clue, then your students have to find their custodian to thank them, and then they can give your class their next clue.

The sixth clue says:

Head outside to a field where you laugh and play.

Remember all the great recess memories outside, even on your last day.

end of school scavenger hunt shows a printed riddle set on a broom.

Last Day of School Scavenger Hunt #7

The seventh clue can be placed anywhere outside that your class spends time when outside. It can be on a playground or field.

This clue can be really challenging for children to find, but if you have a full class searching, it is a fun chance for them to run and search. If your field is huge, you can attach the riddle to a large sheet of paper, or even a balloon to make it more visible.

Whether you’re staying close to home this summer, or heading on vacation,

Check where children meet to get a ride home, it’s like your school’s bus station.

treasure hunt at school shows a printable riddle and sports equipment.

End of School Game #8

If you have buses that pick your students up at the end of the day, place this clue where children line up.

If your school doesn’t have buses at the end of the day, you can focus on the part of the riddle that says, “Check where children meet to get a ride home.” Take your class to wherever students line up to leave at the end of the day. Here they will find their eighth clue:

It’s time for summer break and in a few days you’ll be done.

Head back to where you started, the fun has just begun.

around the school game for kids shows a riddle and two wheels.

Free End of the Year Scavenger Hunt Certificate

Upon reading the last riddle, children are told to go back to where their scavenger hunt started. This final location is wherever you gave your class their first riddle, such as your classroom.

You can try a few things for this final clue. If you have a teaching partner who teaches beside your classroom, ask them to go into your room, while you are doing the scavenger hunt, and place a large treasure chest full of freezies (or another treat) in your classroom. When you come back into the classroom, after completing the hunt, the treat and completion certificates are there.

summer break shows a completion certificate and freezies.

Another option is to place the treasure chest somewhere slightly hidden in the room before you leave on your hunt. When children come back and search the room, they will find their treat by searching.

You can print as many copies of the completion certificate as you want or use one for the whole class.

end of school scavenger hunt shows a completion certificate.

Once children find this final prize and certificate, the hunt is done. You can give students a treat, or you can lead it into your next activity, such as a collection of bubble wands for young students for outdoor time! Whatever you choose, I hope that you create great memories with your class on your last day of your school year.

summer break shows five bubble wands and a printable riddle.

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