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Easy Kindergarten Organization Ideas for Toys and Supplies


Do you have a lot of stuff at home or school for children? There just seems to be no great way to organize it all. As a teacher, I am always looking for new kindergarten organization ideas!

One thing that I have learned over the years, as both a parent and kindergarten teacher, is that you accumulate a lot of stuff!  I had collected a ton of toys and books before I even had my own kids. 

I think that many teachers would agree that we often hang onto things because we might use them some day.

Many of the things that I have were given to me from teachers when they retired and I have tried a lot of different ways to organize it all. From bins without lids, for easy clean up, to baggies, baskets and shelves, none of these worked effectively for me.

However, I think that I have finally found a solution that I love and is still working after using it for years.

After years of trial and error, I finally found an organization idea that works for me. So, my tip for kindergarten organization and organizing kid’s toys? Clear bins! 

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Using Clear Bins for Kindergarten Organization

Since I work with kindergarten aged children and we have a play based program, I am constantly bringing supplies and materials into my classroom for my students. I switch out the supplies constantly.

Therefore, I had to figure out a way to organize my materials without them taking over my house or classroom.  Plus, I needed everything to be easy to find, organized and easily accessible.

Kindergarten Organization

The type of clear bin doesn’t matter. As long as they are good quality and have a lid, they will work.

One other thing that I consider before purchasing the bins is if they are easy for children to open and close safely. If they are easy for them to use then then they are more likely to be able to help with clean up.

I love the clean look of them, the fact that they are stackable, durable, and everything is easy to find and put away.

All of the bins on the bottom have wheels and all of the lids are easy to get on and off – even for little hands. 


My kids at home, and school, are great about cleaning up. They quickly and easy will clean up a carpet full of toys in minutes and then snap the lid on. They are careful to not put the bins away on their own just to be safe and I don’t want them climbing to put away a bin.

Although it looks like a lot of supplies, but when since I work with, and see, over a hundred 3-6 year olds every day, I assure you it all gets used!

Kindergarten Organization
Organization of Teaching Materials

Yes, I have too much stuff, but between what my children use and what I use for teaching kindergarten, everything gets used, and used a lot and by a lot of little hands. 

I often need to grab a bin, or two, for a kindergarten activity and this way of organizing everything allows me to easy do this. 

I try to stay organized because I do have a lot of supplies; however, I don’t want to purchase something for an activity if I already have it, but can’t find it.

That’s a great thing about the bins, even if I mix the contents and have a bunch of different things together, I can see into the bins and find what I am looking for.

One kindergarten organization ideas that I will suggest is that I always put things into bins that are a bit too big.

Choosing Bins

If you purchase clear bins, think about the size of the items you are going to put into the bin, and then get a size, or two bigger.

Bigger bins makes clean up easier because children can simply put toys bask into them without having to take every piece apart and organize it in the bin.

Many of the smaller bins are from a local dollar store and have held up for several years now.

Kindergarten Organization
Organization of Teaching Materials

As for my storage of my personal teaching resources, I also use clear bins.  For all of my leveled reading books, and printables that I have accumulated over the years, they are all in bins.

I don’t have a ton of storage room at home, but my wonderful and very handy father, did build us shelving that has allowed me to be more organized and utilize every space available.

Benefits of Storing in Bins

I have found organizing everything in this way has made it easier to keep toys and materials together. 

Since I use all of the toys and materials on a regular basis, it is important to me that everything be kept together. Partial sets of toys and games are not useable to me. Keeping each set together has saved me a lot of money in the long run.

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We don’t have (many) partial sets of toys or games because everything is contained and lasts many years longer.  I have not had to replace materials that would likely otherwise have gone missing.

Honestly, over the years of taking different bins to kindergarten classes, I have rarely lost a single piece.  Part of this is because I teach amazing kids!  The other part is because the bins make everything easy and organized!

The bins are also simple for young children to open and close. Therefore, children can do a lot of the clean up themselves.

What are your kindergarten organization tips?

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