Kindergarten Worksheets and Activity

Kindergarten Worksheets and Activity


There are so many fun ways to teach math, especially to young kids.  I have stuck with our pumpkin theme and created a pumpkin worksheet for math (link to free printable at bottom.)  For preschool and kindergarten, the numbers 1-10 tend to be the focus, so the worksheet only includes these numbers. 

Although I don’t typically use a lot of worksheets when I teach, there are so many different ways that you could use this kindergarten worksheet while making math fun!  Here are 5 easy ideas for using this pumpkin worksheet with young kids:

kindergarten worksheets

Pumpkin Bingo

By calling the numbers out, students have to find the number on their sheet.  I used colourful pumpkin seeds as counters for students to cover their number when they find it.  (The colourful seeds are very easy to make – once pumpkin seeds are baked, I toss them in food colouring and allow them to dry.  They are so appealing to young kids!)

Write and Wipe

Once the sheets are laminated, they are great for kids to draw and make marks on.  I would encourage children to put dots inside each seed to show the number ie.  seed #7 would have 7 dots inside it.

Number Representation

Using pumpkin seeds (or another manipulative) cover the number with the matching amount of seeds.

kindergarten worksheets

Partner Challenge

Older groups of children could challenge a partner to find a specific number and then circle it or place a seed on it.  They could check their answers by checking if they have the same number circled/covered.

Find the Number

A number is written on a write and wipe board/chalk board and children are challenged to find the matching number on their sheets.  To make it more challenging, a specific number of dots could be drawn on the board and children then have to find the number on their sheets.

There is so much that you can do with this sheet!  It is simple, but can be used for many different activities.  I love using it for fall and Halloween activities.  If you try it out, and find more ideas, let me know.  I’d love to hear them!

Link to printable  – Pumpkin Numbers 

20 minute activity time – Roughly 10-20 minutes per activity/above idea

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