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Community Helpers and their Tools


The grade 1 community helpers unit is a unit that I really enjoyed teaching!  There are so many hands-on ways to teach the unit.  From volunteer speakers to centres, it is a great introductory unit to grade 1 social studies since students are coming from play based kindergarten.  In this activity, we had discussed some of our community helpers and the tools that they need in order to do their job.  I then followed the lesson up with the items, with their label, as shown in the picture, spread out on the desks.  Students each had a clipboard with the chart on it listing the community helpers (ie. doctor, mail carrier).

community helpers


A link to a free printable with the chart and labels here – Community Helper Tools

Students went around to the various tools and had to match it with the community helper it belonged to.  They then had to copy down the tool name.  This activity was a great visual for the different tools and good matching activity since each helper only had one tool.


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