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Spring is here! I love spring and all that the season has to offer. From the warm spring breeze and the returning sound of birds chirping to flowers blooming and new life all around, how could you not love spring? To celebrate the start of the season, I created a new Spring STEM activity for kids.

When I create new STEM activities and challenges I love to try them out in my kindergarten class with my students. The activities that are the most popular, and the kids favorites, are the ones that I then share with you because I’m confident your kids will love them too.

A STEM activity is a hands-on activity that incorporates one of more Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Math skills. The activities typically use simple materials and are largely open ended and child led.

This Spring STEM activity only requires a few materials that you may already have on hand. It’s a fun activity for children to problem solve and try different strategies in order to find a solution. It also has a fun spring theme which engages kids even more.

spring stem activity shows a pinterest pin collage of the pictures.

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Spring STEM Activity – The Challenge

For this STEM activity, the challenge is simple. Use the materials to create a path for your egg to move from the ‘Start’ to the ‘Nest’ at the other end. It cannot fall off the table, so your path must keep the egg within its boundaries, but also allow it to move to the end. You will blow the egg, either with a straw or your mouth, to move it from one end to the other. You cannot touch the egg.

It can also add to the fun and engagement if you tell children to imagine that they found an egg and they need to get it safely back into the nest, without touching it. The egg is light so they have to blow on it to gently get it back to its home/nest.

I have included free printable Spring STEM activity cards that you can print and post with the activity or send home as an activity kit. A printable to attach to the nest is also included.

Spring STEM Challenge Materials

As with any STEM activity, I encourage you to use materials that you already have. STEM activities should not be expensive and it is a great chance for kids to use familiar materials in a whole new way.

For this Spring STEM activity, you will need:

  • Play Dough
  • Popsicle Sticks (Optional)
  • Egg(s) (I’ve included some ideas below)
  • Straws (Optional)
  • Small Container
  • Printables (Link for the free printables is included at the bottom of this post.)
spring stem activity shows materials needed for the activity such as eggs, sticks and play dough.

You can do this activity without the popsicle sticks. When I did this activity with my students, I included the popsicle sticks and the kids enjoyed using them and came up with some great ideas, so I have included them here. The sticks can also help if you don’t have a huge amount of play dough to use.

For the eggs, I used white plastic eggs from a dollar store. However, you could use plastic Easter eggs or even a real egg. If you choose to use a real egg, you would need to blow out the yolk and empty the egg so that it is not as heavy.

Spring STEM Challenge Set-Up

Another great thing about STEM activities is that the prep time and set up are typically quick and easy.

On the table, either in dry erase marker or even on a piece of tape, print Start and Nest. Where the word Start is place all of the play dough you have for children to use as well as the popsicle sticks, straw(s) and an egg.

On the other end of the table, print the word Nest. To add to the challenge you can print nest at the opposite corner of where you have printed start. This way players have to change the direction of the egg and create a path that curves. Doing this makes creating a path harder, but it’s a great extra challenge.

Below the word Nest, attach a small container and the (free printable) picture of a nest. I secured the container with tape over the side of the table. I added some strips of brown paper to make it look a bit more like a nest, but this extra paper is not necessary for the challenge.

spring stem challenge shows the word nest on a table and a round container attached to the side of a table.

This is where children are trying to get their egg into. It doesn’t need to be a big nest/container, and the smaller you make your nest, the more challenging the activity becomes.

Spring STEM Activity Solutions

I always love doing STEM activities with kids because I truly enjoy seeing what they come up with to solve the challenge. There are always ideas and answers that I never would have thought it. Often there are no two solutions that are the same either.

spring stem shows an egg being blown into a container that looks like a nest.

STEM activities are a wonderful chance to give children the opportunity and freedom to be creative and show some of their unique ideas and potential. Imagine what this kind of thinking and creativity can lead to in the future!

Once you have given children the materials, and explained the challenge, the rest is up to them! A few possible solutions are included below.

spring stem activity shows a page that says egg run stem use the materials to create a path to get the egg back into the nest.  There is also a carton of eggs.

Some children used the materials to create a path with the play dough. They then tested their path by blowing their egg from the start to the nest. However, sometimes the egg went up over the play dough and off track. The group then used the popsicle sticks to create a wall to prevent the egg from going off.

This solution used a lot of play dough, but it ultimately worked and they got the egg into the nest.

spring stem activity shows three eggs in a bowl on the edge of a table with a sheet of paper that says can you get the egg into the nest?

Children had fun blowing their egg through the path and into the nest. I challenged them to get three eggs into the nest before claiming that they had found a solution. If it worked every time after three times in a row, then it was safe to say they were successful!

Other groups only used the play dough to help stand up their popsicle sticks. They created small balls to squish the sticks into to create their path.

stem activity for kids shows popsicle sticks on a table attached with play dough and an egg in the path.

Other groups simply created something like a funnel at the end near the word nest and around the edges of the table. They were confident that they could blow their egg carefully into the nest so they only blocked around the edges, just in case.

They did not create a path, but they did still find a solution to the challenge.

Spring STEM Activity Kit

If you are looking for a prize, gift or educational activity to give to children to work on at home, creating a Spring STEM Activity kit is an easy option.

Grab a large sealable bag and put the materials needed for the challenge. With the free printables, there are full size activity cards and a page with smaller activity card sheets. (Four to a page)

spring stem activity shows a bag with dough, an egg, sticks and a printed card that says egg run stem use the materials to create a path to get the egg back into the nest.

Seal up the bag and the child can do the activity at any time! The materials are also reusable so they can create and create again.

Free Printables

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