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Fall Coding Worksheets

  • Kindergarten – Grade 2
  • Make Teaching/Learning Coding Simple
  • Fun, Kid Friendly Pages
  • Fall Themed


Teaching coding in math can be challenging, but add these coding activities to your fall activities to make it fun and easy. These printable autumn coding activities are a simple and clear way to introduce coding to children. Coding is a lot of fun for kids and develops problem solving and computation skills.

Each coding activity is different and includes language and math focused pages.

Product includes:

Following arrows to find an end spot.

Cut and paste arrows to create a path.

Follow directions to follow a path.

Reading instructions to find the correct path.

Crack the code – alphabet code + message.

Crack the code math – addition and subtraction.

Cut and paste your own path.


Product is included in color and grey scale for less ink printing. Answers are also included.


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