39 Halloween STEM Activities Kids will Love


From pumpkins and spiders to candy and escape rooms, fill your Halloween celebrations with all of the exciting things the season has to offer. Halloween is an easy time to add some fun, themed elements to your activities. This collection of 39 Halloween STEM activities are sure to be a hit with kids!

STEM activities involve a mixture of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. These activities tend to be hands-on and involve simple materials.

The Halloween STEM activities for kids below, are separated into the different subject areas but the activities often include more than one skill.

So add some learning, problem solving and hands-on inquiry this Halloween as you scroll through the activities to find ideas that look exciting to you.

If you’re looking for more activities for Halloween, make sure to check out the Free Printable Halloween scavenger hunt for home. Or continue with the STEM activities all season with this collection of Fall STEM Activities.

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Halloween STEM Activities – Science

This is one of my all time favorite Halloween STEM activities for kids! Every year I always look forward to bringing it into my and showing the kids this exploding pumpkins experiment.

Grab a carved jack-o-lantern or try this experiment after Halloween before you get rid of your pumpkin.

If you want a STEM activity with a “WOW” factor, this is it!

Will you catch the ghost with this fun and easy to make optical illusion? You may have never heard of a thaumatrope before, but it kids will never forget what one is after they create one of these for Halloween!

Grab a few simple ingredients from your kitchen to create this dancing corn experiment.

Have you ever created oobleck? It is a really interesting material that is not quite a liquid, and not quite a solid. Create some oobleck this Halloween for a great sensory experience for kids.

Blast off into Halloween with a science experiment that will surely amaze the kids! Flying ghost rockets are easy to set up but jam-packed with explosive STEM fun.

This spooky self-inflating ghost balloon will have your kids squealing with surprise and delight!

Frozen Science + Outdoor Learning Activities

Use a glove to create this STEM challenge. Can you get all of the objects out of the frozen hand? This is a great activity to try outside. This idea is part of a collection of outdoor activities to try this season and for Halloween.

Hang onto some of your pumpkin guts for this pumpkin science experiment. Try placing the guts in different locations to test how fast it decomposes. Use petri dishes to make kids feel like real scientists.

Learn through hands-on activities as children create a skeleton and learn about the different parts of the skeletal system.

This Spinning Spider STEM challenge will thrill your young STEMists as they explore engineering and the science of magnetism to make their spider spin, wiggle and dance around its web.

We love this quick and easy science experiment for kids with a Halloween twist.

Pumpkin Life Cycle Activity

Don’t get rid of all of your pumpkins when Halloween is over! Try hanging onto them in a container and watching it break down over time. This is a great way for children to learn about a pumpkin life cycle through a meaningful activity.

Kids will love making these fabulous fun fizzy potion pumpkins! Perfect for ghoulish fun! 

Learn about the properties of liquids with this layered lava lamp. Add a few spooky eyes and a mouth to the outside of the jar to make it ready for Halloween.

If you are searching for a fun Halloween Sensory Activity that will keep your kids entertained long enough to enjoy your hot cup of coffee, this Melting Halloween Play Dough is it! 

Make magic spider webs with this Halloween STEAM craft! 

Science involves a lot of sensory experiences as children learn about and explore the world around them and explore their senses. Grab some item from fall and Halloween to create this slimy, gooey sensory walk. Barefoot is best!

Halloween STEM Activities – Pumpkin Boats

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Halloween STEM activities can included anything with a Halloween theme. Create jack-o-lantern boats using on a few materials.

This Halloween STEM challenge is also great to teach kids about buoyancy and balance as they create a boat for their pumpkin to sit on, without falling off.

Explore pumpkin guts in a different way with this hands-on experiment. This is a great activity to try outside this Halloween season.

Create fizzing pumpkins with household ingredients. Kids will love watching their jack-o-lantern fizz away in front of their eyes.

Explore weight and balance with a Halloween pumpkin game!

Create an awesome magic trick for adults or kids. This experiment is easy enough for even young children to create and the post includes a great video to show how it’s done.

Have you ever mummified an apple? Learn a little bit about the mummification process and then see the results with this easy, hands-on STEM experiment.

How much fun does this look? Create blood slime this Halloween.

Halloween STEM Activities – Technology

Create a mummy craft with a twist. Explore and test circuits to make glowing eyes.

Children can practice their patterning, counting, and problem-solving skills while creating pixel art in Minecraft, Halloween theme.

Halloween STEM Activities – Engineering

The Halloween STEM activities for kids below include engineering, or building challenges, with a Halloween theme. Grab some simple materials to create your challenge and then step back and allow children to create and problem solve.

Can you get the pumpkins back to the pumpkin patch? Use popsicle sticks and playdough to build a bridge that will go over water, and stand strong without falling down.

Origami is a great little STEAM activity that explores basic maths – symmetry, angles, shapes etc. Make this simple origami cup and turn it into a ball and cup game (gravity?)

Create a skeleton bridge this Halloween and then test the weight it can hold.

Explore levers and create a spooky pop up STEM with this STEM challenge for kids. The example uses Halloween images, but you can use any pictures you want.

For this STEM challenge you only need a few household items, but use them in a whole new way.

Tower building with different materials are a classic STEM activity. Build a tower to hold the spooky ghost on top. How high can you make it?

Create a skeleton and a home for a skeleton using cotton swabs. How big will your house be?

Halloween STEM Activities – Math

Make a Halloween Escape Room this season. The puzzles include a variety of skills and learning activities, such as counting and codes, and the kids will love the spooky Halloween theme.

If you have never created an escape room before, the step by step instruction and FREE printable puzzles will get you set up in no time!

This is a simple Halloween math sheet for young children. Make learning math fun this time of year with these free printable kindergarten worksheets. Try using pumpkin seeds to make counting even more fun!

Task children with some fun Halloween math this season! Count the ghosts and cats and graph them.

Kids love to play with their candy after Halloween. Direct their play with these FREE printable Halloween math sheets.

Decode the numbers and code to reveal a fun Halloween picture.

One of the core elements of STEM activities is exploration. Exploring materials, their surrounding and even exploring to find differences and similarities between objects. Set up a pumpkin hunt with lots of interesting pumpkins and a free printable.

I hope that you have been able to find lots of Halloween STEM activities for kids of all ages. Choose activities that include materials that you already have on hand. Have fun this Halloween and enjoy the STEM activities that will keep kids learning all season long!

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