Easy Easter STEM Activity (Free Printable)


With Easter just a few days away, children are getting excited for the special holiday! It’s easy to build on this excitement with an easy Easter STEM Activity. Keep kids busy and learning with this hands-on challenge that incorporates Easter themes and materials.

Grab some plastic Easter eggs and reuse them for this activity. STEM challenges are a great opportunity for children to use simple, familiar materials in a new way. The materials are typically inexpensive and ideally things you already have on hand.

If you haven’t done a STEM challenge before, activities like this Easter STEM activity are a great place to start. These are activities that incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Math. The Easter STEM activity focuses on engineering, but ideas on how to mix in some math are included in the activity description below.

In my classroom, I always try to provide at least one STEM activity during hands-on learning. This center always ends up being very popular and I see the value in STEM learning every day. The most popular activities are the ones I share with you here.

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Easter STEM activity shows a collage of structures and it says Easter STEM challenge.

Whether you are planning for the classroom or a fun activity to do at home, I hope you find this activity a great addition to your holiday celebrations. Free printables of the activity are included. More information is available at the bottom of this post to download and print the activity cards today.

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This Easter STEM Activity can be done by children of all ages. Although young children are often thought of first for activities like this, it is incredible to see what detail and understanding older children display in their creations. Plus it’s a fun little activity to celebrate the holiday.

Easter STEM Activity Materials

For this STEM challenge you only need a few materials. If you don’t have plastic eggs, you can try another similar STEM activity with cups and large popsicle sticks.

For this Easter STEM Activity, you will need:

  • Large Popsicle Sticks (or Tongue Depressors)
  • Plastic Eggs (Separated in Half)
  • Printable Activity Cards
  • Small Bunny Figures or Small Items to Set on Structure
Easter stem activity shows a container of tongue depressors and a plate with plastic Easter eggs on it and little pink bunny figures.

We have lots of leftover plastic eggs so I love this activity as a way to reuse them over and over again.

All of the printables are available to download for free from Hands-On Teaching Ideas Free Resource Library. The printable includes four full page activity cards, two in color and two in black and white, and four smaller activity cards in both color and black and white, four to a page.

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Easter STEM challenge shows printable activity cards.

Easter STEM Activity

To prepare this activity simply provide a collection of popsicle sticks and plastic Easter eggs that have been separated in half. The more of each material you can provide the more that children can create and build. If they only have a few of each material the activity will not last as long and they may be limited when creating.

Bunny Home Challenge

There are a few options for this STEM challenge. The first challenges children to use the materials to create a structure/home for a bunny. If you have a small bunny stuffed animal, or Easter figure kids will love building a shelter around it.

You can print the activity card and attach it to the table/area the children will be working.

easter activity shows a printing activity card that says use the materials to create a shelter for a bunny.

If you don’t have a bunny, you can either have kids pretend or you could print a picture and have them use the picture as reference for how big the house/shelter needs to be.

STEM challenge for kids shows two plastic Easter egg halves with a popsicle stick across the top of them.

As children start to build, they will quickly notice that balancing the popsicle sticks can be tricky. Often the top of the plastic egg and the bottom are different heights. If children notice this they will start using only the top or bottom for each layer. Otherwise their structure will not be as stable.

Easter STEM activity shows a structure made from Easter eggs and popsicle sticks.

As children experiment, and their structure falls down several times, they will start to find strategies that work. The fact that each building will fall is all part of the process. Remind children that making mistakes and rebuilding is the whole point and where the learning happens.

STEM for kids shows a structure with three bunny figures in front.
STEM for kids shows a top view of the inside of a structure with a bunny figure inside.

Each structure will likely end up looking different. Some children may use the eggs to lean the sticks against and create something like a wall. Others may build their shelter to be long.

Easter STEM Activity – Strong Structure Challenge

Another option is to challenge children to create a structure that can hold some weight. It must be strong and stable enough to balance a few items on top without collapsing. An activity card with these instructions is included.

Easter activity shows a printing activity card that says use the materials to create a structure that can hold weight.

Children will likely build in a similar way as the previous activity, but make sure that their structure can support some weight. They will also need to plan a spot on the top of their building that the weight/item can be set.

I used small bunny figures that I had on hand and children had fun setting as many on top as they could. However, if you have something heavier to place on top then it is a quick way to tell which creation is strongest.

Easter STEM for kids shows a structure made from eggs and popsicle sticks.
Easter STEM activity for kids shows a structure made from eggs and popsicle sticks with bunnies on top.

For other STEM challenges I have also used a small basket to place on top and then added small weights or heavy toys to the basket and counted how many each structure could hold. It’s up to you and your children what you want to try.

The main goal is simply to make sure that the structure is strong and stable.

Easter STEM activity shows plastic Easter eggs and popsicle sticks and a structure.

You will be amazed by how many solutions children come up with. One of my favorite parts about STEM activities is that almost every creation is different in some way and children come up with solutions and designs that I never would have thought of! It’s amazing to see and great hands-on learning for kids of all ages.

Extension Ideas

There are lots of ways to take this Easter STEM activity further.

If you are looking to incorporate more learning and math into the activity, you can add some restrictions. For example, you can challenge children to only use twenty popsicle sticks and twenty eggs. This way children are counting as they create.

To add more math, you can also measure the structures (or homes) to see who made the tallest, or widest structure.

This STEM activity also makes a great (educational) gift for children to play and create with at home. Simply pack a bunch of eggs, popsicle sticks and one of the activity cards into a sealable plastic baggie and it makes a great kit for kids to use again and again.

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