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I love spring. I love seeing the changes in nature and feeling the heat from the sun. We look forward to celebrations like Easter and spring break. With spring in the air, I created a spring escape room that can be played inside, outside, or both!

I did the escape room outside for Easter because we ended up with a beautiful day and it made the escape room feel different from other ones we have done inside. All of the puzzles are printable and fairly quick and easy to set up.

Another great thing about these spring escape room is that there are elements of it that are hands on and require players to run around and search. They’re cute clues that all have a spring theme.

The escape room can be used for Easter or spring. (Please note that the game is non-religious.)

The game is also a great way to give children a gift or treat for Easter, or just for fun, because the puzzles lead players to one final location. You can place the treat or gift in this final location for kids to find.

Escape rooms are a great way to develop problem solving and critical thinking skills. This spring escape room also works well with small groups or families.

spring escape room for kids shows a pinterest collage.

If this spring escape room inspires you to create more escape rooms, make sure to visit my collection of over 40 Escape Room Ideas and try another one for summer with the Summer Escape Room for Kids (with free printable puzzles.)

Setting Up Your Spring Escape Room

To set up your escape room, start by printing all of the puzzles. They can be printed in color or in black and white. Most of the puzzles are ready to use as soon as you print them. A few of the pages require some prep in terms of cutting parts out.

spring escape room shows a collage of printable puzzles.

Full set up instructions are included in the product. Below is a description of how to use the puzzles and play the game.

Typically the game will run for under an hour, but it depends on the age and number of players. As with all activities with children, make sure to place the puzzles in safe locations and supervise during play.

Materials for Your Easter Escape Room

You don’t need a lot of materials for the game, beyond the printable puzzles. A few things you will need are:

  • Plastic Eggs (x12)
  • Balloons
  • Sticks (to attach to flowers to put in the ground)
  • Highlighters/Pencil (For wordsearch puzzle)

Optional Materials

  • Sticker (To seal welcome letter)
  • Laminator (All puzzles can be laminated to last longer, especially if used outside).
  • Tape
  • Elastics
  • Scissors
  • Prize/Treat

Spring Escape Room Welcome Letter

To start the game, you can either give players the welcome letter, or set it somewhere in the room for players to find.

spring escape room shows a welcome letter printed.

As players enter the room they find a welcome letter. Inside a few cut out puzzles fall out of the letter. Players set them aside as they read the letter:

Below the letter is an assortment of pictures that appear to be a code of some kind.

Spring Escape Room Clue #2

The two pieces that fell out of the letter don’t seem to help to solve the picture puzzle at the bottom of the letter. Players start looking around for another clue.

They quickly notice several flowers in the grass, one of the flowers has the same pictures that players found at the bottom of the welcome letter.

spring escape room shows three flowers in the grass.

Using the two cut out puzzles that fell from the welcome letter, players match the letter P with the carrot on the flower (as shown on the cut out). Once this is matched, the rest of the pictures are now connected to a letter.

Using these pictures and letters, players solve the picture puzzle at the bottom of the welcome page.

spring escape room shows a flower with pictures around the center and a letter code on top.  The letter P and the carrot are lined up and circled.

Once each picture is matched to a letter, the code at the bottom tells players:

escape room answer shows the solution "pop the balloons".

Easter + Spring Escape Room Clue #3

Although the balloons initially looked like beautiful decorations for your spring escape room, they are actually part of the game.

Players quickly pop the balloons to get the clues inside.

escape room for kids shows two balloons and clues rolled up and secured with an elastic.
escape room clues shows a yellow and pink balloon.

You can include several balloons so that players have to figure out which balloons have clues inside, and you can simply place them on the ground around the space, or blow them up with helium for a special decoration.

Inside two balloons there are two connected clues. There is a page with rectangles cut out from a picture and another page full of random words.

Placing the pages on top of each other, only a few select words show through. Players read the clue that says: “Ask the tallest adult you’re with for your next clue”.

spring escape room shows a puzzle with a few words showing from the puzzle below.

Escape Room for Kids Clue #4

The tallest adult involved in the game holds the next clue for players. It can be in their pocket or set somewhere they only know, until it’s time to give players the clue.

spring escape room shows a child holding a rolled up puzzle.

The puzzle is a word search for players to solve. The words are all spring themed. Once all of the words have been circled, there are a few letters left that were not in any of the found words.

DIY escape room shows a word search with lots of words circled in red and the letters esgg left not highlighed.

The leftover letters are, “E, S, G and G”. Players are instructed to unscramble these four letters to make the word, EGGS.

Printable Puzzles Clue #5

Players then look around for eggs. There are lots of colorful eggs around the escape room! (Or you can hide them somewhere for players to find).

Inside the eggs are cut outs from a puzzle. Once all of the pieces are found, players work to put the puzzle together to find out where to look for their next clue.

easter escape room shows plastic eggs with puzzle pieces inside.

To make the room more challenging, or if you have a lot of players doing the spring escape room, you can include lots of eggs for players to open. Some will include puzzle pieces, others will not.

spring escape room shows a colorful egg with the words check the door for your next clue.

Once the puzzle is together, the next clue will be revealed. It says, “Check the door for your next clue.”

Easter Escape Room Clue #6

After checking around a few doors, players find the next clue rolled up in the door handle.

The door players are searching may be a door inside, a closet door, or if you are doing the escape room outside you can place the clue somewhere on a fence gate.

easter games for kids shows a printed puzzle stuck in a door handle.

The puzzle requires players to read descriptions and narrow it down to two image. There are several descriptions below the images. After reading the descriptions, players are left with the image of the nest and one of the eggs. There are coordinates below each of these images – C5 and A9.

spring escape room shows a puzzle solution.

The final clue/description below the images also tells players that, “The next clue is where you eat”.

Clue #7

Players run to check around the place they eat for their final clue, and in hopes of using the coordinates they solved from the last puzzle.

You can hide this clue inside at a kitchen table, or outside around a picnic table or anywhere players would eat.

spring escape room shows a printed puzzle for spring with an image of carrot houses and words in each square the page is divided into.

Players open the clue to discover a spring image with lots of words and locations printed all over it in sections. Using the coordinates from the last puzzle, players find that the coordinates create an X over one of the squares.

easter activity for kids shows a escape room puzzle with a grid with one square circled.

Inside this square it says, “Look where you sit!

Completion Certificate Final Treat

This final clue allows for lots of options where you place the final prize and certificate. Since you don’t want the final prize to be visible while players are doing the spring escape room, you can place it on a chair inside, if the rest of your game is done outside.

completion certificate shows a certificate on a chair.

You can also hide it under a chair or place you sit so that players don’t see it until they start looking.

spring escape room shows the certificate surrounded by Easter decorations.

You can put a treat, prize or Easter basket with the final certificate. It’s up to you how you want the escape room to end. A completion certificate is included with the product and you can print as many copies as you want.

escape room completion certificate.

Hopefully your children will enjoy the spring escape room and it leaves them with some great memories. If you’re looking for more fun this time of year, try out a FREE Easter Scavenger Hunt that can be set up around the house!

Spring Escape Room Product

For all of the printable puzzles featured in this post, and for more purchasing information, click the image below. All of the set up instructions as well as puzzle solutions are included in the file.

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