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Fort Building For Kids


Need something to do on a rainy day?  Fort building always comes to my mind.  I have sheets of fabrics and large plastic clothes pins from an activity that I did with kindergarten students.  So, my kids decided to create a fort of their own inside our house.  It is so easy for them to use the fabric, attach it and have it stay in place!  The large pins are ideal for tent building – especially for little hands.  I have now left the fabrics out for my kids for the summer because they were constantly playing with them for different activities.  This fort building has to be one of my favourites!

fort building

This was such a simple activity, and I find that having these materials on hand has encouraged my kids to build even more.  I love watching them create and be excited about what they build.  I also like standing back and watching what they come up with on their own.  They decided on a plan for their fort building that included entrances in specific places and fabric intentionally left hanging down underneath to create separate rooms. Several times their structure pulled apart or their plan simply did not work, but they talked and planned something new to try.  Personally, I love all of the colours and it made our room look beautiful!  Since the pins hold well they happily played in their fort for hours.

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