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Winter Activities

Bring on winter! Winter is filled with so many exciting events and changes in nature. Below are a collection of Winter themed activities to fill your winter. Whether you are looking for activities to try at home with your children, or are looking for activities or lessons for the classroom, you will find lots of ideas and inspiration below.

Christmas and winter often go hand in hand. I have so many activities to share. If you are looking for Christmas themed activities click the link, or image below.

Winter Activities

winter stem activities shows a collage of winter activities.

Winter is a great time for a STEM activity. Encourage essential skills, and have fun, with this collection of Winter STEM activities for kids.

winter outdoor activities shows kids doing activities in the snow.

Take learning outside with these hands-on outdoor education activities for kids. Perfect for the classroom or keeping kids busy on the weekend. Easy Winter Outdoor Education Activities

winter activities shows animals in winter.

Learn about different animals that hibernate and where and how they find shelter for the winter with this hands-on activity.

winter activities shows animal adaptations and a child putting their hand in a lined bag.

How do animals stay warm during the winter? Hands-on science experiments for kids are a great way to teach children about animal adaptions.

winter activities shows the mitten story with printables and gloves.

The Mitten” is a popular children’s book for winter. This activity involves an adorable, engaging and simple hands-on story retell idea using the popular story.

winter activities shows a snowman cutout.

The Surprise Snowman is an interactive story perfect for winter or holiday celebrations. Read the free story and revel a special surprise at the end. The Snowman Story and Winter Activity.

math activity for kids shows a roll and build a snowman activity.

Turn math into a game this winter with this Roll and Build a Snowman activity and kindergarten worksheet. Super cute and engaging for kids.

winter activities shows a polar bear with a home made from marshmallows and toothpicks.

Winter is a great time to do some STEM for kids! Use a few simple materials and challenge children to create using their imagination and creativity.

winter outdoor learning activity shows a winter escape room in the snow.

Spend some extra time outside in the snow with this unique winter outdoor learning activity. Solve puzzles and squash snow towers to find clues in the snow. Printable available!

stem activity shows a fizzing snow looking experiment.

This winter themed STEM activity is a great way to get kids excited about science and hands-on learning. With a few simple materials you can easily prepare this activity for the classroom or at home.

stem activity for kids shows a snowman in a jar with snow falling around it.

Enhance STEAM skills in your classroom or home as children create a snowman and then a chemical reaction. This STEM activity for kids is easy, fun and educational.

winter craft ideas shows a string diy snowman craft.

Winter is a great time for some adorable crafts. You only need a few simple materials for these snowman craft ideas.

winter easy science experiments shows a melting snowman.

Use a snowman for these easy science experiments. Teach kids about states of matter in a simple way they can watch with their own eyes.

winter escape room shows a printable escape room game.

Bring on winter! Have some fun this season with this Winter Escape Room. No locks, keys or special materials needed! All you need to do is print, set up and go! This escape room mission plays almost like a board game in terms of being able to play at a table (ideal for classroom use, or at home.)

Make a snow fort indoors with this winter STEM activity for kids. Use a few materials, your imagination and lots of hands-on exploration!