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The other day I was trying to come up with an art activity for kids that I could use with different aged children, was inexpensive, and I needed it quickly. This object art for kids is perfect! It won’t cost you a penny and there is virtually no prep involved.

This object art for kids activity is so easy for home, or school, and creates the most adorable creations!

With young kids in the house, we have lots of little collections of random things, ranging from shells to yarn, so the materials for this project were very easy to come by.

Object art is a fascinating form of art that turns everyday objects into works of art. Use your imagination to transform ordinary items like pompoms, sticks, or even old toys into something unique and beautiful.

object art for kids pinterest pin.

Imagine taking items you find around your house and arranging them in a way that makes something beautiful or interesting.

It’s like giving these objects a new life and showing everyone that art can be found everywhere, even in the things we use every day. So, the next time you see something ordinary, remember that with a little creativity, it can become a masterpiece!

Object Art for Kids Materials:

The great thing about this project is that you don’t need to purchase any special materials. The whole point is that you are using materials that you already have.

You need various small object from around your house or classroom. It doesn’t matter what the materials are. Here are some ideas of materials that I have found successful for this art for kids:

art for kids shows a pinterest pin collage of object art ideas.
  • pompoms
  • popsicle sticks
  • pasta
  • googly eyes
  • cards
  • feathers
  • beads
  • small gems
  • buttons
  • fabric
  • building blocks

I personally find that since I have young kids, there is no shortage of collections of objects. Things that you would use for art projects are ideas; however, you can add in any objects and you may be surprised with what your kids will come up with.

What is Object Art for Kids?

There are many amazing forms of art. For me object art is an ideal art project for kids because kids are incredibly creative and it shows when they work on their art. Basically object art involves using various ordinary objects to create art.

art activity for kids shows a bin with random things like clothes pin, popsicle sticks, Easter eggs, yarn and sponges.

On their own the materials are fairly plain, but put together they become a face, or dinosaur and even a beach scene. Object art for kids encourages children to look at ordinary objects in extraordinary ways.

Give children the opportunity to create even more art with a similar, child led, technique with Process Art. Provide the materials and give children the freedom to create what they want to.

If you have some clay you can use it for this art activity for kids, or hang onto it for another art project that kids will love. These easy clay animals are adorable and can be baked to creating a lasting decoration or craft piece.

Object Art Activity for Kids – Idea #1 – Faces

I did this art activity with a group of young children at school. We started by walking around and collecting a variety of materials.

I then gave groups of children a big bin with an assortment of items to create with. The more variety the better!

Although each group having their own collection of items worked really well, I must admit that it was a challenge to then clean up.

If you have a group of kids that can pack up the materials and return them easily to their spot then each group having their own bin is a great way to do it.

However, if you want to save yourself some time, the easier way to make the objects available is to keep them in the containers you store them in. I use small clear bins for a lot of my small toys and craft materials.

All I did was take the lids off of the bins and the kids were ready to create.

Object Art for Kids – Material Bins Examples

art activity for kids shows twelve bins each filled with different small things.

The first time that I introduced this activity to my students, I had them create a face. I gave them each a circle cut out, or paper plate, and I let them create using the materials they were given.

They came up with some super cute faces! And each one was wonderfully different.

object art for kids shows a face made from popsicle sticks, cotton balls, shells and more.

There were many items that I added to the bins that I didn’t think children would end up using. However, as always, creative young minds were able to come up with amazing ideas.

art activity for kids shows a face made from random everyday objects.

Pasta became hair, clothes pins became necks, egg shells became ears. Everyone was really excited to create many different faces over and over again.

object art for kids shows a person made from a plate, sticks, pompoms etc.

The more materials you can make available the better. It was even interesting to see how children used their imagination to add expression and details to the faces they created.

kids art activity shows a person made from glasses, pasta, feathers, popsicle sticks and other random object.

My favourite part about this art activity is that everyone’s art was different from each other. In the eyes of a child, a cotton ball becomes a mustache and elastics become curly hair. What will your kids come up with?

art activity for kids shows three faces made from hot pot sands, pasta and other random objects.
Object art for kids using a variety of materials from home.

Object Art Activity for Kids – Idea #2 – Kids Choice

Since this art for kids was such a hit, I have repeated it again several time. My favorite way to do this project is to simply give children the materials and watch and see what they come up with.

Doing the face as an introduction works well to focus kids ideas. However, letting kids creating whatever they want has reminded me how creative and artistic kids can be when given the opportunity.

object art for kids shows a picture made from random objects, like pompoms, wooden blocks, pencils etc.

These are some example of the art that young children have come up with when simply given a collection of materials and their imaginations did the rest.

I will sometimes offer large sheets of construction paper for children to use for a background. It keeps the materials contained and serves to “frame” their object art.

object art for kids shows a picture made from popsicle sticks, fabric and math manipulatives to make it look like a boat on water.

I enjoy watching children create, because they often have an ideas of something they want to create and then find an object that kind of resembles the piece they are trying to replicate. Color, size and shape all contribute to the perfect piece.

Another wonderful thing about this object art for kids is that any child can do it. They don’t need to be great at drawing or painting to be great at object art.

object art for kids shows a dinosaur made from fabric, beads, sticks and plants.

Object Art for Kids Extension Activity

As an extension activity, in the classroom, I have done this project at home, and again in the classroom by having children select 5-10 objects from around the room that they then bring to the group. Once all objects are in the middle, children begin to create.

In the past when I have done this art for kids, I have also allowed children to glue their creations to the circles/faces. They make for a really cute bulletin board or keepsake at home.

You can also have some fun by incorporating the activity into other subject areas. For example, you could ask children to create that picture that includes symmetry – or a pattern for math.

You could also have children write a short story or descriptive paragraph telling all about their art.

However, you decide to do this object art for kids, it is a great arts and crafts activity for children. I think you will be impressed with what your children come up with – and you may even be tempted to try out a picture or two of your own.

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