15 How to Make A Volcano Project Ideas


Children are often fascinated by volcanoes. The explosion, colors and lava can be quite something to look at and watch. There is also a lot of science and hands-on learning that can come from an interest in volcanoes. Encourage this interest in children with this collection of “15 How to Make a Volcano Project Ideas”.

Whether you are looking to learn more about the science behind volcanoes, a tried and tested volcano craft or simply a fun science experiment, the collection below has it all.

From a glowing volcano, a DIY plaster volcano to use again and again and even an activity to learn about Mount Saint Helen, you can pick and choose what you are hoping to learn about from your volcano project.

At home and in my classroom, my kids and students always love our volcano projects and experiments. It is always exciting when the volcano ‘explodes’!

Some of the activities below give you directions on how to create an explosion and the materials you need. Combine these instructions with a volcano craft and lesson and you will have a very exciting and memorable activity!

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As with all activities with children, make sure to supervise kids as you try out the 15 How to Make a Volcano Project Ideas and choose activities that are age appropriate for the children doing the activity.

If you are looking for another volcano project, that does not include a bit of science check out this Hand Print Volcano Card!

How to Make a Volcano Project Ideas

Science Experiments

Plaster Volcano Project

After using plaster cloth for another art project, my kids wanted to experiment and create a volcano using the same material. This plaster volcano turned out so well!

The plaster is also a great material to use because you can use the volcano over and over again for a explosion. The post includes an exploding science experiment using your volcano.

Foaming Volcano Science Experiment

If you are looking for a science experiment with the most amount of explosion and ‘lava’ then this one is for you! Use simple materials to create this fizzing explosion. When I create a volcano, this is usually the ingredients I use for my foam!

Fizzing Volcano Science Experiment

If you are looking for an experiment that you can try with young children, this science experiment is the perfect place to start. Use a few kitchen ingredients for this exploding experiment.

How to Make a Volcano Project Sensory Bin

Incorporate a volcano into sensory play with this baking soda and vinegar volcano. Add a few dinosaurs for kids to really get their hands-on and play as they create eruptions around the animals.

Glowing Volcano Project Idea

This Glowing Volcano Science Experiment is much easier than you think using common ingredients found in your household to create a chemical reaction with a product of carbon dioxide. You will never guess the lava ingredients!

Volcano in a Jar

Sometimes called fireworks in a jar, you can use the same science to create volcanic eruptions in a jar. These ‘explosions’ are beautiful to watch and exciting to create.

Use the same idea as the previous experiment, but use salt to create the reaction. Use what you have on hand and kids will love the science behind it.

Underwater Volcano

Find out what an underwater volcano eruption may look like through this fun, hands-on experiment! It’s a really cool science activity for kids to discover what happens when you mix warm and cold water while learning about volcanoes at the same time.

Exploding Balloon

This eruption uses some of the same ideas as other posts, but if you want to keep your explosion mess to a minimum this is a great experiment to try. Try drawing a volcano on the balloon for a fun effect.

How to Make a Volcano Project Ideas

Volcano Art Projects

DIY Clay Volcano

Clay is a great material to create art projects with. It is also durable enough that you can use it for creating a volcano. Even young children can create their own volcano from clay. Let it dry and then follow the instructions to cause your volcano to explode.

You can even add a little bit of paint to make your volcano stand out!

Play Dough Volcano

If you’re looking for a fun and easy play dough science experiment to do with your kids, look no further than this play dough volcano. This classic experiment is not only perfect for kids of all ages, but it’s also a great way to teach them about the wonder of volcanoes.

DIY Lego Volcano

Learn how to make a LEGO Volcano that erupts! In this awesome baking soda and vinegar science experiment, children will love building a volcano with LEGO blocks and watching it explode.

How to Make a Volcano Project Ideas

Sensory Hands-On Projects

Learn About Lava Flow Experiment

Explore how volcanos erupt with items from your kitchen. Investigate how lava flows, how pressure is released by volcanoes, and real examples of volcano eruptions.

Mount Saint Helen Investigation Project

Investigate the effect of volcanic eruptions on the landscape and the effect of the Mount Saint Helen eruption on Washington’s landscape:

Lava Rocks Sensory Bin

Nothing is cooler than rocks, lava, and chemical reactions. Combine all three of these things in this super-simple, super-cool simple volcano experiment where kids can learn just exactly why lava rocks are bumpy.

I hope that this collection of 15 How to Make a Volcano Project Ideas has given you lots of ideas for your next lesson or project. All of the activities are a great way to encourage a child’s interest in volcanoes while choosing activities that are age appropriate and fun!

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