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STEM activities for Kindergarten – Osmosis


Worms are always a popular topic in the spring!  Especially after a lot of rain washes them out of their homes and children hop around on the sidewalks so that they don’t step on these interesting creatures.  Since students showed an interest in worms, I decided to do some stem activities for kindergarten.  Often this experiment uses gummy bears, but we used gummy worms.

stem activities for kindergarten

We started by putting students into small groups.  Each group got a gummy worm.  They inspected the worm first and then placed it in a cup with only water, a cup with salt mixed into water and a cup with vinegar.  They each came up with a hypothesis and then we checked on them after a few days.  The worm in the salt water had grown to almost double it’s size (even I was surprised).

They were introduced to the word osmosis to explain what had happened.  They love learning “big fancy science words”.

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