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The first day of school is a special one. If you’re looking for ideas and unique activities, this page is for you! From creative first day activities and lessons, to activities to fill the day and familiarize students with the school, there is lots to make the day, and first weeks special.

Check out other ideas with a specific fall theme by clicking the image below.

back to school activities shows a collage of activities.

Make back to school planning easy and fun with this huge collection of 35 First Day of School Activities and Ideas.

first day of school magic playdough pictures.

If you’re looking for a memorable first day of school idea, try this magic surprise play dough activity. It is sure to be the highlight of the day!

classroom set up and ideas shows a classroom with unique ideas.

Looking for classroom setup ideas? From your class library to various other centers, these classroom setup ideas will give you lots of inspiration.

free school scavenger hunt shows printables and the printables hidden around a school.

Take learning beyond the classroom as children get familiar with their school with this free school scavenger hunt.

back to school shows a bunch of clear bins filled and organized with kids toys.

If you’ve got lots of toys and supplies that you are looking for the best way to store, check out these easy kindergarten organization ideas.

math worksheets for kindergarten shows pictures of free printables.

Download a huge collection of free math worksheets for young children. Have your math program ready to roll!

friendship wheel teamwork page shows a colored wheel filled with pictures.

Looking for a fun group project for kids to get to know each other. Create a friendship wheel! This is a great activity for an icebreaker.

teacher supplies gives ideas of supplies perfect for the classroom.

There are a few school supplies that make any classroom engaging and kids excited to learn. These are my must-haves!

time capsule for kids shows printable pages for back to school ideas.

Create a record of this moment and the start of the year by working on a time capsule for kids. Free printable page available.

15 times capsule ideas shows printables to make different time capsules.

Time capsules are a great way to record a moment in time. Maybe the start of school, special summer memory or occasion. Check out these 15 time capsule ideas.

fall learning centers shows table top centers for kindergarten with a fall theme.

Fall is a wonderful time for table top centers and activities. This collection of 30 simple centers for fall are easy to bring to your classroom.

mindfulness activities for kids shows a collage of calming activities.

Set the tone of your classroom right away with this huge collection of 53 mindful Activities.

fall outdoor activities shows five activities with a fall theme like leaves and corn.

Take learning outside with this collection of 23 fun fall outdoor learning activities.

outdoor classroom shows pumpkin, leaves and outdoor activities.

Spend more time outside this fall with these hands-on fall outdoor classroom ideas.

kindness activity for kids shows three plastic balls with kind words written on them.

Work together and bond as a group in the first few days of school with this best back to school kindness activity for kids.

back to school break break cards.

5 minutes to fill? Have a collection of quick and easy brain break activities that you use to fill a few minutes with a group of kids. Screen free!

school escape room game shows printable escape room clues hidden around the school.

Classroom escape room game, is an exciting way to tour around the school while learning!

classroom escape room shows four sets of colorful keys.

Create an escape room to start the year in a fun, engaging way with this easy classroom escape room for any subject(s).

first day of school activities shows a printable lesson plan resource.

Make your first day a success with this tested and perfected first day of school plan and printables. Makes for a memorable first day.

back to school math review booklet shows printable pages from a math resource.

Make the first few weeks back to school, or prepare for grade one during the summer with this Back to School Math Review Booklet.

meet the teacher scavenger hunt shows two printable scavenger hunt pages.

Engage families, parents and children during your meet the teacher night with a scavenger hunt around the classroom.

back to school shows printable flipbook for back to school.

Make a great first impression with this Back to School flipbook with everything families need to know about the upcoming year.