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There are so many fun ways to teach math, especially to young kids.  Learning numbers 1-10 is an essential skill at a young age. There are lots of ways to teach children these numbers. Try out some fun, hands-on ways that kids will love with these preschool and kindergarten worksheets.

The sheets can be used for children to write on or they can be laminated and used as an activity mat.

The preschool and kindergarten worksheets that I created can be used with any age of child learning their numbers. I used it with 3-6 year olds, but it can be used with older children as well.

There is one worksheet that is fall/pumpkin themed and another that you can use any time of year.

I intended the sheets to be simple and kid friendly for preschool and kindergarten where the numbers 1-10 tend to be the focus, so the worksheets only includes these numbers. 

Once kids have worked on their math and numbers, continue with more fine motor and learning skills with these free Pumpkin Fine Motor Mats.


You can use the worksheets for anything that you need to for what you are teaching. The materials listed below are the materials needed for the activities that I used them for. These activities are listed below.

  • Kindergarten Math Sheets Printed
  • Some Form of Manipulative – i.e. Mini Erasers, Cubes, Pumpkin Seeds
  • Write and Wipe Markers and Eraser

I used polymer clay to create pumpkin seed counters. If you are using the pumpkin worksheet for a fall themed activity, I have used real pumpkin seeds before – the children loved it.

I also used our class set of mini erasers. Children love using mini erasers. I have a collection in small containers and allow children to choose a set to then use with the kindergarten worksheets.

You can use any hands-on manipulative that you have available.

Although I don’t typically use a lot of worksheets when I teach, there are so many different ways that you could use these kindergarten worksheets while making math fun!  

To start, I printed a worksheet for each child in my class and laminated the pages. You don’t have to laminate them, but it will help them to last longer.

Here are 5 easy ideas for using the worksheets with young kids.


Although you are only working with numbers 1-10, games that allow children to focus on these numbers and feel successful in recognizing them are great for practice and confidence.

Call a number from 1-10 and challenge children to find the number on their sheet. 

I used colorful pumpkin seeds as counters for in the fall to cover their number when they find it.  Children simply cover the number with their counter and then the next number can be called.

The worksheets work well for BINGO since the numbers are mixed up and not in order. Children have to look and be able to recognize the numbers in order to successfully complete the game.

kindergarten worksheets
kindergarten worksheets

Write and Wipe

If you choose to laminate the sheets, they are great for kids to draw and make marks on. I gave each child a write and wipe marker and asked them to draw a dot to represent each number on the activity mat.

Encourage children to put dots inside each seed, or circle to show the number, i.e.  seed #7 would have 7 dots inside it.

If laminated, the sheets also work well for a center activity in a classroom. Children can play, draw their numbers and then erase them for the next child when they are done.

If you are using the sheets as worksheets, you can just have children draw dots for each number with a pencil.

kindergarten worksheets

Number Representation

Using pumpkin seeds, or another manipulative, cover each number with the matching amount of seeds.

This is a great way to see if children recognize a number and understand the value amount for that number.

Kids will love the hands-on component of moving the counters around, educators will love being able to see a child’s understanding represented on the page.

kindergarten worksheets

Partner Challenge

Older groups of children could challenge a partner to find a specific number and then circle it or place a marker on it.  They could check their answers by checking if they have the same number circled/covered.

In older grades you could also have children challenge each other with a simple addition or subtraction question and having the answer be between 1 and 10.

For example, find and cover the number that is the sum of 13-7. The partner would then place a counter on the number 6. Continue until all of the numbers have been covered on the sheet.

Find The Number

Start by writing a number on the board and challenge children to find the matching number on their sheets. 

Gradually increase the challenge by drawing a specific number of dots on the board and children then have to find the number on their sheets.

You could extend this further by drawing tally marks and having children find the equivalent number on their sheet.

There is so much that you can do with these sheets!  They are simple, but can be used for many different activities. 

I love using the pumpkin sheet for fall and Halloween activities. And the other sheet is used regularly at a class center.

If you try it out, and find more ideas, let me know.  I’d love to hear them!

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kindergarten worksheets

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kindergarten worksheets
kindergarten worksheets
kindergarten worksheets

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