Object Art for Kids


This object art for kids activity is so easy for home, or school, and creates the most adorable creations! With young kids in the house, we have lots of little collections of random things, ranging from shells to yarn, so the materials for this project were very easy to come by.

art for kids

This art project requires little to no prep, but it is a very engaging activity. Also, it encourages kids to look at ordinary objects in extraordinary ways.

art for kids

I did this art activity with a group of young children at school. We started by collecting a variety of materials. I then gave groups of children a big bin with an assortment of items to create with. The more variety the better!

There were many items that I added to the bins that I didn’t think children would end up using. However, as always, creative young minds were able to come up with amazing ideas.

art for kids

Next, I handed out a circle to use as the face. Pasta became hair, clothes pins became necks, egg shells became ears. Everyone was really excited to create over and over again many different faces.

art for kids

My favourite part about this art activity is that everyone’s art was different from each other. In the eyes of a child, a cotton ball becomes a mustache and elastics become curly hair.

art for kids

As an extension, in the classroom, I have done this project by having children select 5-10 objects from around the room that they then bring to their table group. Once all objects are in the middle, children begin to create.

Object art for kids using a variety of materials from home.

In the past when I have done this art for kids, I have allowed children to glue their creations to the circles/faces. They make for a really cute bulletin board or keepsake at home.

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