29 Best Birthday Party Ideas that Kids Will Love


Birthdays are a special, exciting day for children. Organizing and planning a party can be fun too! This collection of over 29 birthday party ideas for kids includes games, activities and ideas for lots of different themes. You can easily create memories with a special party that the birthday child, and birthday guests are sure to love.

From a hockey themed party to a birthday escape room for kids, there are lots of ideas and activities. Planning a party can be overwhelming, but if you have a theme in mind, or simply know something that the birthday child is interested in, then search the ideas below to give you inspiration.

With my daughter’s birthday just a few weeks away, I’ve been searching for ideas to do a party at home. When planning, I like to look through ideas and I always find a few things that I know my child will love. Then, I take those ideas and alter them to fit my theme. For example, party idea #13 includes a homemade piñata.

You can paint and decorate your piñata to fit just about any theme. If you are looking for unique ideas for what to put in your pinata, check out this list: 10 Things to Put in a Children’s Piniata (that Aren’t Candy).

You can also keep kids busy as they wait for a party to start with free Happy Birthday Coloring Cards. Print, color and add one of the adorable cards to your gift.

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1. Birthday Party Escape Room Activity

Try something new with this DIY birthday party escape room. This exciting, and creative party idea includes birthday themed puzzles that lead to the final prize. You can fill the final box with a gift for the birthday child or even party bags for the guests – but they have to solve all of the clues first!

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birthday party ideas

kids birthday party

2. Prize Punch Box

This is one of my favorite ideas! This prize punch box is easy to make and would be great for kids of all ages. Change what you put inside each punch cup to fit your party theme. What kid wouldn’t love this?

Click the image for full description.

birthday party ideas

3. Glow Party

I loved our glow party! I tried this party idea out at home and in the classroom as a celebration with my students. It was a hit! The glow in the dark element adds a whole different excitement to any party. Click the image below to read about 7 centers/activity ideas.

Click the image for full description.

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4. Carnival Birthday Party Ideas

A carnival themed party will keep kids busy and enjoying every minute of the party! Click the photo below for a collection of creative, but simple carnival games and activities.

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5. Hockey Birthday Party Ideas

He shoots, he scores! If you’ve got a hockey or sports fan, a hockey themed party is sure to be a hit! This collection of DIY hockey themed activities bring a bit of the game to your party.

Click the image for full description.

6. Train Themed Birthday Party

How about a train themed party? These party ideas for a train party create a very memorable birthday for any child. Use simple materials to create an amazing party that kids will love – and remember. From activities to food, everything is covered to create an amazing train birthday party!

Click the image for full description.

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7. Bug Themed Birthday Party for Kids

Calling all bug and nature lovers! These bug themed party ideas are creative, but simple, and will keep your party guests busy and entertained.

birthday party ideas

8. Camping Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Camping is fun all year long! Try a camping party for kids with this collection of camping themed activities and even campfire cupcakes!

birthday party ideas

9. Rainbow Birthday Party Ideas

From crafts to food ideas, click the image below for everything you need to create a rainbow themed birthday party for kids!

birthday party ideas

10. Ice Cream Party

No birthday party is complete without ice cream! Turn the ice cream into its own activity by giving kids the chance to create their own ice cream concoctions.

birthday party ideas

11. Ring Pop Birthday Party Ideas

Sometimes the hardest part of planning a party at home is coming up with a theme. Think outside the box with a Ring Pop themed party. Kids love Ring Pop candies, so why not have some fun and create the party with the ring pop theme? A ring pop piñata is easy to create and lots of fun!

birthday party ideas

12. Animal Party Game

Animal, and zoo, themed parties are popular, especially with little ones. This Zoo Rescue game is easy and inexpensive to make and set up. Use materials that you already have around your house to make this activity.

birthday party ideas

13. Nerf Gun Games

Foam target guns of all kinds can add a lot of fun to any party. If you have a group that play with these constantly, this is a great idea for a party activity!

children's birthday party

14. Simple Candy Relay Race Idea

This is such a simple idea, but I know my kids would love it. It would also be a great game to have in your back pocket at a kid’s birthday party in case you unexpectantly need to fill a little bit of time.

birthday party ideas

15. DIY Paper Mache Piñata

If your kids are anything like mine, they get very excited when they go to a party and see a piñata. You can buy them from the store, but they are really simple, and inexpensive to make. Why not let the birthday child help to design and make their own?

birthday party ideas

16. Monster Themed Party

This monster party game includes free printables to make your party planning easy. In this hands-on game players must stay safe or they’ll get eaten!

birthday party for kids

17. Big Foot Birthday Party Games

This big foot party game would be perfect for any monster themed party. These feet are easy, and inexpensive to make and would add lots of laughs to any party.

birthday party ideas

18. Roll a Monster

Stick with the monster theme with this “Roll a Monster” game. This party game is simple to set up and gives party guests, and the birthday child, a little craft to take home. This idea could work with any party theme – try “Roll a Princess” or “Roll a Truck”.

monster birthday party

19. DIY Sleepover Party

If you are planning a sleepover party for your child, there can be a lot more to it then just pajamas and a movie. Organize your party so that kids are busy and entertained the whole night through.

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20. Lego Ninjago Birthday Party

If your birthday child is a Lego fan, why not try a Lego themed party? From really creative food ideas to party games and activities, planning is made easy!

Click image to read full party description.

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21. “Cheesy Head” Party Game

Can you imagine the laughs with this game? If you are looking for a simple activity that kids of all ages would enjoy, this “Cheesy Head” game is easy and inexpensive to prepare and is sure to be the talk of the party.

birthday party ideas for kids

22. Star Wars and Angry Birds Themed Party

If your kids love Star Wars, or Angry Birds, these party ideas are simple, but sure to be a hit. Try out some food ideas like Fruit Sabers or Yoda Soda.

birthday party ideas

23. Favorite T.V. Show Birthday Party

Why not create a birthday party based around your child’s favorite t.v. show? From games to food, you can change the theme to fit your birthday child’s favorite t.v. characters.

birthday party ideas

24. Simple Party Game for Kids

Party games are often a key part of a DIY birthday party for kids. This simple game includes a free printable, so you can have the game cards ready to go for the party.

birthday party ideas

25. Birthday Party Games

If you are looking for more party games, including indoor games, such as a cup stacking game of teamwork or take the fun outside with some water games or a cheese puff toss!

party ideas for kids

26. Firefighter Birthday Party Ideas

If you have little ones who admire firefighters, a firefighter themed party can be simple to plan! These ideas are ideal for young children.

birthday party ideas

27. Slime and Slimy Birthday Party

Get kids to get their hands covered with these slime themed party activities; including making slime, and activities with jello, gummy candy, shaving and whip cream – all the things to make a great party!

birthday party for kids

28. Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas

A classic mermaid party is easy to prepare with these party ideas. Try some crafts, and even slime to make the party special.

birthday ideas for kids

29. Birthday Party Ideas for Crafty Kids

Have a group of children who love doing crafts? Even older children will love these ideas for a craft themed birthday party for kids. Give kids the chance to create their own materials during the party from canvas bags to their own cupcakes.

party games for kids

*Bonus Ideas*

30. Wizard Themed Birthday Party Ideas

All things witches and wizards are included in this birthday party! Use a beautiful wand to learn and practice spells and have some fun visiting popular wizard locations.

birthday party ideas

31. Fairy Themed Birthday Party Ideas

A DIY fairy themed party can be easy, inexpensive and elegant for children. From activities and crafts to decorations and even a toadstool cake, a fairy themed party is a great option.

party ideas

32. Balloon Stomp Birthday Party Game

Kids often end up happily playing with the balloons by the end of the party. They love balloons, and this game keeps with the party theme. Simply use balloons and string for this active party game that’s sure to create lots of laughs!

party games for kids

Simple No Prep Print and Go Party Activity

If you are looking for a special activity, but want to avoid the prep, this party themed escape room is right for you! Simply print the puzzles, hide them around your house in designated places, and you are ready to go! The final puzzle leads the birthday child to a certificate or a gift from you, or all of the party guests can be lead to printable certificates or party bags from you.

birthday party ideas

More Hands-On Teaching Ideas

If you are looking for more activities for kids to do at home, or in the classroom, below is a collection of my most popular and favorite activities. From escape rooms and science experiments to building challenges and art activities, there is lots to keep kids busy, and learning!

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