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Outdoor Activities for Kids


I am excited to have the fall weather here!  The cooler weather and changing seasons are beautiful.  I am trying to take my classes outside as much as possible for fresh air, and because there is so much learning that happens outside.  I find that outdoor activities for kids are always met with excitement.  This activity was very simple and didn’t require any prep, but a lot of learning took place.  I used buckets from our outdoor learning space and discussed with students what we could collect on our walk around the school.  I encouraged them to consider what we might find now that fall is here.

outdoor activities for kids

Students were encouraged to fill any bucket they wanted and had the opportunity to add to any other groups bucket.  We decided to look for pine cones, beautiful leaves, branches, wood chips, stones, and anything unique.  Students did a great job filling their buckets and sorting their findings into the correct containers as we walked.  For such a simple activity, I was happy with how much learning went on.  Students were counting their pine cones as they put them into the bucket.  We even talked about how, and why, there were different coloured leaves.  After filling the buckets, the nature materials were a great addition to our outdoor space. A great extension activity, will include doing another nature walk while sorting and bucket filling in the winter, spring and summer to point out the different findings depending on the season.

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