Nature Art Ideas for Kids


The weather is finally starting to look and feel like spring! I wanted to get my students outside and enjoying nature. So, we started our nature art by going on a nature hunt. We walked around our school yard and everyone found a few natural items that they loved.

nature art

I then handed out a cube of clay to everyone and they made it into a flat, pancake like shape. A cookie cutter would also work to create a beautiful shape. I was able to find the clay at a local dollar store so this was a very inexpensive art activity. Children then pressed their items that they collected into the clay.

nature art

I liked the fact that everyone’s print was different and made with items that they chose from nature.

Some students even selected a favourite stone and then created a border by pressing their stone into the clay. This activity was a perfect opportunity to be outside and incorporate nature into our activity.

nature art

All of the prints turned out beautifully. I reminded students to press their item in hard enough so that they can see the print clearly, but not too hard that it pushes through the clay.

Part of me really loves the natural clay look for nature art; however, several of my students mentioned that they really wanted to paint it, so we got out the paints.

nature art

Children took their time painting their clay prints and adding details how they wanted.

If I were to do this activity again, I would aim to create this nature art just before a special occasion, such as Mother’s Day and use it as a homemade gift. They all turned out so beautifully.

nature art

The only problem that we found was that the clay was really fragile once it had dried. A few ended up breaking or cracking before they got home. Making sure that they clay is at least 1 cm thick would have prevented a lot of the breaks. Students were really excited to share their creations with their parents and they were so proud of their nature art.

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