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Kids get really excited about Halloween and all of the fun activities that come with it. Integrate some of the Halloween themes into your daily learning activities this time of year. Below is a collection of some of my favorite activities that I have tried and tested in many classrooms over the years.

Plan an engaging activity with your kids, or a group at home this Halloween with a Free Printable Halloween Scavenger Hunt.

Bring the fun of a scavenger hunt to your classroom this Halloween with a Free Classroom Halloween Scavenger Hunt. Specifically created to work within a classroom setting.

halloween activities shows a pinterest pin of a collage of halloween stem activities.

Mix Halloween themes into your STEM activities this season. These hands-on challenges include science, building, math and some design art. 39 Halloween STEM Activities.

make your own halloween escape room shows halloween themed puzzles.

Create a unique activity this Halloween as you make a Halloween escape room at home. Grab the free printables and get ready for some fun!

halloween stem activities shows a stack of cups, skeleton and pumpkin bridge.

Choose from three hands-on STEM activities for kids. From pumpkins, ghosts and pumpkins, these challenges have it all!

science experiment for kids shows pumpkins with foaming faces and tops.

This science experiment for kids is always a favorite and always memorable!

diy halloween clay pots shows a pumpkin, bat, ghost and Frankenstein made from clay.

Clay is easy to work with and you can make some beautiful pieces. These DIY Halloween clay pots can be made by even young children with the free printable template.

halloween pumpkin craft shows a paper mache pumpkin.

What you can create with paper mache is endless! Try creating a few beautiful pumpkins to display this Halloween. Halloween Pumpkin Craft

pumpkin stem shows a mini pumpkin on a popsicle stick boat.

Try a science experiment STEM challenge this Halloween by building a boat to hold a pumpkin. Will it float or sink?

pumpkin investigation activities shows printable worksheets and a pumpkin being measured.

Make math exciting during the Halloween and fall season with these fun and hands-on pumpkin investigation activities.

recycled halloween craft shows a pumpkin ball made from mushed up paper and elastics.

Create a recycled pumpkin with old paper. This simple Halloween craft is a great sensory experience for kids of all ages, and children learn a little bit about how paper is made.

halloween math shows candy being sorted and put in a pattern and printable pages.

As children play with all of their Halloween candy, try mixing in some fun Halloween math with these hands-on candy math activities.

pumpkin science experiment shows a petri dish with pumpkin seeds growing mold.

Kids will feel like real scientists with this pumpkin science experiment. What will happen to the pumpkin seeds when placed, and left in different locations.

simple math activities shows printable worksheets with numbers 1-10 on them.

Use your pumpkin seeds from Halloween for some simple math activities. The worksheets are free to download.

outdoor learning activities shows orange streamers around a stage, pumpkin shadows on plexiglass and orange balloons.

Spend more time outside this Halloween with these outdoor learning centers and activities.

pumpkin fall activity shows a child holding a pumpkin with a face and lots of colorful unique painted pumpkins.

Scavenger hunts are a great way to celebrate Halloween. With this easy Halloween or fall activity for kids, everyone will love searching for unique, funny and colorful pumpkins.

halloween escape room shows pages from a printable game.

Make adding an escape room to your Halloween party easy with this print and play Fall and Halloween escape room game. Perfect for parties and the classroom.

halloween scavenger hunt shows two printable pages.

Can you find a pumpkin, candy and something orange? These are just a few of the things that kids search for this Halloween on the Halloween scavenger hunt.