Easy Fall Craft for Kids


Fall has always been my favorite time of year! The leaves are starting to change and the days are getting cooler. My family and I all started back to school last week and are quickly getting back into routine. To celebrate fall being just around the corner, I made a fun, and easy fall craft for kids.

These adorable scarecrow crafts are simple for kids of all ages and can even make a great gift.

I love using simple, and inexpensive materials for the crafts I create with my kids. As a teacher, when I find a craft that I can do with my whole class, for very little money, I am happy! I have used wooden blocks for several art projects over the years to create adorable, and durable art projects (Like this collection of four Christmas Crafts). I am very happy and excited about how this scarecrow fall craft for kids turned out.

You can give children lots of options for creating their scarecrow. They can choose the paint colors and details they want to add. We have now made several of these scarecrows at my house and each one is different.

You can recycle old wooden blocks from your kids toys, or purchase blocks specifically for this craft. A link to the materials is at the bottom.

For another adorable scarecrow craft to display with these wooden scarecrows, check out Scarecrow Craft for Fall.

fall craft for kids shows a pinterest pin with a scarecrow on it.

Scarecrow Fall Craft for Kids Materials

I love the look of the wooden blocks for this fall craft for kids. I have made different crafts from cubes before. (For Christmas themed crafts using wooden cubes, click here.)

You can use small wooden cubes for younger children or even really large cubes (10+ inches tall) to create a beautiful center piece or decoration. I like to use the smaller cubes; especially when I am working with large groups of kids.

fall craft for kids shows materials needs for a scarecrow craft.

For this fall craft for kids, you will need:

  • Wooden Cubes
  • Paint
  • Hot Glue
  • Googly Eyes
  • Pompoms
  • Puffy Paint
  • Straw

Step to Create Your Scarecrow

You will need 4 cubes for each scarecrow you plan to make. Start by painting the cubes white. You don’t have to do a base coat in white, however, I always recommend it because it will make the color you put on top of it stand out more.

easy fall crafts for kids shows four wooden blocks and a paint brush.

Once you have your base coat, paint 3 of the cubes the color you want for the scarecrows body/clothes. The top cube you can paint any color you want the face to be.

fall crafts for kids shows two rows of painted wooden cubes.

Once the cubes are dry, glue them together with a hot glue gun.

I chose to glue the cubes slightly irregular and I didn’t line them all up. I like the look of the cubes being twisted because I think it gives it character.

However, you can glue your cubes however you think looks best.

Next, add details or decorations to your scarecrow.

fall craft for kids shows a start to a scarecrow craft that has three green blocks for the body and an orange head.

I added a few pieces of straw for the hair and some pompoms for my scarecrows buttons.

Next, I cut a piece of yellow foam paper to make a hat and I added a red flower onto the hat simply for detail.

Next, add googly eyes. I used puffy paint for the nose and mouth. A stitched smile really made my creation look like a scarecrow. Puffy paint is also a great way to easily add some textured details.

Finally, I used a few twigs to glue onto the cubes for arms.

fall craft for kids shows a scarecrow craft.

Fall Craft Results

I was so happy with how my scarecrow turned out, that I made another one at home with my kids! It is such a simple design that kids of all ages can be successful in creating a scarecrow of their own.

I always love to do art/craft activities like this in class because it allows children to choose their own features and design ideas to make their scarecrow their own.

In a full class, there never ends up being two pieces that are exactly the same.

Easy Fall Crafts for Kids – Extra Ideas

At home, we made another scarecrow using the same basic idea and design, but I used some different materials.

I painted the wooden blocks red and used buttons for the clothes.

For the hat, I used a bit of a burlap sack and love the look of it!

Instead of twigs, I used pipe cleaners for the arms. I’m not sure which scarecrow I like better, but there are so many options.

Try using lots of fall materials to create your very own scarecrow craft.

fall craft for kids shows a red scarecrow craft.

I think that the two scarecrows look different, but great together! If I create more scarecrows, I may paint a few fall leaves onto the scarecrows sides. I love fall, so the more fall colors and fall objects the better!

fall craft for kids shows two scarecrow crafts.

One of the great things about this craft is that you can use simple materials to create something adorable. Children enjoy creating their own scarecrow and the end result is always wonderful.

It is always a great idea to allow children to get creative with their fall scarecrow craft. Maybe they will end up with a rainbow scarecrow, or even a glitter scarecrow. The more creative the better!

The other great thing about the scarecrows is that they are fairly sturdy. Being made out of the wooden cubes makes them quite strong and durable. My kids loved using them for pretend play and creating a full fall setting for their scarecrows.

Maybe next time we will use our leftover cubes to create pumpkins!

fall crafts for kids scarecrow pinterest pin.

Fall Craft for Kids Material

To save you some time, a link to a few of the materials I used for my fall scarecrows are included below. Consider what you hope to use your scarecrow for. If you are creating with a classroom and lots of kids, one inch cubes are a great choice because you can purchase them in bulk.

If you are only creating a scarecrow or two, or make a gift for someone, larger cubes may be the way to go. A 10″ cube makes for a great decoration to fill a shelf or decorate a table for fall.

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