22 Best Easter STEM Activities for Kids


You’ve got the eggs, some treats and everything else you need for your Easter celebrations, but there is still lots of time to fill before the actual day. It can be challenging to keep kids entertained before the big day. Hands-on activities and play is a great way to keep kids busy, learning and engaged. That’s why I created this collection of 22 Easter STEM Activities that your kids are sure to love!

STEM activities are great any time of the year, but this Easter add some themed activities to your child’s learning and play. STEM activities are great for problem solving and critical thinking. They’re a great opportunity for children to make mistakes, learn from them and then continue to find a solution to the STEM challenge problem.

STEM activities mix some Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Math. They tend to be done largely independently and beyond gathering materials, there tends to be little set up required. When doing a STEM activity, try to use materials that you already have on hand.

The Easter STEM Activities below included a variety of challenges, creations, sensory type activities and science experiments. Many of the activities use materials that are commonly found in households around Easter. It’s a great way to use these materials to keep the fun going even after your other Easter celebrations have ended.

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Science Easter STEM Activities

With just a few simple household materials you can create these adorable flower pucks for an exciting science experiment. Hide a small treasure inside for an extra special surprise. This activity is a great experiment to create excitement about science for little ones as they make their flower ‘explode’.

A simple, and exciting twist on a baking soda and vinegar experiment for toddlers and preschoolers. Use any leftover plastic eggs for this activity that kids are sure to love!

Easter STEM Activities with Real Eggs

You can squeeze them, stand on them and even eat them! Find out some interesting facts about eggs and all of their incredible features. Kids will especially love standing on eggs! Kids learn the science behind eggs and their structure.

Eggs tend to be found everywhere around Easter. If you’ve got some extra eggs laying around, these are great experiments to learn more about eggs. An eggs shell is similar to the enamel on our teeth. Try out a few science experiments to show kids what different foods can do to their teeth as they watch what happens to the egg shell.

Reuse egg cartons and surprise little ones with a spring combination STEM + sensory activity they’ll love – discover the science that helps these egg carton ducklings float!

Explore which items sink or float, in the classic preschool experiment with an Easter twist! 

This Easter STEM Skittles experiment for kids is perfect for a little STEM exploration at home.

Have some fizzy fun with this cool reaction. This can get a little messy, but kids will have so much fun doing it! A few drops of food coloring will add a lot of excitement to this simple experiment.

Science Easter STEM Activities with Candy

Put your science hat on and test out these peeps to see which one dissolves first in this dissolving peeps science experiment, with a printable.

Peeps are yummy, but they can also be used for a very exciting experiment. Use some of your Easter treats for this edible Peeps dough.

Weather it’s leftover Easter candy or even from Halloween, reuse your candy for this science experiment. Children will get excited about science and even learn a little bit about osmosis, in a fun way!

This Easter Peeps Edible Slime is safe to make with kids of all ages since it uses basic items from your pantry.

Engineering Easter STEM Activities

Easter is a great time for STEM activities. This Easter reuse your plastic Easter eggs for your children to do some hands-on creating with this Easter STEM activity. A free printable activity card is included.

Can you get the egg back to the nest? Kids will love creating a route for an egg to safely return to its nest with this Spring STEM Activity. This is a great activity in the classroom or at home and a free printable activity card is included.

These Alexander Calder-inspired Easter sculptures are an elevated engineering + art project all in one! This is a great project for kids of all ages and even older children will love being able to create something with detail and engineering.

Using a couple of items from the dollar store, you can set up this simple Easter STEM building activity. It’s great for building fine motor skills too. Try using any extra treats or candies that you have on hand after Easter.

Add to the previous building activity by adding a Peeps treat for children to create a structure, or home for their Peep. Kids will love building structures for their Peeps for quick and easy Easter STEM challenges.

Use simple measuring and easy engineering basics to turn a shoebox into a fun (and adorable!) play bunny hutch you can use for pretend pet play!

Super simple math – explore symmetry, shapes and angles with this simple origami bunny face for Easter.

Learn about basic mechanics with this adorable moving Easter Paper Bunny craft.

Easter STEM Activities using Technology

If you are looking for an activity that uses technology for Easter, this one is for you! Older children will be challenged, and learn a lot, as they create an Easter bunny globe that lights up! Create a gorgeous Easter centerpiece that holds candy and lights up with this circuit STEM project for Easter.

This also makes a beautiful gift!

Try an escape room game this Easter. Children problem solve and think critically as they solve puzzles and find clues. There is lot so codes, literacy and even math coordinates used in the puzzles.

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