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I love using choice boards with kids! They are a great way to let children guide their own learning. If you are in a position that you are starting to homeschool, or need activities for children, or students to do at home, choice boards are a great option. They are valuable during times of distant/online learning and for homeschooling and these boards are filled with enough ideas to last you all year!

A few examples from a science choice board.

The choice boards are are teacher created and curriculum based. Best of all, they are kid friendly and fun! They are designed for children in grades k-3, but the ideas and activities are a great review for older children, and a beneficial introduction for younger children.

Using the choice boards at home. Children can pick and choose which activities interest them.

There are 19 printable sheets and we’ve got you covered in all subject areas! All activities can be done at home and require little to no preparation and very few materials. (19 sheets is a bundle of 3 sets together, for over 450 activity ideas. Individual sets are also available. Link at bottom.)

Subjects covered include, math, language, science, social studies, health and physical education, the arts (music, drama, dance and visual arts) and a bonus outdoor education choice board.

Changing states of matter science experiment.

There are many ways to use the sheets. Each sheet provides a variety of activities. Many of which children can complete independently, which is ideal during times of online and distant learning. The curriculum is still covered, but the activities are hands-on and children can pick which activities interest them each day.

Fireworks in a jar science experiment

During distant learning I have my kids choose one square from each subject each day, or during the summer just one or two squares for the day. This way I know they are learning a variety of information and working on their school subjects. Because there are so many activities on the boards, they are a great resource simply for ideas to keep kids busy and learning.

Simple, independent art projects

Some activities only take a few minutes, others carry on for a full afternoon. In our house, some of the activities have even lead to further investigation and turned into a week long project. Either way children are learning and excited about learning!

Creating a community map for social studies.

By allowing children to choose their daily activities they are guiding their own learning when you homeschool. The choice boards also allow teachers a variety of ideas to use for distant learning. Teachers can pick and choose which activities fit their class and learning goals.

On days where there may not be as much time, math and language are always a good area to focus! Happy learning!

Click here to view the choice board bundle available on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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